Skins & Events in Season 2020 | Dev Video – League of Legends
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Skins & Events in Season 2020 | Dev Video – League of Legends

Hey Everyone, I’m Jon, aka Bellissimoh and I’m the Product Lead for Personalization
here on the League Dev Team. Today I’d like to share some of the
behind the scenes reasons for the choices we’ve made over the last year,
as well as talk a bit about some of the things we’ve got in store for you in 2020. As each year passes by, the number of
champions in League continues to grow. With League nearing 150 champs now,
it’s getting more and more difficult to make skins for all of our champions. On top of that, we often prioritize
popular champions with larger audiences. We do this because our goal is to
delight as many players as we can and support our business through
the next 10 years of League. Reasons aside though, it sucks to have to wait
years for a skin for your favorite champion. In 2018 we shipped just over
80 skins to players and in 2019 we broke the 100 mark. This year, we’re trying to push
past 120 skins. So, what are we doing with
those extra skins in 2020? We’re going to be hitting a lot of champions
that haven’t seen skins in a while. Specifically, we’re going to be
cooking up something for… Skarner, Xerath, Mordekaiser, Kindred, Rek’Sai,
Vel’Koz, Karthus, Sion, Twitch, Taric, Pantheon, Nautilus, Trundle, Bard, Ornn. And, yeah… Taliyah. This means we’re going to be making skins for
a lot of our most popular champs as well. Like Lux, Ezreal, Ahri and Kai’Sa. These skins reach a huge number of
players and directly fund our ability to make skins for champs with
small-but-dedicated player bases. As we increase the amount
of skins we make over time one of our hopes is that champion mains
can count the time since they last got a skin in months instead of years. Since we’re developing more
skins than ever this year we’re also going to spend some time
exploring new creative thematics. Today, there are only a few thematics
that are universally loved across all regions. And while there are some stand out hits there are also thematics that you’ve shown us
that you’re just not that excited about anymore. This comes through loud and clear
through a variety of different signals. Players purchase these skins far less than others and even those who do purchase them
don’t use them that much in-game. We also survey players around the world to make sure that your opinions
match the signals that we’re seeing. Now this doesn’t mean we’ll never do
a Snowdown skin ever again but it does mean that we need to take the time
to understand why most players didn’t like it and to find new creative ways to approach these
themes so you WILL be excited about it next time. High Noon is a great example of how
we can breathe life and depth into an old thematic and we want to do more of this in the future. If you have any suggestions or ideas
on new themes you’d like to see in League, or ideas for a new take for an older thematic let us know. Every year for Lunar Revel, we’ve
offered skins that have typically been exciting for players in Easter Regions but
haven’t been as resonant with our players globally. This year we wanted to try something different
that could hopefully excite players everywhere. Our vision for this new thematic was to create
a new take on a well-loved sci-fi fantasy by bridging eastern and western inspirations. So we created Mecha Kingdoms,
a legendary sci-fi universe where the greatest heroes from warring kingdoms
unite against a monstrous threat… by piloting giant mechs. Defending this historical world are… Garen, Leona, Draven, our newest champion Sett… and finally, Jax has got a real weapon,
a giant mech in the shape of… Jax himself. Mecha Kingdoms is launching today
as the first major event of 2020. Speaking of events… In 2019 we got a lot of feedback around events specifically that it felt like
their quality had dropped over time. Mission variety was low and not every
event had a game mode available. We want each event to feel like a unique
experience that all players can be excited for which is why our goal moving forward
is to make participating in events more rewarding, more novel
and more memorable for everyone. This year we’re planning on game modes
for all of our major events pushing for more variety in our missions,
and also improving our Event Pass system. Last year one of the main things we
heard about Event Passes was that it felt like you had to play too much
to get all the things you wanted. It also felt bad to use tokens to buy things
like ward skins or emotes if you were ultimately trying to get
higher-tier rewards. We believe that getting all the rewards in an Event Pass
shouldn’t require you to sign your life away for 30 days. For the 2019 Worlds Pass, we added more
milestone rewards so you can get more stuff for free and also so you can save
your tokens for the things that you really want like exclusive event chromas and prestige skins. For the last event in 2019, Dawn and Night,
we changed the Event Pass win of the day structure so that you could save up all your wins
and complete them on your own schedule. Can’t play during the week? No problem,
get all your win of the days on the weekend. Between improving your experience with
Event Passes and making sure there’s always something new to do, we
hope to make 2020 a year to remember. In 2019 we announced Eternals, a
champion-based stat tracking system that allows you to flex your moments of
glory both in and out of game. To be frank, Eternals were met with a lot of criticism and it was serious enough to where we
pumped the brakes and delayed the release so we could make major changes
and address your concerns. We heard feedback that Eternals
shouldn’t be an RP only feature and that you should have a way to
earn them, not just buy them. We want as many players as possible to experience
Eternals without having to spend money so we’ve developed a new Starter Series
that is available for Blue Essence or RP permanently. This set will track your Takedowns,
Structures Destroyed, and Epic Monsters Slain for each champion you pick up the
Starter Series for. Also in a post-launch update, we’ll add Eternals
that can be earned via Ranked Splits providing a path over time to earn every
Eternal Series in the game without spending RP. We also heard a lot of feedback from
champion mains on our Unique Eternals with many of the initial versions feeling too generic
or focused on the wrong parts of a champion’s kit. Our goal is to create skill-expressive and
memorable stats that you’re stoked to show off. So in the latter half of 2019, we worked with players
on PBE to hear what kind of Eternals you wanted to see. As a result, Unique Eternals now track
more complex and interesting stats like how many skill shots you’ve dodged with Vlad’s Pool. So whether it’s showing off how
dedicated you are to the devil himself or how good of a Freljordian Sniper you are. We hope Eternals really capture the
highlights of playing your favorite champions. It’s your feedback that helped our designers and
team find new and interesting stats to track. So please keep letting us know what types of things
you’d like to see Eternals track moving forward. Lastly, for players who aren’t interested in the feature or don’t want to know when they’ve
been someone else’s 100th kill we’ve got toggles for you to mute
the experience as you see fit. We hope that you like the changes that we’ve made to
Eternals, and look forward to its release early this year. Before we go, we wanted to let you know that there
are a few new types of content we’re experimenting with. And while we’re not really ready to
show anything yet, expect to… hear something from us later this year. We can’t wait to… announce them! Thanks again for taking the time
to watch this video. It’s your feedback that helps push us
to be better tomorrow than we are today. Here’s to 2020.

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