• Photodynamic Therapy Treatment For Acne in Philadelphia
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    Photodynamic Therapy Treatment For Acne in Philadelphia

    The most evolving treatment, also the most revolutionary of treatments available nowadays for acne, is photodynamic therapy. I feel very strongly about photodynamic therapy. In my opinion, it can in many instances replace the need for oral antibiotics, that are unnecessarily given for long periods of time. It is very, very similar in results to isotretinoin or Accutane without the need to exposure of chemicals that some people may be very fearful of. Photodynamic therapy works by incorporating a medicine, a substance called levulinic acid into our oil glands. It is then activated by red light and blue light, and that particular activation causes destruction of the oil glands –…

  • Acne Vulgaris and Extracting large Whiteheads – Part 1
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    Acne Vulgaris and Extracting large Whiteheads – Part 1

    Dr. Lee: Just going to put a little nick there Dr. Lee: You’re tough, I already know you’re tough, because I know some of those you must feel a little bit. Patient: Dr. Lee: So I am just going to squeeze on them Dr. Lee: Pushing against you. Dr. Lee: Good Dr. Lee: Right, if you need a break, you just tell me, ok? Patient: Dr. Lee: How long have you been on Accutane so far? Patient: I just finished my fourth month. Dr. Lee: So it is really starting to work now. Patient: It is, yeah Dr. Lee: You don’t have any breakouts right now, just those underneath cysts.…

  • Alaina’s Journey with Acne
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    Alaina’s Journey with Acne

    (uplifting music) – I started having acne a little bit earlier than the rest of my classmates. I remember, in middle school and early on in high school, I would try to cover it up with a bunch of makeup, and it just ultimately made it look even worse, and that’s always what was in the back of my head when I was talking to other people, like oh, they’re probably looking at my face right now. – As she got older, it started to progress, and we tried the TV stuff, we tried the off-the-counter stuff, then we started to go to the dermatologist, and this went on for…

  • Pharmacology – ACNE TREATMENT (MADE EASY)
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    Pharmacology – ACNE TREATMENT (MADE EASY)

    In this lecture we’re gonna cover the pharmacology of drugs used for acne treatment. So let’s get right into it by first discussing the pathophysiology of acne. Acne is a multifactorial inflammatory disease that affects the skin’s oil glands and hair follicles. The oil-producing glands present in our skin, known as sebaceous glands, are usually attached to hair follicles and release a fatty substance called sebum that helps protect and lubricate the skin and hair. Acne occurs when sebum and dead skin cells become trapped in a hair follicle, thus forming a small plug known as microcomedo. Overtime as sebum and dead skin cells accumulate in the blocked pore, microcomedo…

  • ROACCUTANE (dying for clear skin)
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    ROACCUTANE (dying for clear skin)

    what we see in the mirror isn’t always what the world series it would be mutton and here having tasted is so important to the way we do you like that how does it but they still have all this was billed as montana exceed five percent of the on people jetstar lot of people out there utilizing shane happening election my life a lot seriously there is an excellent dot com cmx anydvd hygienic any i’d like to be a deep i had it installed anything keys to get it down lefty mei-ling ever that that but for some young people the psychological effects of having acne can be…