• How to Cover Acne Breakouts & Dark Spots with Makeup
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    How to Cover Acne Breakouts & Dark Spots with Makeup

    Hey guys, thank you so much for tuning in to my channel. Today, I’m going to be showing you a full coverage foundation. Now, most of my foundation routines are full coverage, even my everyday casual no makeup routines are full coverage, because I have olive skin, hyper-pigmented skin, under-eye circles that are crazy, and lots of imperfections — that probably only I notice. I have a pretty bad — it’s not that bad — but, for right now and for most recently, my skin has been really good, so now I feel like it’s really bad. I definitely struggled with acne the most in middle school and in high…

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    Hi everyone welcome back to my channel or if this is your first time here hi how are you I’m edgar and today we’re going to do a super super suuuuuper important video because summer is coming, actually it’s already summer can you feel it? because i feel it it’s super hot here in california summer is the season of parties, lots of parties from place to place, the club, baptisms we’re all over town so we have to look WOW we cant be looking like dead rats especially while y’all are.. while you’re being crazy you gotta look good but that’s easier said than done with this heat at…

  • How to cover acne scars tutorial
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    How to cover acne scars tutorial

    hi my name is Liesl I’ve been using dermaflage for about a year to cover up scars on my face that were caused by cystic acne as you can see I’ve got several all in this area so what I’m going to do is show you guys my technique okay i use four things from the acne scar kit the product the mixing dish the applicator and the texture pad with the texture pad tho what i do with mine is that cut it into little strips like this because my scars are small so this size is just easier to work with and i’ll demonstrate that okay i’m going…