SKINCARE ROUTINE For Acne Prone, Sensitive & Oily Skin!

what’s up guys trenee here and welcome
back to my channel today’s video is going to be about a facial routine for
oily skin in less than nine minutes so the first thing you want to do is of
course put on your shower cap cover your hair
I hate when my locks get wet while I’m trying to cleanse my face so I make sure
I put on a shower cap which I typically do wear when I’m in the shower but I’ve
already taken my shower and I had taken it off but we’re gonna put it back on
now make sure everything is tucked and tight so let’s get started the first
thing you want to do is cleanse your skin make sure you have you know a
facial brush or something to exfoliate your skin with you’re going to wet your
face really really good make sure it’s good and drenched and the first thing I like to do is use
the Cetaphil Pro derma shield for oily skin it really keeps the oil at bay if
you suffer with oily skin I do not have oily breakouts throughout the day using
this cleanser it just traps the oil the entire day which i think is really
really cool it’s not harsh it’s a light foam it doesn’t even have a strong scent
to it it’s very pleasant so what you want to do is cover your face with the
foam and don’t worry about rubbing it in or anything like that just make sure
that you cover every area of your face and now what you want to do is you want
to take your facial brush and just gently exfoliate and cleanse using the
brush and the facial wash making sure you’re covering every area of your skin
I’m not missing anywhere you’re just doing a gentle cleanse I typically use
my brush on the first speed instead of the second speed because it is strong
enough on the first speed to get enough exfoliation in there you also want to
make sure you get in those crevices in between your nose oil and dirt really
gets trapped there if you don’t cleanse it so you want to make sure you don’t
miss those areas also it’s really important to make sure
that up miss your I of course but make sure that you get your chin area
everywhere under your lip you just want to make sure that you cover all areas of
your face now once you’re done cleansing of course you want to rent and come back
now what we’re going to use is the urban skin rx even tone cleansing bar which I
really love this cleansing bar because it really has helped with the
hyperpigmentation it comes with a little sponge you can purchase this out of any
CVS or in a Ulta of some sort but you can also purchase it online directly
from their site you can purchase it on Amazon it’s pretty much available in a
lot of places but you want to make sure you wet the sponge and soak that
cleansing pad in the bar and start massaging it on your face which really
gives you a lot of suds which I really really like but just cleanse your face
really really well you don’t have to scrub really hard just really gentle
really gently rub that soap within your skin this does not add too tate my skin
is very gentle it also has a pleasant smell and what you want to do is leave
it on for three minutes if you’re using it more so like a mask and then you
rinse now once you rinse and you dry after
that cleansing you want to do any renewing to your eyes your under-eye
bags I know if you’re like me when you first get up in the morning you might
have eyebags from lack of sleep I found these iPads in Ulta for all of
three bucks for a pack of I want to say eight so just get whatever pads work for
you and you can put them under your eyes these I have to leave on for at least
about 10 minutes so I’m gonna see you guys back in ten minutes okay we’re back
so I just remove those pads toss them out because they’re not reusable and
then rinse of course and once you’ve ran Singh you dry thoroughly now it’s time
to tone most people don’t use a toner but I will suggest that if you have oily
skin it is very important that you use a poor toner a toner that is built for
pores I use this Dickinson’s pore perfecting
toner which serves as a barrier for my large pores it closes them up it blocks
them and shields them I just use a cotton pad and I soak that cotton pad in
the toner and then I make sure that I cover my entire face with the toner and
what it does is it creates a protective barrier on your skin so that way
whatever comes after you’ve used that toner it’s not permeating and not
soaking into your pores everything is a clean surface and it gives you a nice
little Sheen all done there next what I typically do
is let that dry for about one minute then I come back and I use my even
Naturals vitamin C serum which I use for dark spots and old acne scars and it
really does help and assist with lightening those scars the sunspots
those types of things you don’t have to use this because this is very strong but
if you are going to use it and if your skin can’t handle it you can just
distribute it on your face using a q-tip on your dark areas darker areas if you
have some hyperpigmentation it will definitely help with that as well now once you put this on you leave it on
for one minute and let it dry and the last step is to use your moisturizer
which I use urban skin rx moisturizer for that it lasts all day it is a
sunscreen as well as moisturizer it is not oily or tacky in any kind of way
once you put it on you don’t even feel it after it dries which I really really
love but it makes my skin feel so soft and it protects me from any sun damage
and it’s very inexpensive as well so if you have oily skin this is actually a
moisturizer that serves as a sunscreen and it does actually work it does not
create excess oil instead it keeps the oil at bay and voila look at that nice
clean shiny face this is something that you can do if you suffer from oily skin
even combo skin it will help you I like the final look glowing and glistening
until next time t squad out

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