• Winter Skin Care For Your Baby – Boys Town Pediatrics
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    Winter Skin Care For Your Baby – Boys Town Pediatrics

    A baby’s skin is thinner than an adults and so it’s more likely to be damaged or at risk during the cold winter temperatures and the blowing gusts of wind. As a result it’s very easy for babies to develop chapped lips or dry, red, irritated skin. This can happen quickly, even a quick run into the grocery store or into church. If the temperatures are cold enough and the wind is blowing, a baby’s skin can be injured in a matter of seconds. For dry, red, irritated skin or chapped lips there are several good options for children. Vaseline is a perfect one or Aquaphor. That can be placed…

  • Poison Ivy Symptoms and Treatment
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    Poison Ivy Symptoms and Treatment

    Poison ivy is endemic all over Nebraska. It is very common in fields and forests and you can pretty much find it any place where there is a wild growth. You’ll send your kids to pull weeds in the backyard or you have a forest or something abutting your property, you are more likely to run into it. Poison ivy causes a lot of allergic reaction in many people. There are a few people that don’t react necessarily to it, but there are many that will have horrific rashes and they are blistery and they’re extremely itchy and sometimes even painful. What causes the reaction is the sap in the…