• How to Use a Derma Roller for Acne Scars | Micro Needling
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    How to Use a Derma Roller for Acne Scars | Micro Needling

    Hello everyone. So today I am going to show you how I use and disinfect my derma roller. Let me start by showing you the three different rollers I have at the moment. The first one is the 192 needle roller With needle length of 0.25 millimetres you can hardly see the needles that’s how small they are I’ve had this one for about two years now but I have only used it about 2 to 3 times because I have just been lazy really the second one is the 0.5 millimetre needle length you can now see the needles I bought this one a few days ago because i…

  • Can This $500 ‘Vampire’ Facial Give You Younger Skin?
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    Can This $500 ‘Vampire’ Facial Give You Younger Skin?

    Jody Stewart: So, I’m in my late 50s, and I have definitely noticed, as the years have passed, more wrinkles, duller skin. I’ve gone through menopause. I used to have really oily skin. I had cystic acne. I’ve done a lot of things to treat all of that, but it’s really changed over the years, and it’s just kinda dull and bland now, and I need something to recover some of that youth that I used to have. Claudia Colombo: OK, so you came to the right place. So, I’m going to do the Fountain of Youth facial, aka vampire treatment, and the vampire treatment is a high-performance facial. And…

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    7 Easy Ways To Clear Up Your Acne

    Are you out of your teens and still getting acne? Have no fear! It’s not as uncommon as you think. Did you know that as much as 55% of adults between 20-40 years old still have some form of acne? And you thought your high school days were long gone… While some people have embraced their pimply skin, others are scrambling for something to conceal their face. But what they don’t realize is that there are plenty of simple methods to defeating their acne. So before you throw on that Halloween mask, let’s talk 7 Easy Ways To Clear Up Your Acne. What do I eat? How important is drinking…

  • How to Give Face Scrubs for Dry Skin : Organic vs. Synthetic Scrubs
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    How to Give Face Scrubs for Dry Skin : Organic vs. Synthetic Scrubs

    In this clip I’m going to talk to you about the different types of scrubs and whether they’re made of an organic matter or if they’re synthetic. A lot of times the scrubs that you’ll see in the stores are of small spheres that are made of almost a plastic like material. I don’t really care for those scrubs because they can get lodged in the pores and they don’t disintegrate and they never come out and then you have like a weird plastic in your face. What I like is something more of a natural variety. This scrub is made of rice bran. This scrub is made of corn…

  • Blackhead Extractions in a Teenager with Acne
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    Blackhead Extractions in a Teenager with Acne

    And he has these little blackheads that Sorry! It’s a little pinchy You’re pretty tough Make sure you can breathe through your nose, or your mouth that is. You don’t dare remove these yourself huh? We’ve tried, my mom’s done it many times before. She has little tools to and what-not. She likes to do that and you run away from her? No I let her do it. Awww thats a good son. Yeah. so you know you have been here before. So I am going to put one little baby pinch in you’re skin, just a little nick in your skin because it helps to release some of these.…

  • Make-up Studio – Face It Cream Foundation
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    Make-up Studio – Face It Cream Foundation

    The Make-up Studio make-up artist shows you the use of the Face It Cream Foundation and the Face It Cream Foundation Light. The Pre Base is used as a base. This moisturizer protects your skin from sun light and can also be blended with the foundation for a transparent result. In combination with the Face It foundation the make-up artist has chosen the liquid Neutralizer Mint to neutralise the light pink decolorisations of the skin in the best way. The make-up artist applies some Neutralizer Mint onto her hand and applies the product with the Camouflage Brush. This brush even reaches difficult areas such as the nostrils. The Face It…

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    How To Make ALOE VERA FACIAL AT HOME – Acne Face Mask

    Aloe Vera is known as the ‘plant of immortality’. It has miraculous benefits to the skin. 1. To start with, clean the face with baby oil using a piece of cotton. 2. Now apply Aloe Vera face cleanser and massage on the face for a few minutes. 3. To cool the skin and provide it with Aloe Vera nutrients, apply an Aloe Vera gel on the face and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. Being high in anti-oxidants, it provides the skin natural firmness and glow. 4. Now, prepare an eye pack and apply this around the eye area. This eye pack can be used to treat dark…