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    DIY Coffee Scrub for Dry Skin, Cellulite and more – Ep 137 | Life Thoughts Camera

    In this video, I will show you how to create a Coffee Scrub. Let’s get started. The coffee that I am using is a bit coarse like this. I take 1 cup coffee and ½ cup of olive oil. Add them in a bowl and mix well. I prefer mine to be a little thick in texture if you like yours to be more liquid in nature just add more oil. Now I just take a small amount and rub it in a circular motion on my skin. And follow it up with a regular bath. And your done 😀 Now, don’t forget to thumbs up. Do check out my…

  • Washed Coffee Processing
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    Washed Coffee Processing

    The washed process, sometimes known as wet process, is commonly found in many coffee growing countries around the world, including parts of Africa and most of Central and South America. The methods and equipment used to perform this type of processing are different from place to place, but the design remains universal: It’s designed to remove the coffee fruit from the coffee seed quickly and thoroughly after the coffee is picked, so that it can be dried clean in its parchment layer. In this video we’ll be exploring just one example of the washed process by following along with a producer washing his coffee in the highlands of Peru. Generally…