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    DermTV – Does Thyme Treat Acne [DermTV.com Epi #407]

    Should you believe the headline, “Thyme kills acne bacteria?” Today I’ll tell you how to read between the lines! And stay tuned until the end of this episode for the question of the day; if you answer it correctly, you’ll have a chance to win a free skincare product! Hello, I’m Dr. Neal Schultz. [pause] And welcome to DermTV. Last week, Scientific American published an article titled, “Thyme Kills Acne Bacteria.” The title is an accurate statement based on the results of the study discussed in the article. But if you just read the title, it’s very easy to infer, especially if you have acne, that thyme can treat acne…

  • Acne Pathophysiology | Acne Vulgaris (Pimples) Pathogenesis
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    Acne Pathophysiology | Acne Vulgaris (Pimples) Pathogenesis

    hey everyone welcome to another medical video in this tutorial we talk about the pathophysiology of acne water makes up 60% of our body weight fluid losses greater than 15% are usually fatal let me ask you a question which organ prevents the Sun from absorbing all of our body water yes it is the skin epidermis the outer layer of the skin is somewhat waterproof due to the hard keratin layer but it isn’t enough to beat the Sun the dermis of the skin contains sebaceous glands it secretes waterproof sebum onto the skin’s surface can you guess what substance gives the waterproof ability to sebum have you noticed…

  • Alaina’s Journey with Acne
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    Alaina’s Journey with Acne

    (uplifting music) – I started having acne a little bit earlier than the rest of my classmates. I remember, in middle school and early on in high school, I would try to cover it up with a bunch of makeup, and it just ultimately made it look even worse, and that’s always what was in the back of my head when I was talking to other people, like oh, they’re probably looking at my face right now. – As she got older, it started to progress, and we tried the TV stuff, we tried the off-the-counter stuff, then we started to go to the dermatologist, and this went on for…

  • Dry Skin – Treatment Options (How do Moisturizers Work?)
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    Dry Skin – Treatment Options (How do Moisturizers Work?)

    We can either use moisturizers that block the water loss of the skin such as petroleum jelly-it stops evaporation. We can use various creams and lotions that have substances in them that suck water from the air or from the lower part of the skin called humectants. We can also use these newer medications, newer topicals that have fats built into them called ceramides. Ceramides are one of the componenets of the fats that are required for the water-proofing of the skin. These fats are cholesterol, free fatty acids, and ceramides. It’s been shown that you can repair the barrier dysfunction by adding ceramides onto the skin. Other things to…

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    [Music] hey guys everything so black maybe I should have worn a different top but you guys know black is my favorite color okay so today I’d fun to sit here and talk to you guys about my communion angry skincare treatment that I got a few months ago I know you guys are curious about it especially those that follow me on my blog channel you guys saw that I went to the dermatologist to trim my acne so here it is today finally so those that have been following me you guys know that I have a new pump skin and my skin went through a loss specially…

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    People Try Acne Healing Stickers

    – Peace Out Acne Dots. Here it… Dropped ’em. – They’re stickers that you put on your pimples. – I found this on Yasamine’s desk. And I know she’s making a video about it, and I want to use one. – After cleansing, apply a dot, tacky side down, on your blemish. For best results, wear for six hours or simply leave it on overnight. – After 10 years of pubescent pain, it’s time to start something new. (happy music) Kind of feels plasticky. We got one over here, and I’m just gonna put just a whole trail over here, just in case. – As you can see, I have…

  • How to choose the best moisturizer
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    How to choose the best moisturizer

    As the head of dermatology at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Dr. Neil Shear gets asked one particular question a lot: what’s the best moisturizer? Moisturization is important for almost every skin disease and in many of the diseases it’s either caused by an inability to hold moisture in the skin or it’s part of the disease and you’re losing moisture and we are trying to replace that. He says poor moisturization can actually affect a host of skin problems, ranging from eczema, psoriasis, acne and itchiness. Luckily, Dr. Shear says there is good news to report. I tell patients now everyday: we had theory, we had science and now we…

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    Siblings With Matching Skin Conditions | Dr. Pimple Popper

    Jesse and Nelda have skin conditions that they’re both wrestling with. And the fact that they’re related can narrow down the possibilities of what this can be, because a lot of skin conditions can sort of run in families. So if you squeeze really hard, will something squeeze out of a lot of these? On some, yes. I have some ideas of what Jesse’s condition may be, but I can’t get past the fact that he has such a severe breakout on the back of his neck. That’s pretty rare. This actually looks pretty calm right now. I bet you can get angrier. And it looks pretty pink, and not…

  • Removing a Lump from Kevin’s Hip | Dr. Pimple Popper
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    Removing a Lump from Kevin’s Hip | Dr. Pimple Popper

    [MUSIC PLAYING] OK. Let’s see if this is what I think it is. I think it’s a lipoma, but you never know. Kevin is here. He has a pretty big bump on his hip. I really think it’s a lipoma, which is benign. But I think that he’s a perfect example of somebody who has a benign growth that really affects his life. He stopped working out. It affects his work, and it clearly affects him emotionally. And it’s a lipoma. Now I’m just going to woman handle it. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh! Weird? Yeah, weird. Am I hurting you? No, I mean– yeah. You know what that feels like? You’ll…

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    Dermatology at UVA: Expert Skin Care and Treatment

    Many centers in this country can provide exemplary care, but very few will see you as an individual. At UVA, I believe that doctors take care of you, not your disease. They think about your family. They think about what you go through to get here, and we want to make the patient experience the best it can possibly be. University of Virginia offers a multi-disciplinary option for patients who have especially complex skin cancers. We can work as a team and bring a very comprehensive, collaborative effort to achieve very good outcomes, even the more complex patients. I think it’s important to know that you’re seeing a dermatologist who…