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    Fragile Club Inspired Nails – Mental Health Awareness

    Kirsty: Hi, everybody! I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails, and in this video we are going to do Fragile Nails. Doesn’t mean we’re gonna do nails that will easily break. We’re gonna do nails inspired by Fragile Club. For those of you that don’t know what Fragile Club is, it’s a mental health awareness club and they raise money to… basically, all the money that they get, they floored all of the different charities with money, which is great. So, basically, every t-shirt they sold, caps, boom bags, they do all kind of stuff. On their website, there are stories as well. So, you can read people’s stories, so you…

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    Aladdin Inspired Nails on the Worst Client Ever Part 2

    Kirsty: So, we’re gonna do ballerina, yeah? Fay: Yes, ballerina but long. Kirsty: What? Fay: You did them short last time and everyone kept saying, “oh, your nails are short” Fay: …and I thought, I’m not okay with that horn. Fay: What number have you gone to? Kirsty: Three and a half? Fay: Well, that’s a lie. Fay: Oh, I’m looking at the wrong nail. Kirsty: Was gonna say what are you on about? Fay: What are you on about? Kirsty: What are you on about? [Kirsty singing] We’re gonna start by using Beauty Beneath. That’s gonna be this flesh colour and that’s what you’re wanna start with first and…

  • Extreme Sculpted Acrylic French Ombre – Spring Nail Design
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    Extreme Sculpted Acrylic French Ombre – Spring Nail Design

    Kirsty: Hi everybody! Welcome to Naio Nails. In this video, I’m going to do a Lemon Ombre. Ready for this summer, or spring. Yes, we’ve got spring. Like I’m just desperate for summer. With spring time’s gonna come, we’re gonna have daffodils, all those gorgeous lemon colours are gonna be coming out in the flowers and we’re gonna do an ombre just to celebrate it. Here we go! Come on, let’s get this form on to this little tiny finger. It’s so cute and pretty. Don’t you dare wiggle it about. Kirsty: She’s like what, you want me to put the form on straight while you’re going like this with…

  • Salon Speed Full Look  – Transfer Foil Nail Art  – Matte and Holographic
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    Salon Speed Full Look – Transfer Foil Nail Art – Matte and Holographic

    Kirsty: Hi everybody, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, I’m gonna show you how to do a full set salon style. Something that you would do in the salon really quick. We’re gonna use a few different techniques. So let’s get started! I’ve already prepped these four fingers or these three fingers and thumb on the lovely Kate and we’re gonna prep this nail. I mean, look at the state of that. Kate: Troll nail. It’s a troll nail. Kirsty: A troll nail? Kate: Troll, yeah. Kirsty: I thought you said a crow nail there. Kate: No. Kirsty: So, let’s just take this free edge down. Get…

  • Dragon Skin Nail using the Bubble Technique
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    Dragon Skin Nail using the Bubble Technique

    Kirsty: Hi, everybody! I’m Kirsty Meakin, and welcome to Naio Nails. Today, I’m going to be doing my favourite, most favourite nail art I have ever done in my life. Kirsty: Okay, maybe that’s exaggeration. Adam: Because you just mess around that’s why because you get to like be a sort of scientist. Kirsty: Yes, I love to play with products. So yeah, I mean, I love free hands nail art. That’s probably always gonna be, you know, my number one but this technique, I love because it’s so easy and you can do so many things with it. We’re gonna go and do bubbles but like we haven’t done…

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    I Hate Doing My Own Nails – Part 2 – Handmade Acrylic Bow, Rose Gold Chrome, & Bling – Step by Step

    First of all I’m going to go over with the electric file I find this easier on myself definitely Doing some of the filing with an electric file is a massive help I’m taking off any bulk but I’m also contouring the nail at the same time So I’m looking down the barrel of the nail while I do this Checking the side profile And also the shape From the top view And then I am going to hand file Doing my normal filing routine of doing the side walls first Getting them nice and straight, coming straight out of the natural sidewall Then I’ll do the cuticle area Getting…

  • Fay’s Full Set Part 2 “The Worst Client Ever” is back!
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    Fay’s Full Set Part 2 “The Worst Client Ever” is back!

    Kirsty: I’m gonna put…I’m gonna do your thumb first on this hand. Fay: *, don’t you? Kirsty: You’re not counting, you are serious. Fay: I’m doing Mississippis though. Adam: Why are you doing the thumb first on that one? Fay: I just wanna get it done out the way. Adam: She like your thumbs. Fay: You know, she likes it. Kirsty: Because it’s…no, it’s not that, it’s the angle of the thumb because it sits on the side, and I prefer I just get it sculpted, it’s done, I haven’t got to worry about it. Kirsty: Hurting your eponychium. Fay: Thirty Mississippi. Kirsty: Alright, pop it here then. Fay: Pinch…

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    Back to Basics: How to Prep a Nail like Kirsty

    Kirsty: Hi everybody, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. Today, I am going to do a prep video, and we are at NABTA, which is Nail And Beauty Training Academy, in Scotland. Yes, it is raining here as well. Enjoy. Right! I’m gonna show you how to prep a nail, first of all, yeah. This is how I prep a nail. Other people may do it different, you may do it different but I want you to learn how I do it because it works for me. Now, when you get somebody that’s got quite big cuticles, so they come down a little bit further. Like, my cuticles are always…

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    Acrygel & Dual Form French Ombre Mega Fail – EPIC FAIL NAIL!

    Kirsty: Hi everybody, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, I am going to try my very best to do an Ombre, a French Ombre in a Dual Form using Acrygel. Now, lots of people have asked this question, “Can it be done?” Never done it before. I don’t know why you would do it, when you can do it the normal way, but hey ho! Let’s give it a go! So, I have my little hand, we have Dawn. Kirsty: We have the Dawnie hand. What did we call it? Adam: Willymina Kirsty: Willymina. I’ve put a Tip on Willymina, I need to basecoat. So, I’m basecoating…