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    Incredible Weight Loss Stretch Mark Cover Up I A Tattoo to Change Your Life

    I was 22st at 24. Food was a big addiction for me. How did I do this? How did I end up with these? I can’t change what happened, I can’t change decisions that I’ve made. I just need to keep moving forward. I’d say around 70-80% of my clients have stretch marks. I don’t think other people realise how many people are walking past them on the street who are probably struggling with the same problem. I would like to get a tattoo on my calf over my stretch marks. Yeah. I’ve got them in quite a lot of places, but mainly because I’ve lost so much weight from…

  • Things Not To Say To Someone With Acne
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    Things Not To Say To Someone With Acne

    “You should drink more water.” “Is it contagious?” “Hi, do you have a sexual infection on your face?” “Oh, I want to pop that.” “My skin is bad at the moment too.” Really? You guys say you’ve got spots. Check this out. The worst thing for me personally is it’s on the side. When this shot was taken I just closed the curtains, avoided any reflective surfaces. I was self conscious, not even make up would cover it up. So that one black head that you have is in every single pore on my forehead. What do you think? Okay wow. “Oh I just want to pop them?” So do…

  • Trying A Zero-Waste Beauty Regime: Plastic Free Make Up & Skin Care
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    Trying A Zero-Waste Beauty Regime: Plastic Free Make Up & Skin Care

    I’m Hayley Pearce and, like most people, I rely a lot on plastic. I’m guilty. Everything from my shampoo and shower gel, to my face creams and make-up contains some form of plastic. It seems to be in everything. Now, I’m on a mission to adopt a more eco-friendly make-up and beauty routine. It’s just like flushing a plastic bag down the loo, every time you flush a wet wipe. On average, a woman will spend around £22,000 on make-up in their lifetime, most of which ends up in landfill. I know I’m going to be guilty of a lot of stuff that I use on a day-to-day basis that…

  • Facing The Consequences Of Being A Sunbed Addict
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    Facing The Consequences Of Being A Sunbed Addict

    If I go a week without going on the sunbeds, I start to feel anxious. I use baby oil, so I cook myself. I had scabbing all over my shoulders. I’m literally cooking. I’m like a piece of meat in a frying pan. I don’t know if I can go on a sunbed again now. You have made me feel physically sick. Whenever you go to a tanning salon, they always suggest 7 to 10 minutes. You’re quite daring to say 12. I’m allowed to go on for about 15, 18 minutes at a time now. I don’t use sun cream. I use baby oil, so I cook myself. The…

  • Me & My Butterfly Skin | Living Differently
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    Me & My Butterfly Skin | Living Differently

    In general, my entire body feels very sore. Normally, there is a sort of constant itch everywhere. Often the itch can lead to you rubbing it, and then you actually rub your skin off and that obviously creates more wounds. It’s quite normal to wake up with quite a lot of… ..blood on my pillow. I bleed a lot overnight, just from sleeping. I don’t really have any hair around here because the skin comes off quite a lot. Oh, no, that looks terrible, I’ll just try… Um… Normally, there’s always something hurting. Obviously ,I don’t sort of go around my daily life thinking, “that hurts” but I don’t really…

  • My Deadly Skin (Medical Documentary) – Real Stories
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    My Deadly Skin (Medical Documentary) – Real Stories

    tonight on real families the children that grow too much scale we asked her what she wanted for Christmas and she said normal skin and we had to sort of sit and explain that that wasn’t can ever be possible for a run two families battling a painful and incurable genetic condition that strikes one child in a million when she was born I was gutted everybody would look once the perfect baby she looked very odd [Music] you I was actually quite ill all the way through the pregnancy not just for sickness but I had lots of infections and really not very well and I knew for quite…