Supplements For Eczema |Best Vitamins For Eczema To Clear Your Skin
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Supplements For Eczema |Best Vitamins For Eczema To Clear Your Skin

Hiya, Dr Christy From The Food Psychologist
here to help you overcome your skin problems on your terms so you can become your healthiest,
happiest self. In this video, I am going to be talking about
eczema supplements so you can discover how to clear and calm your skin naturally by supporting
your body with the right supplements for skin health. So if you have been struggling with an itchy
rash, scaly skin and you are looking for a way to heal eczema naturally, I’m going
to help you figure out the best supplements for eczema to help you take back control and
feel better on your terms. Now as a Dr of Psychology, Chartered Psychologist,
Nutritional Therapist and Functional Medicine Expert I am really passionate about helping
you discover a healing eczema treatment by working with your body and supporting it holistically. Not only have I successfully helped clients
struggling with eczema symptoms to clear their skin, I have also successfully overcome skin
problems myself. So if you’re struggling with eczema and
wondering which eczema supplements could help you find relief naturally, then you are in
the right place. So let’s dive in. what is eczema
Eczema is a skin disease characterised by red, cracked, itchy, flaky, scaly skin commonly
affecting the arms and the area behind the knees. Now according to dermatologists, eczema is
the skin’s inflammatory reaction to specific environmental and physical irritants. What does Eczema look like
It is one of those skin rashes which itch and leaves sufferers with red, cracked, itchy,
flaky, scaly skin. eczema symptoms
• Flaky, inflamed skin • Dry, broken, or cracked skin
• The appearance of reddish or brown patches • Severe itching that gets worse at night
• Small, raised bumps that can leak fluid when scratched
• Formation of thickened, leathery skin upon healing is eczema contagious
Not it isn’t contagious, but when untreated, eczema can lead to severe complications like
neurodermatitis, impetigo, and eye conditions like conjunctivitis. According to statistics, 1 or 2 out of 10
people (10-20%) will experience eczema in their lifetime. This skin disease is most common in children,
but it can become chronic and continue into adulthood. And for some individuals, eczema develops
at a later stage in life. Now although the exact cause of eczema is
still unknown, studies suggest that it can be a combination of dry skin and a disorder
in the immune system. Those with eczema have what I call ‘leaky
skin’. They have an impaired skin barrier where their
skin is more permeable than usual. As result water can evaporate from their skin
much more quickly than the average person. They are therefore more prone to dry, flaky
and dehydrated skin. They are also more sensitive to ingredients. You may have found that you react to things
that other people wouldn’t. So it can seep in and irritate your skin and
this of course can lead to inflammation. The good news is there is a whole lot you
can do for this condition through nutrition, and supplementation to help you manage eczema. So if you’re struggling with these symptoms
and you are looking for a way to support your body naturally through supplementation, then
let’s dive into the best natural supplements for eczema. SUPPLEMENTS FOR CLEAR SKIN Multi-Nutrients
So the first supplement to consider is a good quality multi-nutrient.The basis for all supplement
regime should be a good quality multi-nutrient. I often hear the argument that we shouldn’t
need supplements if we’re eating a healthy diet. But the truth is that many of us have digestive
issues, which means that our bodies can find it difficult to get the maximum benefit from
our food. Illness, food intolerances, medications, and
stress are just a few of the factors that can increase your need for nutrients. A good quality multi-nutrient can be extremely
beneficial when addressing eczema. Now there are two minerals, in particular,
chromium and selenium, that have been shown to be effective in supporting and alleviating
eczema. They support the body by lowering blood sugar,
regulating insulin, reducing cholesterol, and yes relieving the inflammation associated
with eczema. For noticeable results, you should intake
approximately 200 mcg of chromium and 15-30 mg of selenium a day. For more information on the multi-nutrient,
I recommend to my clients check out the links below this video. Essential fatty acids have been shown to reduce
inflammation. If you are struggling with eczema then it
is vital that you balance your levels of Omega-3 to Omega-6. Since the modern-day diet is high in Omega-6,
I find that most people would benefit from adding around 1000 mg of EPA Omega-3 fish
oil to their diet. Now it is also important to keep in mind that
not all fish oils are created equally! You need to one that is a high quality fish
oil that has been adequately screened for contaminants. Now the recommended dosage is approximately
1000mg of EPA. For more information on the Omega 3-6-9 oil,
I recommend to client check out the links below this video. Now if you are vegan, then don’t worry there
are now plenty of high-quality Omega-3 supplements on the market that are made from algae. Vitamin C
Now you may also benefit from introducing an additional time-released or high quality
vitamin C supplement. The recommended dosage is around 500 mg twice
daily. Probiotics
We need proper levels of beneficial bacteria to keep the digestive tract healthy. The truth is there are several factors can
kill off the good bugs in our gut, leaving the body susceptible to invasion from viruses,
pathogens, and parasites. Things that can wipe out your beneficial bacteria
include medications, sickness, alcohol, chlorine, a poor diet, and the contraceptive pill. Now choosing a probiotic supplement can often
be confusing. My top tips are to make sure there at least
one billion beneficial bacteria and that it is high in bifidobacteria and lactobacillus. Look for supplements perhaps are enteric-coated
capsules, which will keep the bacteria safely inside until it reaches your intestines. Around one or two capsules per day are usually
enough. However, if your beneficial bacteria levels
are deficient, then you may need a more significant dose to regain balance. So look for ones that have a dosage of around
1 billion CFU daily. To feed the beneficial bacteria, you may also
want to introduce prebiotics such as fructo-ogliosaccharides into your daily routine. Some probiotics come with prebiotics as part
of the mix, whereas others you will need to add the prebiotics alongside. VITAMIN D
Now while a multi-nutrient will provide you with a lovely selection of vitamins and minerals,
I also like to add in some extras of a few nutrients. Most combined supplements don’t contain
high enough levels of a few specific nutrients. The first vitamin I recommend taking more
of vitamin D. Now most of us spend way too much time inside,
but we’re designed to get sunlight every day. This lack of beautiful sunshine can leave
us vitamin D deficient paving the way for fatigueweight gain, restless sleep, headaches,
and yes even skin irritations Your daily recommended amount can depend on
where you live, so check out your government’s recommended amounts before supplementing with
vitamin D. The best vegetable sources of vitamin D are from freshwater algae, sea vegetables,
edible weeds, and shitake mushrooms. The recommended dosage is approximately 1000-5000ui
daily depending on where you live. So please check recommendations for your country. Digestive Enzymes Supplement number 6 digestive enzymes. Now for optimal absorption it is important
to consider digestive enzymes with your meals. So this will help to keep your digestive system
in working order. Now there are numerous types to choose from,
and some supplements include more than ten different enzymes. So look for ones with protease, which digests
protein; amylase for digesting carbohydrates; lipase for digesting fats; and cellulose for
insoluble fibre. Antioxidants
Now antioxidants can help eczema prone skin by reducing skin damage and by keeping your
skin moisturised. Antioxidants can help keep you skin smooth,
glowing, and irritation-free. One antioxidant that is especially beneficial
for eczema is Alpha Linoleic Acid (ALA). This antioxidant is 50 to 100 times more potent
than Vitamins E and Vitamin C. Zinc
Zinc has been shown to be beneficial your immune system. A robust immune system is vital for helping
support your skin health. Zinc plays a crucial role in skin repair and
is a potent anti-inflammatory agent. It can help reduce the inflammation associated
with eczema. You should be aiming supplementing approximately
40-300 mg of zinc two or three times a day. Grape Seed Extract
Now aside from its antioxidant properties, grape seed extract encourages skin repair
and growth of healthy skin cells. It nourishes the skin by ensuring that it
gets the right amount of oxygen and nutrients. The recommended dosage is approximately 30-100
mg daily. Cinnamon
Cinnamon is critical for balancing blood sugar levels. It’s a natural insulin sensitiser, so it
stabilises glucose uptake from the fat cells. Keep it simple by adding around a teaspoon
to your daily diet. Get Started Now to help to get started a have a jumping
off point for taking action. I want to invite you over to The Food Psychologist
so you can download your Eliminate Eczema Toolkit. Now not only does this toolkit run through
all the supplements that I am talking about in this video and give you those dosages again
in an easy to print out form. It also covers the foods to avoid, which could
be messing with you skin. It will give you a rundown of different tests
you may want to consider if you are facing eczema. This will help you get to the underlying imbalances
that could be triggering or exacerbating your symptoms. This means you can take the guesswork out
of your treatment strategy. So all you need to do is click the link below
this video and come on over to The Food Psychologist and you can download your free toolkit now
and start taking action. So now it’s your turn to tell me – Which
symptoms are you struggling with that you want to find relief from? Leave your answer in the comment section below
this video. And make sure you come on over to The Food
Psychologist and grab your free toolkit. And if you want more expert guidance, free
recipes, toolkits and wellness training to help you overcome your skin, hormone, digestive,
mood or energy problems on your terms so you can become your healthiest, happiest self
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remember, your body never works against you so put it on speaker phone and let it guide
you to health and happiness.


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