Sun Protection & Skin Cancer – Senior Care Corner Family Caregiver Video Tips
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Sun Protection & Skin Cancer – Senior Care Corner Family Caregiver Video Tips

Hello I’m Kathy from Senior Care Corner. Today
we’re sharing another caregiver tip: Sun Safety and Skin Cancer Prevention. With the summer
months upon us and so many of us spending long hours in the hot summer sun, we thought
that this was a good time to remind everyone of the dangers of sun exposure and skin cancer.
Since skin cancer has a 98% survival rate when caught early, we feel it’s important
to remember these safety tips: The first tip: Be sure to avoid skin exposure
in the sun during peak sun hours between 10am and 4pm. If you can avoid it stay out of the
sun or seek a shady place. Don’t forget you need skin protection from the sun whether
it’s cloudy or sunny. Our second tip: Use a sunscreen when you’re
outside. Use either a SPF 15 or higher so that you get the maximum coverage. You can
use a lotion or a spray but make sure you’re getting all body parts. And don’t forget lip
balm should have SPF 15 too, including your lipstick.
Our next tip: Don’t forget your sunglasses when you’re out in the sun especially when
you’re driving. Another tip: Be sure to cover all exposed
skin areas. You want to make sure everything is covered when you’re not using your sunscreen
especially. But also a wide brimmed sun hat will really help you in the sun.
Our last tip and our most important: Be sure you’re doing frequent skin checks. Be sure
that you’re looking at any moles or freckles or any skin changes that you find suspicious.
If you can’t see all parts of your body, ask a family member to help you. Or visit your
dermatologist for a full body skin check. Remember have fun in the sun but don’t forget
your skin protection! We hope you enjoyed this caregiver tip and we invite you to go
to for more information for caregivers. See you next time!

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