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    P: Hey guys! D: Happy Easter P: Happy Easter D: Internet Pals P :Hope you had a nice time nibbling on some eggs! D: Or whatever the heck you do at this time of year P: yeah, So today, we are going to do some Easter baking! D: More baking YES. P: I feel like that was too intense, and it should be more like Both: (angelically) ♫ Easter baking, it’s relaxing and calm, with spring lambs ♫ P: ♫ Soft strokes, from a baby weasel ♫ ( gosh Phil, no need for the stroking of weasels) Is a weasel an Easter creature? ( no Phil) D: I don’t think…

  • You Look Like… American History Eczema
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    You Look Like… American History Eczema

    coming to you from the be a famous Tennessee this is your host so ease if you don’t know hey y’all look at you look like show let me explain this game yeah right we got two comedians locked in a battle of insults but the only rule is you got to start with you look like you look like you stopped popping your collar like a week ago you look at your one hair died away from really finding yourself where does take home the crown losers go to the mirror shame are y’all ready to meet our contenders my name is kaya hoto I make crepes for a…

  • Cook Catches Freddie’s Killer – Skins
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    Cook Catches Freddie’s Killer – Skins

    Freddies Quem está aí ? O que…? ”Freds” Saia Cook. O que você fez ? Não seja estupido, Cook. Ela me disse tudo sobre você também. Tinha muito o que corrigir naquela garota Eu quase consegui Talvez ainda consiga. Você ? Você fez algo com meu amigo Isso é perda de tempo. Pode se ajoelhar, por favor ? Sr. Foster… Dr. Foster, na verdade. Ajoelhe, por favor. Acho que você não sabe o que eu sou, cara Eu acho que sei. Você não é nada. Você não merece aquela garota… Sabe, eu mereço Eu sou a porra de um desperdício de espaço. Um garoto estúpido. Sem senso…Um criminoso ? Eu…

  • How Bacteria Rule Over Your Body – The Microbiome
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    How Bacteria Rule Over Your Body – The Microbiome

    Microbes are everywhere, on your phone, in your water bottle, on your hands before you wash them, on your hands after you wash them, and literally everywhere else on top of you too. Microbes are omnipresent at any moment, and there is nothing we can do about it So, millions of years ago we made a pact, we give them shelter and food, and in turn they work for us. But the more we learn about this partnership, the more it looks like a cold war Inside our mother’s womb, humans start out sterile When we are born and traveling through the birth canal, billions of our mother’s bacteria cover…

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    But what really captivates me is the star on Fanny’s thighs. It’s so fabulous! Waddup, humans? Kurumi here! And welcome to another episode of our Skin Comparison Series! In this video, we are going to feature new skins, and compare them with a previous skin of the same hero. On this episode, we have Fanny’s Newest skin, Lifeguard. This is one of the two skins added to the summer theme this 2019. Fanny is paired up with Claude. We also posted a skin comparison on Claude with his new Lifeguard skin. So don’t forget to check it out too. This skin can be obtained by buying it in the shop.…

  • Lemon Blueberry Scones – You Suck at Cooking (episode 78)
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    Lemon Blueberry Scones – You Suck at Cooking (episode 78)

    These hard soft muffin donut breakfast biscuits are a great way to kick off your day. While getting the maximum amount of sugar and carbs into your body. Which can only be delivered by these cakey cookie bread bun rock croissant snack clumps. *singing* First off, we are making the American style scone. Not the traditional Scottish scone, which is where scones were originally born. Whoops! These are the Scottish style scones, also know as British scones. The main difference is that the Scottish scone is meant to have jam and clotted cream spread on it. Whereas the American scones has all the flavor build inside it, so you don’t…

  • Cream by David Firth
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    Cream by David Firth

    After six years of splitting, stretching, and firing distorted particles at one another, we finally have a product. Cream. Facial blemishes will be a thing of the past. How about this botched nose job? This amputated stub isn’t a challenge for Cream. Hold on! How’s that possible? Using our smart awareness system, Cream detects the most likely problem and attempts to solve it by correcting the molecular structure. Even quite vague problems, such as general ugliness. Instant fixes for: Any kind of aging. Fractures and lacerations. The recently deceased. What the hell?! But Cream isn’t just limited to the human body. Everything broken can and will be fixed, Broken is…

  • ‘Yeah… but where are you actually from?’ 🤦😂  | Come Fly With Me – BBC
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    ‘Yeah… but where are you actually from?’ 🤦😂 | Come Fly With Me – BBC

    Ian Foot has been chief immigration officer at the airport for ten years and in that time. He’s seen a lot of changes Unfortunately in this day and age you have to be as careful with the people [that] work in the airport as those who are arriving? So I do spot checks on the staff. [I] select them at random Bring them in go through [their] documentation ask them a few questions Well when I say random, it’s only actually the black and brown ones I don’t bother with the yellow people, I found the other people no trouble at all. Very meek. Right I see your passport this…

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    Listen up gals-on-the-go! We know getting from point A to point B can be well, challenging… But don’t stress! We’ve got some great travel hacks up our sleeve that will ease your anxiety and let you have a fabulous time, wherever you end up! Uh, looking for something there, Helly? Okay, I officially have no idea where I am. Okay, just past Robertson Street? The problem with reading directions while you steer? You don’t have enough hands…or eyes! Oh god…I’m goin’ down people! Ooh, that definitely had to hurt. Instead of driving around holding your phone — which is totally not safe by the way — Try thinking a little…