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    How to make an easy 3 ingredient sugar scrub

    Hi everyone, this is Betsy! Today I’m here to share with you an easy three ingredient sugar scrub. This is awesome for your hands and your feet, but it can also be used anywhere on your body; probably not your face because it’s a little bit more coarse than a facial scrub would be, but it’s perfect to avoid any of those dry flakes that you get in the winter time. We always need more water and lotion during the winter months; we don’t always get it, so we do end up with those dry, patchy skin marks. This is awesome, you can leave it in your own personal bathroom,…

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    what is up everybody today I am going to be doing the first episode of a series that I’m calling I am looking for a dot dot dot and the reason I called this series I am looking for a good dot dot dot is because at work I get all of these questions that are a little bit repetitive so maybe if you weren’t super deep in the makeup world and you don’t follow all of these like beauty channels then you wouldn’t really know what would be the best product for you so this series is going to cover the most commonly asked questions at Sephora and I…

  • Lesielle | The world’s first adaptive skin care
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    Lesielle | The world’s first adaptive skin care

    Your skin is unique. Each with it’s individual needs, dependent on personal and environmental factors Skin care of today is not created with individuals in mind but for general skin care groups So what does this mean? That it’s not the perfect treatment for you What’s more, your skin is alive. . It constantly changing The skin care we need today may not be the same as we’ll need tomorrow. What if you could create your perfect skin care regime and change it whenever you want? Introducing…. Lesielle The world’s first adaptive skin care. A new generation of personalized skin care that changes with you. It’s simple. First, introduce a…

  • After losing her nose to cancer, Becky shares her story to help others
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    After losing her nose to cancer, Becky shares her story to help others

    Bewitched, bothered and bewildered am I… Becky Thomson has spent most of her life loving music. But with the high notes, come the low, and for the past fifty years, Becky has also been battling what she calls various cancer skirmishes. Her breast cancer led to a mastectomy and then, numerous surgeries to remove recurrent sking cancer from her face. And when I went to Sunnybrook and my nose was removed I was told they would continue to excise until they got clean edges. Again, I didn’t know how much of my face would be left. Sometimes it’s not the decision that you’d like to make, but if it can…

  • Do We Have Bad Skin?  • Ladylike
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    Do We Have Bad Skin? • Ladylike

    – Wrinkle creams in your 20s? – Should I get Botox? – What is collagen, and why do we need to boost it? – May the gods of skincare helps us because this shit is hard. – Luckily enough, Dr. Rivkin in Beverly Hills owns a VISIA machine. What is a VISIA machine? I don’t know. – Well, we’re gonna find out. – It’s LadyLike, and today we’re answering the question. How healthy is my skin? (upbeat music) – I actually think I have pretty good skin, thanks mom. – Right now my relationship with my skin is pretty neutral. – Big pores is like a beautiful gift passed down…

  • Combination Acne Prone Skin 6 Step Morning Skincare Routine | GRWM | Teen Beauty Bible
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    Combination Acne Prone Skin 6 Step Morning Skincare Routine | GRWM | Teen Beauty Bible

    Hi guys, welcome back to Teen Beauty Bible It’s Kasper, and the last time we talked about moisturizing our skin in a very detailed manner. Also thank you so much for loving our tips and greeting our teen guest with a warm welcome. Well today we are here with an even more exciting episode and another special teen guest. We have so many requests from you guys to do a routine video step by step. And some of you are just getting into skin care. There are so many different skin types, but today we have created a routine that works perfectly for combination skin So any of you with…

  • Euro Essentials: Bioline Intensive Treatments Step by step
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    Euro Essentials: Bioline Intensive Treatments Step by step

    {rtf1ansiansicpg1252cocoartf1038cocoasubrtf360 {fonttblf0fswissfcharset0 Helvetica;} {colortbl;red255green255blue255;} margl1440margr1440vieww9000viewh8400viewkind0 pardtx566tx1133tx1700tx2267tx2834tx3401tx3968tx4535tx5102tx5669tx6236tx6803qlqnaturalpardirnatural f0fs24 cf0 MOST HYDRATING TREATMENT This treatment increases the ability of the epidermis to create water reserves, and protects skin cells against processes that lead to dehydration. The heart of its formula, a hydro-restoring pool of active ingredients consisting of Hyaluronic acid, Trehalose and Chondrus Crispus, which maintains correct hydration levels. PERFECT AGE Specially developed to protect the lipid content and firmness of the skin, ensuring constant nourishment and protection. The exclusive nourishing-emollient pool of active ingredients, with Omega 3 and Omega 6, Ceramide III, Sugars and Amino acids, optimizes all vital functions of the skin and prevents reduction in lipids and proteins, responsible…