Skincare Routine For Mature Skin | Evening
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Skincare Routine For Mature Skin | Evening

I’m going to share my evening skincare
routine and I’m going to show you what I put on my skin and why I do it
and what I’ve stopped doing hi I’m Schellea and welcome to Fabulous 50’s
today I’m going to share with you all the things I do for my skin at night
before I go to bed my skincare routine has changed quite a bit over the last
six months and I wanted to share with you what I do now
and how I’ve reduced so many things that I do and even though I’ve reduced a
whole lot of steps my skin is in really great condition and I’m saving money and
I’m saving time the purpose of all of my skincare pretty much is to help with the
aging process reduce fine lines and wrinkles and to get rid of my dry skin
so I learned a couple of months ago from Will Fenell who’s a skin care expert
and what I learned from will was to take it easy I think I was doing too much I
was adding too many steps and my skin was kind of irritated and I took Will’s
advice so at night now I only do three steps and I was probably doing five or
six depending on what products I was trying wil said to keep things simple
cleanse serum or treatment and then moisturize and that’s it so I was doing
lots of serums and layering my serums so I thought that when I started doing this
I might get a negative result because I wasn’t adding as much to my routine but
the opposite has happened and I’m really happy with this and it’s saving me money
so at night I do a double cleanse so I cleanse my makeup first I’m using the
bio droga cleansing oil and he recommends using an oil cleanser for
women in our age group you know if you’re over 50 and your skins dry and
oil is the perfect solution for that and so I cleanse and take off my makeup this
product here and other cleansing oils will take your mascara off as well so
that also saves you money I’ve used the simple cleansing
oil as well which is very good and inexpensive so you take your eye makeup
the whole lot off once it’s off you put more cleanser on rub it in and do it
again so your skin is very very clean then after I cleanse I always use my
hyaluronic acid to bring the moisture out in my skin and then I leave my skin
for about 30 minutes to let all of that soak in and start working and then every
second night I use my retin-a I use this stieva A and this is really
inexpensive it’s prescription and it’s $23 here in Australia but this is a
point zero five percent and I put that on my skin only a tiny bit about a
pea-sized on my skin and I put it all over my face I rub it in and then I let
that dry and then on top of that after another thirty minutes I’ll put on a
barrier cream or a moisturizer to lock everything in so when I’m sleeping
everything’s locked in and all the work can be done a lot of people will tell
you not to put a moisture over your retin-a that’s okay I did used to do it
that way and when you don’t put moisture on the retin-a is able to work a lot
quicker and your skin will start flaking and it’s doing its job but because I’ve
been using it for quite some time and I’ve learnt the reason why you put the
moisture on is to lock everything in and everything can work that has just worked
so beautifully for me so at night on top of my retin-a this is every second night
I’ll put a medical barrier cream I use the Epionce or I have just started
using the Biodroga golden cream this is so luxe and so beautiful and it feels
like velvet when you put it on your skin and I love this they’re the two ones
that I use but Will did say any good barrier cream is okay to use
you don’t have to go and spend the big bucks on lots of potions and creams
because as long as you’ve got good quality ingredients I’ll leave a link to
a couple that he suggested that you could use and every morning when I wake
up my skin feels really good it feels like it’s been working overnight to
repair itself which it has because I’m using them retin-a and every second
night when I’m giving my skin a rest from the retin-a I use my vitamin C from Niod this one is the L absorbing acid of 30 percent and this one here will give
you a little tingle so first I double cleanse make my skin clean add the
hyaluronic acid wait a little bit and then I’ll go in with my vitamin C and
then wait another 30 minutes so everything’s working and then on top of
that I’ll add a barrier cream so my evening skincare routine has reduced a
lot and I’m still getting really great results I’m going to continue doing it
like this for about six months and then I’m going to add in a couple of the
ingredients that I took out to see if it makes a difference and if it doesn’t
make a difference I’m just going to stick to this routine because it works
and it’s no fuss and that’s what I love about it
I’m getting my anti-aging ingredient doing all the work and then I’m adding
moisture and I’m locking everything in and I’m doing the best that I can to get
rid of my dry skin and then I wake up and it feels really good although this
is a really simple skincare routine it keeps my skin glowing and that’s what I
love and another thing that I’ve stopped doing is using eye cream in the morning
and in the evening and I used to swear by my eye cream I used to buy the Ella
Bache a eye cream and it was like a lanolin so it was very moisturizing and
luxurious and I didn’t think that I could ever live without it
because I thought my eyes would be too dry but since I’ve started doing this
and I use the hyaluronic acid up here and I use my beautiful moisture cream up
here as well and it does the job of eye cream and my eyes
did use to get dry and now they don’t so whether it’s these ingredients I don’t
know but I’ve saved on that and the other two things I do once a week is
apply a mask a moisturizing mask and I use a derma roller and I’m going to show
you how to use a derma roller but I’m going to get somebody who’s an expert to
show you how to do that because I don’t want to be giving you that advice on my
own because it is putting needles into your face but I have the perfect person
to teach us how to do that properly so that our skin doesn’t get hurt or broken
or angry please give a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and share it with all
of your friends thank you so much for watching and have a beautiful week


  • Verena travels

    Dr Davin Lim has an interesting view on eye cream. Also, barrier cream – lots of women swear by nappy rash cream. 😃

  • LA Kierstead

    I love. I do the same few steps, but I gotta get a hold of that Retin A. Living in way way upstate NY (about an hour south of Canada), the winters can be so harsh and drying. I do everything I can to moisturize properly. Cant wait to see the mask video! God bless. Muah! Muah! Muah! LA 🙂

  • Tracey Higgins

    Thanks Schellea. Hope you’ve had a great week. I’ve just started adding Nuface Trinity to my routine. You’re skin is beautiful and I love the healthy glow you have. I was going to buy an oil cleanser but you apparently can’t use it if you use Nuface which is a nuisance. I’ve been using Retin a for almost a year now. I’ve just got up to using it every 2nd day. My skin has certainly improved over the last year with a routine I use. Occasionally I get a pigmentation treatment which really brightens my skin too. It was lovely listening to yr vid. Did you say in another vid, that you have dry skin. Mine is too, so I might try some of the products you’ve mentioned.sending sunshine to you xxx🌞🌞🌞

  • Maureen Gannaway

    Gd mrg Schellea. Is there this for all skin types. My skin is neither oily or dry. I currently us pure Almond oil boots #7 serum and Palmer's Coco butter lotion, message my face, Iast thing, a rose quartz roller from the freezer b4 I go to bed. I'm 53 an trying h to keep my skin vibrant. Thank you for the tips. 😊 Happy New year.

  • Amani S

    How lovely you are . But just a small Q please . I heard that we have to rest our skin for 4 days from retin A before and after dermaroller . Is it right ? Thank you

  • Princess Warrior

    I hop into the shower at night and wash my face and body with vegetable soap. And later I put coconut oil on. It works for me, my skin is very supple
    But I’m one of the lucky ones with good skin genes so I’m mistaken for 10 years younger .
    Some mornings I pop on Nivea creme barrier cream . Nice and clean and gives my skin a healthy glow 😊
    Honestly I couldn’t be bothered using all those expensive products even if I had the time 💐

  • Robin L

    Love your easier skin care evening steps. I listened to your video with Will and changed my skin care routine a bit as well. xoxo Robin

  • Practical Inspiration

    I'm far from your target demographic being a man and not over 50 lol, but I think your channel is an inspiration, love what you do. I saw you on Video Creators and thought I'd take a look at the channel 🙂

  • PLUME 1

    Right now I use Argan Oil and after it is absorbed then CERAVE Cream (for face and body) with hyloraunate acid. This seems to work well for my very sensitive, dry skin when I walk in winter and for everyday use. Also use Retin-A.

  • Lora Oliver

    Thank you for sharing your new routine with products! 😊. Do the masks have fragrance that you notice? Is it strong?

  • lovebythemoon

    Love your voice videos as always!! I was given Retin A in 0.05 as a first time user and I'm afraid my face is going to fall off or have a reaction LOL. Would mixing the Retin A with a moisturizer be easier on the skin do you think? Anyone's opinions? I appreciate the help…. I'm very fair skinned and sensitive.

  • Colleen McLaughlin

    Hi Schellea, thanks for sharing. I am going to try this routine. Can you also tell us what lipstick you are wearing in this video? 😬. Have a great New Year. 🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Lydia Glassman

    Five thumbs up!!! Nice video, Schellea! Thank you for sharing! Makes sense to me! Keep it simple! You look absolutely gorgeous here!!! But then you always do!!! Catch up soon with an email! Love you, Lydia XO Happy New Year!!! (-: ♡ ♡ ♡

  • Gina Lee

    It is interesting to me, new to the youtube skin care routines, how many use so many products. I often wondered how they decided to use which product. Keeping it simple sounds easy! In all areas of life!

  • My Style Journey

    Great tips! I also use moisturizer after RetinA. My routine is very similar to yours except I use Retin A for 2 nights and take a break every third night. Your skin is glowing and looks beautiful… Belinda xo

  • Amanda Croft

    Love your videos! Looking forward to the derma roller, I have one at home, haven't used one in ages and forgotten the technique. Your skin is beautiful- would you consider showing your skin without makeup ? 😀😀

  • Marie Klyft

    I only use clensers, dobble cleans, then hylauronic acid and daycreame whith spf. At night i dobblecleanse then lock in the water whith ha, i dont use towels. After its dry i put on retin a and moister. I also use to have a lot, but my skin is better now.

  • Debbie Eckhardt

    Schellea, I watched your video this morning before work! Thank you for doing this! I use Collen Rothschilds products but do use some of the ones you mentioned! There's so many products, but you're right "make it simple " you're so gorgeous not only on the outside but inside where it matters the most! Love you xoxo
    PS I use differin. I've had a lot of trouble with my skin in the past! (Long story) I pray I can finally have no acne!

  • Jackieblue beautytips

    Hi gorgeous and ty for sharing !!! Great video and great tips !!! Love you and your channel hugs and love 💕 xoxo

  • Michelle White

    First, you are so beautiful! Anyway, I am 51, and I would love to know if you have products you recommend that are animal cruelty free? Thanks for you videos. They are so helpful!

  • sandraenglandful

    I just found your channel, you are beautiful❤️ and btw I love, love, love the big candles and lantern in the back😍

  • A Real Kitchn

    I so agree with you …I have really cut down in the past year on the amount of products I use at night. Great suggestions!

  • Real Chicks TV

    Wonderful video, Schellea. I, too, have scaled back my skincare routine and my face seems to appreciate the break! Thanks for sharing your regimen. If I follow your advice, will I look like you? lol Wishful thinking. Love you to bits! – xx, Carla

  • Lynn M

    Love your videos! Your skin is glowing so it is definitely working. I'm wondering what to do for my dry lips. I've tried so many things and nothing works. Any suggestions would be appreciated 🙂

  • Chrissy Moss

    I've been told to double cleanse, apply toners and wait for 30 minutes ….. Then apply retinolRetin A. Again wait 30 minutes before continuing with skin care.
    The reason being is the ph levels are balanced and the skin is BONE DRY ready for the retinolRetin A.
    Separating these steps allows for optimum performance. Ta da xxx 💕💕💕xxx

  • Pappa Ciccia

    oh my, ive just cut my long hair into a bob and seeing your amazing hair has made me regret it so much :(( you look great

  • Anne Bond

    Your channel appeared on my you tube today and I cannot be more pleased .. I immediately subscribed ! I just began to watch and cannot tell you enough how much this is needed for women in our fifties who cannot take back time but embrace it and make it the best it can be .. Thank you !

  • Carmen Modde

    Hello Schellea, what a joy to watch your videos. I just joined because I like the way you present your knowledge and experience. This one in particular was a great help to improve my skin care regime. I have a question about the Retin A. I live in Germany and luckily it can be obtained without a receipt. Now I have found on an online pharmacy that over the age of 50 one should not use Retin A. Since I am well over 50 and would really like to use it, I am now confused. What is your experience?

  • Janis Haldeman

    Totally concur with everything said about keeping it simple. I see a lot of gals using so much stuff they have no idea what's working and what isn't thanks so much for the reinforcements!

  • Tarleah Jade

    Hey beautiful Shellea . Well i went to my Dr and got the retinol cream. I paid $26 for mine. But it's quiet a big tube. A little goes a long way. As you said i use to do the layering thing but started using the simple or atkin skin oil cleanser. I love it. The I use the ordinary range hydraulic acid. Now I'm adding the vitamin a the a vitamin e barrier cream. No kidding it makes a difference. But my own Dr was on holidays so i went to a new one to ask for the vitamin a cream. He wouldn't give it to me. Said it had to many side effects. Ibe had no irritation at all. I had a pimple and its gone. It won't remove deep wrinkles but is apparently amazing for skin pigmentation melasma fine lines and wrinkles and improving acne and skin texture. I dont know why DRS have an issue prescribing retinol a. I was using the ordinary retinol a which isn't bad but this stuff is fantastic. So my skin routine is same as yours. I to learnt this off Will fennel. Plus the money saved is great. I use a vitamin e cream as its just so moisturizing and costs little

  • Tarleah Jade

    Again you just get better looking every day. Thank you for your great positivity , advice, great videos and inspiration. 😗

  • Tarleah Jade

    Serious Shellea you look amazing. Not a day over 39 40. Your skin is beautiful from what I see. I love your videos they have taught me so much. Xx

  • Michelle Wilton

    Your hair is fabulous. Do you have extensions or is it all yours? Can
    I also ask, have you had Botox or fillers? Hope you don’t mind me asking. I’m 61 and haven’t had any “work” done yet but am thinking about it.

  • Super Fancy Mom

    I love that you share affordable options, not only can a skincare routine be time consuming, it can be so expensive! Also, there are so many options out there, it’s hard to choose!! Whatever you are using, I want, because your skin looks amazing!! I love the way you spell your name too, didn’t notice that last time XOXO

  • Pahla B Fitness

    I love all these tips, very helpful for us midlife ladies! I also really like the idea of not trying to do too much to our skin, thanks for the video 🙂

  • LISA Perry

    I’m 55 years old. I have recently lost some weight. Overall 75 lbs. My skin is a little saggy and wrinkly and I have that turkey neck thing going on. I also have rosacea. Can you give me some advice? My skin is oil on the nose and dry everywhere else. My skin changed once I had a hysterectomy. It got very dry. I was thrilled when I ran across your video. Thank you!

  • Kat BeWitched

    Hi Schellea, I was using too many products before and narrowed things down to my favorites. I use some of the same products as you. Keeping things simple helps me be consistent, although I do love experimenting and can’t live without my eye serum and eye cream. 😉. I do love facial and hair masks and I swear by them. Tammy, from Tammy’s ageless beauty, taught me the benefits of masks. Cheers!

  • Jan Walters

    Hi!  I found your channel while surfing and I immediately signed up! You give great advice and hints; hints that I probably learned years ago, but forgot, and now I find I have actually listened & learned from you (more so than others)!!  Thanks!  I'm 64, so alittle older than usual, but all your videos are so amazing & useful.  P.S.  I have a special affection for Australia, as I was stationed there n the Navy!  Keep up your amazing job and I look forward learning more!!

  • Kim Baker

    We have practically the same exact night time routine, so funny. The only thing I don’t do is the dermarolling, does this really work for you and if so what do you see that’s the most noticeable. I don’t no, the microdermabrasion cleansing 3x week, retin A every other night, hydrating masks 3x week, 3-4 serums nightly, dermaplaning 2x month to remove peach fuzz, I feel like I already do so much for my skin and wouldn’t change a thing because my skin feels amazing and looks good, the dermarolling even though I hear wonderful things scares me a little. Let me no your thoughts, thank you, also where do you get the Simple hydrating cleansing oil from, drugstore?

  • LiteratureMaven

    You are such a beautiful inspiration. I love the lipstick could you share the brand and shade? A drugstore dupe would be great too for all of us teachers on a budget, lol.

  • Dawn smith

    So glad I just found your channel, I have charts of the past 5 years of skin care, have tried everything out there $$$$. Your routines are most like what I am trying to achieve. I to have some niod products that I love but they do not get the love from a lot of big you tubers. I am currently giving the obagi nuderm system a try and must say my rosacea is better (not gone) my skin looks great but worried about the ingredients and it is high. Have you tried it??? I am also thinking about giving the curology a try next as it seems to be the rave now, have you tried it????? Once I finish the obagi system and decide if I am gonna give curology a try I am going to your routine as it sounds like the simplicity I would like to achieve. Also do you use a specialized neck cream???? And for what it is worth I replaced the expensive obagi hydrate with bioderma sensibio moistures and absolutely love them on my sensitive skin but I do not really know if they have any skin benefit ingredients.

  • Kelly Halvorsen

    Schellea, I'm so glad I accidentally found you about a month ago. I love your Fabulous 50's facebook page also, thank you for accepting me. You are "Fabulous" I was following another youtuber and found her routine ridiculous and almost obsessive. I also have a routine very similar to yours and it doesn't take hours. I do Retin-A in the evening but I was putting on my Facial Lotion/Cream immediately afterwords. I will change that and wait an hour. In the morning I do my Facial Wash/Hydraulic Acid/Vitamin C/Moisturizer/Sunscreen. When I turned 52 this year I looked in the mirror and thought yikes! What happened? LOL After watching several Housewives of New Jersey etc… I noticed a lot of them wearing eye masks and I looked into that idea and LOVE them for my everyday morning routine. I keep them in the refrigerator at all times. They take about a month to see any difference but during that time your eyes feel so refreshed, it's simply amazing! I get them on Amazon in the US and would love to see you do a review on them. Here is a link for you or any of the ladies/gents that would like to try them:
    I have nothing to do with this company, I am just a loyal consumer.

    Have a Blessed Day!

  • Alice Freeman

    Hi, thank you for the video. Questions? can I use HYLURONIC ACID & cacay oil together? And alternate it with other cacay oil & Retin-A conservatively?

  • B Barr

    Your skin looks amazing!! I think less is more ~ loading a lot of products on your face just irritates the skin. I think your absolutely correct 👍🏻 thank you for sharing what you use. Do you think these products are good for sensitive skin? Would love to see & hear about the derma roller and how it works 😁💕

  • Pat Gheen

    I have been watching Dr Davin Lin as well and have been simplifying. I have switched to The Ordinary Ascorbic Acid Powder and alternating with the Retin A. Also using the hylauronic acid. I started using the Biodroga in the evening and Magic Cream in the day as you do. I know Dr Lin says we do not need these high price luxurious creams but let’s face it, they feel amazing!! Thank you for the great recommendations. I’m finally not flaking and peeling all the time from the Retin A

  • Besh Florida

    I ordered the Epionce on your recommendation. What a difference it has made in my skin. No more flakes, but when I wash my face all that dead skin just rolls off, leaving my skin glowing. I can use my Retin A almost every night now. Thank you so much for the recommendation. I really enjoy your channel.

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