STOP Dermatillomania, Excoriation & Skin Picking! And What is it? | Kati Morton
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STOP Dermatillomania, Excoriation & Skin Picking! And What is it? | Kati Morton

Hey everybody! Today I’m talking about excoriation, otherwise known as skin picking disorder or dermatillomania. What’s the diagnostic criteria and what causes it? So stay tuned. So like I said, today I’m talking about excoriation or skin picking disorder or dermatillomania or whatever you want to call it. Obviously because I’m talking about a diagnosis, I’m going to read to you a little bit about the diagnostic criteria from my handy dandy DSM. And it’s actually fairly simple. The diagnostic criteria states that somebody must have recurrent skin picking resulting in skin lesions and have repeated attempts to decrease or stop this skin picking. The skin picking must, you know, cause significant distress in their life so that they cannot function. And it cannot be attributable to the psychological effects of substance abuse. I don’t know if any of you are aware, but some people when they abuse methamphetamine or different speeds and drugs, they can dig at their face and cause huge lesions that way. So it can’t be attributed to that. And it cannot also be better explained by symptoms of another mental disorder like having delusions or tactile hallucinations where we feel like things are under our skin. I’ve had patients experience that and they may pick at their skin, but that’s for an entirely different reason. So, then you’re like well Kati then why do I pick at my skin? I’m gonna set my DSM down because it’s job is done. So dermatillomania or what I’m just going to call skin picking disorder from now on, because it’s just too many words, is usually attributed to OCD. A lot of people who pick at their skin also pull at their hair, trichotillomania. Which I have a video on that, if you want to click here to check that out. I talk about that as well. Those are usually very closely linked. Have a lot of the same triggers and the same reasons that they even exist in the first place. And so OCD is definitely one of those triggers. And I have my notes here, so I don’t forget anything. But most individuals who do struggle with skin picking spend at least 1 hour a day picking, thinking about picking, and resisting the urges to pick. Just one hour a day. And for many of you, that’s actually not that long. When I read that I was like “Oh wow.” You know if you’re really struggling it may be more than that. But it has to be at least one hour a day. And many people report missing work, school and social activities because of their skin picking. People are so embarrassed with what they’ve done after the picking has happened that they don’t go out to that party because they don’t know how to cover that up. And now they have this big rash and they’ve really picked and there’s nothing they can do. And so they’ll miss work. They’ll miss school. They’ll miss that party. And that’s where it comes back to the diagnostic criteria where if it’s affecting your ability to function and be present in your life, then it’s an issue. And it usually results, obviously, in scarring and tissue damage as well as infections. So please if you have something that hasn’t healed. You have picked and picked and picked. And it keeps getting worse. Please seek medical attention. Please have them check it out. Make sure that there isn’t a deep infection. And it’s not getting worse. And if they need to stitch it up or do something for you, they can. Okay. Also many clients state that they were trying to remove a blackhead or whatever it is and then they see another imperfection. So it will start out as one thing, like oh I have this thing I think is a pimple and then it will move onto like oh, I also want to clear these out. And then, oh! And it takes over and we end up spending hours and hours just picking on our skin and looking at different imperfections and trying to, you know, fix them by picking at them. And also just like I’ve talked about OCD and trichotillomania, stress can exacerbate it. It can make it a lot worse. If we’re in a really stressful situation we can find that our skin picking which may have taken, you know, an hour and a half of our day is now taking like four hours at night and we can’t sleep. We’re just picking with our big lighted magnifying mirror, you know, until three in the morning. Now, okay so if we think we have this, what do we do? What are our treatment options? Is there anything we can even do to help with it? And the answer is yes! Just like with OCD, just like with trichotillomania because it’s part of kind of an anxiety component and anxiety disorder, an obsessive compulsive situation, therapy can really help. I know that sounds crazy. I know that sounds maybe a lot of work. And it really is, but there are a lot of things that therapy can do. Finding someone, even better, that specialized in it can make the help that much more clear and that much more direct And that much more quickly you can get better. So therapy is the first thing that I always recommend. Just talking about what’s stressing us out, talking about our OCD can really help us better manage it. And they can help you implement different tools and techniques to help you get out of this routine of obsessing, obsessing. I have to do it. I have to do it. And getting back out of that cycle so that you feel like even if the urges come you’re able to not engage. And the second, as always, is medication. And I know many of you don’t want to be on medication and that is always your choice and that is fine, but if you’re really struggling and therapy is not enough. You find yourself sinking deeper into this hole of skin picking, it may be something that is worth looking into. Make an appointment with a psychiatrist in you area, get properly assessed, and see what your options are. I always tell my clients, if things aren’t getting better we at least want to know what all of our options are. Okay. So the therapy that we can do. To go back a little bit. There are two types. I talked about obviously just talk therapy, but there are specifics. I did a little bit of research for you all about what is best with dermatillomania or skin picking or excoriation or whatever we call it, is habit reversal training. And they help you identify situations, stresses, and other factors that can trigger the urges to skin pick. And so then they have you use other tools instead of skin picking to ease the stress and occupy your hands. I know that clay has really helped a lot of my clients who struggle or silly putty or something like that can keep your hands busy. And the second is stimulus control. And this is where they work to change your environment to help curb the skin picking urges, like wearing gloves, covering up mirrors, things like that so you’re controlling the stimuli around you. So that you don’t feel the urges to do it anymore. And obviously when I talked about medication, SSRIs are the most commonly used. I just had a note there at the end so I don’t forget. But as always, if this is something you find yourself struggling with, if you’re spending hours a day picking your skin, thinking about picking your skin, worrying about picking your skin please seek help. Please find a therapist in your area. Get an assessment from your doctor. However you have to go through your insurance process to get the help that you need, let’s start it today. Because the sooner we reach out, we know, the sooner we’ll get better. And please share this video. Give it a thumbs up if you like this topic And let everyone know, because the more information that we share the better off we all are. ‘Cuz We’re a wonderful community that’s growing each and every day. And if you haven’t hopped on my website you might want to get on it It’s a great place to get some extra support when you need it. Subtitles by the community


  • DaddyOddBall

    I can't even ware shorts in public anymore due to how embarrassed I am. Both of my legs look like they were shot with a shotgun. It itches so bad all the time. And it's gotten to be so painful. But I have been making new places where I can find them. Even on my arms, and if someone else will let me, I will. I feel so disgusting. But I can't stop. This is a nightmare. I thought I have tried everything to get it to go away, and I keep myself very busy. I've even thought about cutting my own legs off "at one time". I just want this nightmare to be over.

  • Sophie

    Ok so I have a few questions. I do pick the skin at my nails, but not if I'm stressed, I mean I also do that, but mostly just because I see a bit of skin sticking up and I have the urge to get rid of it. I can not stop picking, unless that little bit is gone. In result, I often have cuts that really bleed, which is not that great in school. It's really embarrassing sometimes. However, after I got that little bit of skin off, I feel so much better, even if it hurts like hell. And I won't stop if it hurts, it has to be gone or else I can't rest or take my mind off of it. And that again results in me not really wanting to stop that habit, because it brings me so much release. Is this still considered Skin Picking? Or is this some kind of neurosis? Thank you for any help 🙂

  • Elena Roberts

    I literally didn’t think anyone else really had it nor that it was an actual mental thing. I haven’t worn a bathing suit/swam or worn shorts or tank tops in probably 5 years.

  • Grace B

    In the fifth grade I got lice and became obsessed with picking the skin at my head to make sure I never got it again. It got to the point where no matter how I did my hair a scab was visible. I got over it (Not easily) mainly by leaving my hair up in a tight pony so I couldn’t pick. Since then I have fallen back into the habit about 3 times and it always is really bad. Once I was at camp and everyone was braiding hair and just sat there cause it would be impossible not to notice that my whole scalp was a scar. I don’t think I’ll ever truly recover

  • Kayla Yang

    I take a nail clipper and clip my skin off of my feet…. I hate it because it hurts when I walk, but I can't stop 😩. Summer is coming up, and my arms are scarred, and my legs look like a map. I love swimming, but I can't anymore without others criticizing me for my scars. I'm only 13, and I hate my skin so much.

  • Anna Claire

    Okay, I don’t know if anyone will see this or not, but I was hoping to find some support on here please? I just wanted to say that I just sat down in front of the mirror, even turned on my bright ring light, and I did NOT touch my face at all. I looked, then I got up and walked away. I am so happy and filled with hope because that’s never happened before 😭

  • DereckvFitness

    I eat my skin on my hand palms but I just do it. It doesn’t hurt or anything it just looks satisfying and I can stop and control it but I forget sometimes

  • Heather Lawrence

    My son has been picking he is 13 and the constant growth spurts we can hardly keep his medication right for his ADHD. Anxiety meds seem to be counter acting his ADHD meds. Which has made his OCD worse because he can't control himself. His teachers are noticing that he can't focus and that the bleeding is getting worse. He is in therapy. We are seeing doctors. He is in much stress because of testing and he has one teacher that stresses him out. I am trying to figure out how to address the teachers. How they can help him?

  • GamerGurl36

    two different times, I’ve picked at my thumb nail beds so much that my nails became deformed.

    I’ve also fidgeted at scabs and acne and caused scars

    I’ve also been fidgeting at my left earlobe so much that it’s discolored. I had so many attempts to stop by fidgeting with something other than my skin, but it didn’t work.

    Not sure if I have dermatillomania, or if it’s just an effect from having sensory processing disorder

  • G g

    My skull, happened since I was a kid. A ckn pox scar on my head. It happens when I am worried bout my actions, that Anxiety. It's like skin cutters. Some of a more masochistic nature. I just need a new tattoo n that helps. Tends to stop me right in my track oddly enough.

  • Lunatoons831

    I pick my lips really bad, and what helps is to put on lots of CHAPSTICK, so when I subconsciously go to pick them my finger gets all waxy and gross, so I don’t want to pick anymore and I can’t

    This has helped me so much I really recommend to just get a really waxy chapstick

  • Kendra Marie

    I started picking the side of my nails till they bleed since 3rd grade, and I slowly noticed that I started fiddling with my hair..
    It's the feeling I get when I rub my lips with either the skin I messed with on the sides of my nails or I take a soft piece of my hair and rub it on my lips.. I've never been able to stop unless I force myself to.
    My mom used to make fun of me for doing it with my hair all the time.
    But it's like a comfort thing..

  • Jone du Toit

    Tonight me and my parents had a fight over my finger picking… I just don't know how to stop. When ever I stress I need to do something with my hands.😭

  • Maram Ash

    So if I stop picking Wil the empty spots in my hair grow by it self or do I need to put something to heel it answer me plz

  • Kyle Hill

    fun thing, i had that jam where when i was little i had OCD because of the weird 'got smart too fast for my age' phenomenon & when i started growing out of it was around when the dermatillomania started kicking in from around 12-15 years old. wack.

  • Vaalhalla

    Anybody likes to pick their soles until they bleed? And it hurts when you walk?

    Anybody likes to bite their lip until it bleeds and you lick the blood?

    I seriously need help. My mom is starting to notice how I walk..

  • black night

    I found my best tool is to keep polysporin near me so that I can tend to my wounds instead of exasperating them. Or after it heals I put sweet almond oil on them to help them get a smaller scar.

  • The Shadow pup

    I have skin picking disorder and it gets in the way of my life and I don’t know if I have ocd but I think I pick at my skin is because of stress and abuse I do it because it makes me see that pimples are disgusting so I pop one and I see another then I see another that looks like it and I can’t focus in school because I focus on my skin and I want it to go away but nothing has seemed to help

  • Jhoysha Alba

    I pick my scalp until I bleed and idk know why , and I’m scared because my hair is falling out and idk how to stop and I’m only 21 and I’m not a drug accident, but idk why I pick my scalp . I stop times and it heals but I always somehow start again idk why I feel crazy taking about this but my hair is falling out why tf am I doing this ?

  • Sherry Polley Authentic

    I appreciate this video. I do, though, really wish that the average therapist was even helpful. I’ve done therapy consistently for 19 years now. I’ve tried countless medications and am currently still on a pill-cocktail. I pick my scalp incessantly (I used to pick my legs, too) and this is just one of many, many symptoms that I’ve talked to multiple therapists about that I still have serious struggle with. It’s just really frustrating when people say “therapy and medication” as though well-informed, effective, affordable therapy is even available to most people. I don’t mean to criticize this video. I just have heard a million times “therapy and medication” as though that actually does much??? I do not mean to say that it hasn’t helped at all. It’s just not as simple as people regularly make it sound, as though one can just do therapy for a year (or 19) and they’re challenges will resolve. And, yes, I’ve taken my therapy work very seriously and have worked really hard to do it well. I do get good info and compassion from these videos. I’m just feeling discouraged at the moment. I would looooove to stop picking. I think I have an infection under my scalp.

  • His_grace_is_for_all

    I did my scalp and my feet for years! I used to zone out on pulling the dead skin off of my heels for about an hour. I did it until it got too deep and I bleed. I remember feeling the air hit the new skin and it was like a release. I don’t know if this is like cutting, but I did it so much I sometimes couldn’t walk on my heels without pain. I had no anxiety when I did it. I’m also agoraphobic for 20+ yrs. I still pick at dandruff in my scalp, but not to sores. I no longer pick my heels, but I’m triggered through this comment😩🤪

  • Sarah D

    TIP! What finally helped me pick less was establishing a proper skin care routine. I saved up money and bought fairly expensive products for a full routine that is targeted toward my specific skin type. Besides these products actually healing my skin (fighting acne, fading old scars, properly moisturizing my skin) the whole idea of my skin care routine made me less likely to pick because I knew I had spent all that money on these products and I didn't want to counteract that. Obviously dermatillomania is not that easy and there have been lots of times where I've picked anyway but my skin is nothing like it was before. PS .You do not have to buy expensive skin care products, you can find cheaper alternatives, but the main goal is to buy products with good, natural ingredients that are rather gentle on the skin and have healing properties. And also do your research and make sure they match your skin type!

  • Grammer GamerZ

    My daughter has this problem, we use a supplement called NCA N-Acetyl L-Cysteine , she is up too 1800 mlgs 2 times a day, but it works, you can get this from your local pharmacy. The local children's Mental home has used this and still does for skin picking…..

  • WE-R- ONE

    I find that creating a barrier with a hydrocolloid bandage helps. They can be cut to size and since they're expensive I won't pull them off. If left on for a couple days, the abrasion is mostly healed when I remove the bandage. If i need to wear one on my face, I just stay home for a couple days if possible. These bandaids are AMAZING! We can conquer this folks! Getting there…

  • aestheticallykawaii

    I’ve been picking for 3 years since my dad passed. I think it’s from stress because when I am on vacation (in Florida most of the time) I am destressed and calm and I don’t. Any help?? I have stopped a lot but I still do a little :/ (I pick my fingers)

  • Brittany Jones

    I believe I have OCD when i use to pick at my thumbs because I was so depressed and in a deep dark place in my life but after I had my son they have healed up and I dont have the urge anymore

  • Erin Alt

    Okay so I've been researching for a few months and I really really believe it's a possibility that I have this, but I know my parents would never take me somewhere to get diagnosed or get help because I've tried approaching this topic with then before and they wholeheartedly believe it's just a "habit". Does anyone have any advice on how to get help if you can't, well, go get help?

  • Britteny Rose;

    So I pick at my scalp… my goal is not to pull my hair out, if anything that's the last thing I want, but I literally will be late for work if I can't get a scan off my head. It's starting to get really bad. I have bald spots all over my head and I dont know how to stop. 🙁

  • okay

    I literally cannot stop picking at my thumbs and fingers, and my fingernails. I’ve tried before, and I just can’t. And then sometimes I try to get pimples and stuff, and then I find another one, or I scratch at it. It’s not usually debilitating, so that might not be this, but it can get obsessive. Like, I start picking and I have to keep doing it until I get it off. My parents will tell me to stop, and I do for a moment but then I start doing it subconsciously. Sometimes I do it intentionally. Sometimes my fingers will bleed because I ripped the skin off, so 😕

  • Marnina Johnson

    This video really lifted my spirits, I’ve been picking for 12 years and it’s a very hard to find people with this ocd

  • ThatFandomBoi

    I've been picking since I was nine, my mouth if filled with wounds where I bite there. My arms are covered in so many scares and is my face, the back of my neck, top of my thighs, my chest. Everywhere.

    I don't know if my psychologist has diagnosed me with this but I know I have it even if I didn't know what it was until recently.

  • Aisha Saleh

    One time when I was younger I had a terrible sunburn and was picking and afterwards decided to eat it. Not my best moment.

  • Alexis Matos

    I'm struggling all day and I never wear shorts only long sleeves and pants. I've been struggling since 4 years old when I fell in my first ant pile then mosquito bites. I have scars that still haven't healed 😫😫 need help

  • Miss Kaitlyn

    I literally go into a trans and don’t realize I’m picking until an hour later when I snap back into reality. So much of this makes so much sense. I needed this. Thank you. Like I relate to all of this way too much…

  • Miss Kaitlyn

    I truly want to cry seeing everyone’s comments and stories because it’s the same way for me. I needed this so much.

  • Lucero Moreno

    Okay so I am a bit dark skinned and have discolored my fingers from biting. Is their anyway to get my original dark skinned color back around the discolored areas.

  • Juliana Morris

    I have picked my skin around my thumb as long as I can remember and the skin never heals because I would pick at it every day and still do and I was wondering if that is dermatillomania or just a normal thing cause I don’t pick all over my body

  • Olivia Pirie

    I've lost count of the amount of times I've been put on antibiotics for this. I hardly speak about it and I'm so embarrassed every time I have to go to the Dr's, I think with little awareness that this is actually a legitimate thing, people judge. I've also been wondering why I've recently started pulling my hair out … Now i know

  • Sydney J Ealy

    Yea that whole “just one zit” is so true. I spend easily an hour to two hours in the mirror staring deep into my pores trying to get everything out. And I know it makes it worse but like something tells me I gotta get it all out. Then I spend hours in bed or in the car or at work or school picking the scabs from that. It’s awful. And I’ve even gone to sleeping with finger puppets on my hands or taping off my mirrors. It’s so hard to stop but I’m proud of myself when it gets better and I stop for like an hour or two. Or walk away from the mirror. But it’s hard

  • Soggy Lunch bag

    I have eaten my skin since I was very young and I still do. I have a skin condition so it makes it easier for me to get the skin. I eat sometimes my pimples and scabs. It can bleed sometimes or just leave my skin very red or so. I tried to Google why I do it and if others do it to. I don't think I have this disorder, yeah I have Anxiety but I bite my hand or so.. The skin eating has gone so far I cut off pieces of skin from the tip of my fingers. What is going on with me and why am I doing it?! Please help this is starting to stress me out.

  • Sydney Davis

    Ever since I was little I would chew my whole mouth my cheeks lips and everything and i thought it was just a bad habit but do I have this?

  • Tyty 355

    I’m 13 and I’ve been picking scabs on my scalp for a year now, it started as a coping skill to stop pulling out my hair, but now I can’t stop 😭

  • Juliette Baerveldt

    I pick my entire face, chest, arms and upper back. To me it look’s horrible. I have scars all over and i can’t stop. It has gotten a little better over the years, but it nowhere near where i want it to be

  • Kendra Johnson

    I have a picking problem, but when I brought it up to a doctor and therapist they said it wasn't considered dermatillomania because it wasn't excessive enough. However, I've been picking for a very long time now (years) and feel misinterpreted. I've been given a rubber band to use as a bracelet as a replacement for picking and it's pretty helpful so far. I just wish it was more recognized as a problem because I do have a lot of scars all over my arms.

  • Elena Herondale

    Years ago when I was a little girl I ran under something and got a cut at the top of my head. It wasn’t a deep cut or a big cut. And ever I’ve always picked at it and it hasn’t healed 18 years later. Ion trying so hard to stop picking at the scab but sometimes I do it without noticing. I don’t seem to notice till I have blood on my fingers.

  • Sorry not sorry Yikes

    It’s honestly so hard to stop I just have to peel off all the dead/dry skin on lips until they look super red and bleed even if it hurts I’m motivated to peel of the skin on my lips

  • blackwolf 44

    i cant stop
    i pick on my
    arms , shoulders , neck , parts of my head , chest , stomach , legs , and rarely in a privet place { and i pick till i see blood and cant stop at all }

    my parents have tried a lot but there help isint helping its makeing it worse and they dont seam to realize that

    i spend at least 5 hours a day picking

  • Emmy's World

    i do this all over my arms, im only twelve too so im still a little kid, it really sucks because my so called "friends" make fun of me for it. it started when i was probably like 8 or 9 but its only gotten worse. my mom catches me doing it and then she tells me to stop but i physicly cant… it really sucks.

  • Iris Bos

    I pick the bottom of my feet and my thumbs. My thumbs bleed a lot, and sometimes I can’t even walk because I peel all the skin off my feet. My mom doesn’t believe I might have this and thinks it’s just my OCD. Ugh.

  • Tom Zell

    Literally 6 hours of picking today. My legs are thrashed. Mosquito bites. Pick at my head, ear, neck, arms. And just keep going around

  • Kayla Lizzzleee

    I’m dealing with this issue rn on my face I had clear skin and now it looks like I have really bad acne because I pick and it honestly makes it so much worse I’m going to try to not touch my skin and only when I wash it

  • Discovermyview

    I don't think this woman is very helpful, ever. I can read the DSM and "research" my condition on Google, too. I thought I'd give her another shot, but meh – don't waste your time on her videos.

  • Pinky Pie Groomer

    I have “picked” for years. I always squeeze the little white bumps on my arms because I used to get made fun of it in school even though everyone has them! I’m 26 and still pick everyday and people ask me what’s wrong with me and accuse me of drug usage! It’s awful because I can’t really control it it’s become a part of life and I often don’t realize I do it. Winter is my best friend because I’m always in long sleeves!

  • Amy H

    I started watching the video with the thought "don't pick", but the video kept distracting me from my rule and then I kept unconsciously picking! I alternated between biting the skin inside my cheek, realizing, stoping, then watching the video to have somehow forgotten and started picking the skin on the side of my nails… Stopped again, watched again, forgot again, this time i was picking the skin on my lips…. and of course, stopped but found myself repeating this cylce. This happened 5 times in 7:27 and I just realized how bad my ADHD and OCD is 😫

  • Alex

    my mom continually picks her nose and my dad has had multiple conversations with her and this video definelty describes her. but she believes there’s an infection in side her nose so she keeps picking on the top but everyone knows it’s just skin picking disease but she WILL NOT belive that she has this disorder so we don’t know what to do cause she won’t listen or even open her ears to the fact that she might have a disease

  • honeymewn

    i pick at my face, fingers/nails, bite the skin off my lips, and bite off at my inner cheeks. i’m getting so sick of my anxiety. idk how to control it anymore. i heard my university offers therapy, i’m really going to try to pressure myself to go.

  • Lee Jihoon

    I don't have dermatillomania, but I do have dermatophagia. I've had this disorder since I was about 5 or 6 and I'm now 13. I also have obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and social anxiety which has lead to anxiety-induced insomnia. I eat the skin around my nails and sometimes even clip the skin with nail clippers. I sometimes wear bandages on each finger but that usually leads to people at school asking me why I'm wearing bandages and if I'm not wearing bandages, people have made fun of me. I remember this girl in my school looked at my hands and said "Why are your fingers so disgusting? It's making me sick." I just laughed this comment off, but she started being oVeRdRaMaTiC and acted like I had some kind of contagious disease and told me to never touch her again and for the rest of that day, whenever I accidentally bumped into her or talked to her, she would quickly run to go wash her hands. Like- what the frick man-

    That shit hurt and has stuck with me ever since.

  • Miguel Aponte

    Thank you so much for this video. I suffer from eczema which makes me scratch, but once my eczema is gone I keep scratching even though I don't itch anymore.

  • RollieRolled _YT

    I dont want hate replies but, i pick my head scabs and eat them. It started a few years back and i cant stop. I pick my face sometimes but mostly my scalp im only a teen and i dont know why i do this.

  • Wothanar

    I pick my the skin around my nails. It started when i was in middle school(im now 20). I pick mostly when im stressed. I've joined the military and i've picked so much the my nail is half gone on my left thumb. i will pick with my hands and will use nail clippers, knives and cuticle clippers. When people point out my thumb i always say it just a scar from an accident, but since i pick it so much it always looks "fresh", like i just injured it.

  • Angie Martinez Rorec

    In my case I don't pull my hair just pick bumps I have in my skin. My trigger is not the mirror I don't care of imperfections but rather sensation of my fingers finding bumps or touch causes them. If I find something to pick at occurs more when I'm bored.

  • Laura J

    I have this, have had it since i was 11 and I'm 32 now. Tried to stop many times, it's stopped me doing lots of things like going out etc. I'd rather stay at home after picking my skin.

  • Leah 2604

    I have it, with the skin around my nails. I have had it for probably 45 years, never knew it was a disorder. I find if I have acrylic nails put on, it stops me.

  • Hannah Carrillo

    So this is something that I do to help stop my skin picking this might not be convenient or possible for everyone but I’ve found that acrylic nails really help me out. I pick subconsciously a lot and on purpose too but I’ve found that with acrylics it’s not really possible (for me at least) to puncture my skin or damage it as much. Whenever I don’t have acrylics on I do my best to cut my nails as short as possible (WITHOUT hurting myself of course) and as often as possible so I can minimize damage in case I start picking. I’ve found that these two things help a lot but yea it’s really frustrating to have this issue. I pick at my arms and my breasts a lot, it’s embarrassing because even during summer I’ll wear long sleeves to cover up all my scarring and cuts. I’m working on it but it’s important to remember that it’s a process and that there are days/weeks/months that will be better thn others and that’s okay ❤️ well hopefully I’ve helped somebody out a little at least :,) I’m also sending lots of love and positivity to everyone here!!! Please remember to be kind and patient with yourself!!! And I hope you have a lovely day everyone! ❤️😊👋🏼

  • Annika R.

    I'm doing this for years now and never knew this wasn't normal although my skin, especially in the face, looked really demolished…

  • Ava likes Llamas

    My skin picking most affects my lips and the skin next to my nails. I would honestly rather be picking my lips then having a conversation with someone. It’s just so relieving and I can’t stop once I’ve started. Sometimes I don’t even realize I’m doing it, it just happens. My mom is constantly telling me it’s gross, but I really can’t stop. I do it all the time (at school, in the car, watching YouTube, before I fall asleep etc.) I’ve had many attempts to stop but I just can’t. Every time I go to school and pick I get nervous about what people may be thinking of me yet I still can’t stop. Finally after years of picking I found out I have excoriation/skin picking disorder it’s been 3 months since I found out but I still don’t have the courage to tell anyone.😔

  • Marion M

    I OBSESSIVELY pick at the large pores on my breasts… as far as what I’m actually picking at, it’s actually not just random tearing at the skin…deep inside each breast pore, (pretty deep) there are these tiny stretchy white…things…you can’t squeeze them out, you can only dig through layers of skin to get to them, then when you see it, it looks like a little white dot. then you have to grab it somehow and pull it out, they’re actually extremely hard to get out but when you do, it leaves a tiny hole, and then a new plug will always come back in the pore within a day or two. I ALWAYS wanted to know what the fuck these things are, but getting them out is what gives me the euphoria to be honest. to this day I still don’t think I’ve been given the correct answer. some have said keratin plugs or sebum, but when I look at photos of such, they don’t seem to be the case.

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