• People With Acne Scars Try Micro-Rolling
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    People With Acne Scars Try Micro-Rolling

    – This is what dreams are made of. Hillary Duff was wrong. (playful music) Over the next two weeks I will be micro-rolling. Micro-rolling is this circular tool with lots of tiny needles on it. It’s good for fine lines or textured skin like pock marks and hyperpigmentation. – I had pretty bad acne in high school up until the end of college. – Acne has always been a problem for me. Almost any picture I see of myself, all I can see is these red marks. – I feel like there’s no hope for it at this point. If these pock marks go away that’ll be interesting. – I…

  • Acne Vulgaris and Extracting large Whiteheads – Part 1
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    Acne Vulgaris and Extracting large Whiteheads – Part 1

    Dr. Lee: Just going to put a little nick there Dr. Lee: You’re tough, I already know you’re tough, because I know some of those you must feel a little bit. Patient: Dr. Lee: So I am just going to squeeze on them Dr. Lee: Pushing against you. Dr. Lee: Good Dr. Lee: Right, if you need a break, you just tell me, ok? Patient: Dr. Lee: How long have you been on Accutane so far? Patient: I just finished my fourth month. Dr. Lee: So it is really starting to work now. Patient: It is, yeah Dr. Lee: You don’t have any breakouts right now, just those underneath cysts.…

  • Pimple Popping Challenge ft. Dr. Pimple Popper
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    Pimple Popping Challenge ft. Dr. Pimple Popper

    Today we pop each other’s pimples. Let’s talk about that.( music playing )Good mythical morning. Many times when I’m bedding down for the night I’ll lean over and look at Christy’s phone. Mm-hm. To see what she’s looking at… – Right. – before I doze off. And many times I’ll look over there and I’ll be like, “Oh, gosh! What is that?” And it’s videos of– close up videos I’m talking about, – of pimples being popped. – Un-uh. From an account called, “Doctor Pimple Popper.” Maybe you’ve heard of it. They are horrible…ly addictive. – For some reason. – She watches them all the time and, uh, there’s ones–…

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    10 Simple Homemade Masks for Smooth and Glowing Skin

    Achieving perfectly smooth and radiant skin isn’t easy. But don’t worry! I have a couple of simple homemade recipes for you that’ll make your skin glow within minutes, no matter your skin type or age! Wanna know all the details? Let’s get right into it! #1: Oatmeal and cocoa mask Oatmeal is a well-known ingredient for exfoliating the skin, and cocoa powder is very rich in the antioxidants your skin needs to look great. Add some coconut oil for additional nourishment and honey for hydration, and a must-have face mask for fresh and young-looking skin is ready! If you feel like your skin could use some help, mix 1 tbsp…

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    Facial Steps | Facial Treatment at Cocoon Salon

    Facial Steps video Tutorial shot at Cocoon Salon (Product used: Natures’s Essense Fruit Facial) If you are a beautician, before inviting a client into a facial room, make sure the facial room is prepared, clean, hygiene and air-conditioned.Also make sure that you are maintaining hygiene. Get the required products ready Beautician : Megha Take Cleansing cream for fruit facial treatment Take face scrub for face dead skin exfoliation An important step in facial treatment, take massage cream Take Facial pack which is the last step in facial treatment. Now invite the client into facial room Model: Suman Close the facial room for privacy Give the client a facial gown but…

  • Why Dermaplaning Is The Best Exfoliant For Your Skin | Macro Beauty | Refinery29
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    Why Dermaplaning Is The Best Exfoliant For Your Skin | Macro Beauty | Refinery29

    You have to trust your provider because she is literally holding a knife across your face. One wrong move and you will get nicked. Hi, I’m Nina and I’m getting a dermaplane facial done today. My skin is really dry normally. I never go out into the Sun and it flakes a lot and I have a lot of whiteheads. My biggest concern really is the dryness and then the wrinkles forming around my eyes. My name is Alexa Yontz and I am a medical esthetician at Facile Dermatology and Boutique. I’ve been a medical esthetician for almost 30 years now. I have done more dermaplane facials than I can…

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    Grapefruit-sized Growth, Part 1: The Punch

    ENGLISH He actually saw someone else who had this procedure you know so (unintelligible) Dr. Lee – Have you ever seen anybody for this? Patient – No. Dr. Lee – No? Dr. Lee – Have you ever seen anybody for this? Patient – No. Dr. Lee – No? Dr. Lee – Because it’s something that you know um (put on mute) Dr. Lee – It started very little and then just right in the middle of it and then it just started growing and growing huh? It’s pretty firm. I don’t if it’s a lipoma or a cyst. And I feel a little depression right here. So what I think…

  • Earlobe Repair after Skin Cancer Removal (Mohs Surgery)
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    Earlobe Repair after Skin Cancer Removal (Mohs Surgery)

    Skin cancer here, basal cell, which is not life threatening but locally destructive here. You’ve had one of these before. “Yes” And we’ve removed it now, it’s all clear, but we’re gonna actually move, it’s called the double advancement flap, where I’m gonna move this tissue a little up and move this tissue down to cover this little baby Tyson bite. …that we have here. Okay… You shouldn’t feel anything other than us touching you. It’s called the double advancement because we’re advancing tissue from both sides here. You’ve got something right here, too. Doing just great! Okay? Nothing’s bothering you, right? No. Good. Got it? Just going to use…

  • Multiple milia under the eyes
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    Multiple milia under the eyes

    So you’re gonna hear this little buzz– Well, you’re not really gonna hear a noise, but you’re gonna feel one little pinch here. I’m gonna do one, okay? Just one. I’ll do this one right here. You can feel me touch you right there. Okay. Ready? You okay? Mhmm. I’ll do it a couple times right there. Gonna do it again. A tiny one. You okay? She’s tough. Good. These are milia she’s got on her eye. I don’t know why you have so many of them here. (Background: What… what causes these?) Y’know, they’re… (Background:Fatty food?) No, no. You okay? If you need a break, just raise your hand,…