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    HOW I CALM MY SENSITIVE SKIN | redness, acne, sunburns

    I have my bare face on because I have been breaking out. Summer time at least when my skin gets super congested I just like to use too many products like exfoliant and the other day I just squeezed which is really bad. You shouldn’t do this guys. Don’t do it I was extracting all over my nose and cheek area And now I have like all these dots.There’s a lot of products out there, honestly And these are the products that I truly believe in to soothe irritated skin, sunburns bug bites, scratches Overly exfoliated or overly processed chemically processed skin or acne even, I test a lot of…

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    Home Remedy for Cracked Cuticles II नाखुनो की उपत्वचा के लिए घरेलु उपाय II By Satvinder Kaur II

    Welcome back to F3 health & beauty tips This is your frined satwinder And today i am going to tell you one simple home remedy for crack cuticles all you need is olive oil, honey & aloe vera juice Mix these ingredients well and massage this on your cuticles on 5 minutes You can do this twice or thrice in a week it will give you no harm Aloe vera heels crack heels, cuts and other infections & honey also has many properties So, try this at home its really simple & very effective, Send us your comments and also subscribe to your channel.

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    Fragile Club Inspired Nails – Mental Health Awareness

    Kirsty: Hi, everybody! I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails, and in this video we are going to do Fragile Nails. Doesn’t mean we’re gonna do nails that will easily break. We’re gonna do nails inspired by Fragile Club. For those of you that don’t know what Fragile Club is, it’s a mental health awareness club and they raise money to… basically, all the money that they get, they floored all of the different charities with money, which is great. So, basically, every t-shirt they sold, caps, boom bags, they do all kind of stuff. On their website, there are stories as well. So, you can read people’s stories, so you…

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    Moisturiser for Dry Skin II रूखी और बेजान त्वचा के लिए चमत्कारी नुस्खे II By Harneet Kaur II

    Hello & Welcome Everyone I welcome you all at F3 Beauty Tips. Today i am going to show you a beauty tip which will help you life long This is the tip which usually the people need Everyone suffers with dry skin problem Today i will show you a daily moisturizer, it will not only make your skin soft but also skin whitening So, here are the following things that we need for this beauty tip all you need is 3 ingredients some lemon juice some honey & rose water Now i will take 2 spoons of lemon juice 1 Spoon of honey and some rose water you just have…

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    Aladdin Inspired Nails on the Worst Client Ever Part 2

    Kirsty: So, we’re gonna do ballerina, yeah? Fay: Yes, ballerina but long. Kirsty: What? Fay: You did them short last time and everyone kept saying, “oh, your nails are short” Fay: …and I thought, I’m not okay with that horn. Fay: What number have you gone to? Kirsty: Three and a half? Fay: Well, that’s a lie. Fay: Oh, I’m looking at the wrong nail. Kirsty: Was gonna say what are you on about? Fay: What are you on about? Kirsty: What are you on about? [Kirsty singing] We’re gonna start by using Beauty Beneath. That’s gonna be this flesh colour and that’s what you’re wanna start with first and…

  • How To Get Healthy Glowing Skin In Winter | Winter Skincare Routine For Dry Skin | Do & Don’t
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    How To Get Healthy Glowing Skin In Winter | Winter Skincare Routine For Dry Skin | Do & Don’t

    Today’s episode of do’s and dont’s is how to get healthy glowing skin in the winter And winter skincare routine for dry skin Hi Wishtrenders welcome back to WishtrendTV it’s Kasper and I’m back with another video So if you haven’t watched our previous video On how to get poreless skin with our collaboration with Beauty Within Please check it out now Today’s episode of do’s and don’ts Is how to get healthy glowing skin in the winter and winter skincare routine for dry skin During the wintertime the environment really dries out our skin No matter how much we moisturize our skin it ends up drying out and evaporating…

  • Extreme Sculpted Acrylic French Ombre – Spring Nail Design
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    Extreme Sculpted Acrylic French Ombre – Spring Nail Design

    Kirsty: Hi everybody! Welcome to Naio Nails. In this video, I’m going to do a Lemon Ombre. Ready for this summer, or spring. Yes, we’ve got spring. Like I’m just desperate for summer. With spring time’s gonna come, we’re gonna have daffodils, all those gorgeous lemon colours are gonna be coming out in the flowers and we’re gonna do an ombre just to celebrate it. Here we go! Come on, let’s get this form on to this little tiny finger. It’s so cute and pretty. Don’t you dare wiggle it about. Kirsty: She’s like what, you want me to put the form on straight while you’re going like this with…

  • THE SECRET TO GLOWING SKIN | Must-try Japanese Beauty Regimes
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    THE SECRET TO GLOWING SKIN | Must-try Japanese Beauty Regimes

    Have you always wondered how Japanese women seemed to have stopped time when it comes to ageing? Their beauty routine mainly comprises of natural ingredients and home remedies! Following their footsteps, we have some beauty secrets from the Asian country which will have you flaunting flawless faces and hair in no time! To make this DIY mask you’ll need 1/4th cup of seaweed powder, some warm water, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, and 1-2 drops of essential oil. Mix these ingredients to form a thick paste and apply it evenly all over your face and neck. Massage the mask into your skin in circular motions and then let it sit…