Skincare for Dry Skin | My Skincare Routine 2017

Hi everyone welcome back to my channel i’ve had a Few People Ask me questions about skincare and What i recommend and i can’t Necessarily Recommend products for Your face Really You Just Kind of have to try Things or talk to an Aesthetician or a Dermatologist To to get a sense of What your Skin’s balance is like and What Kind of products you’re going to need but i figured i’d Go ahead and do a skincare routine and That’ll Just tell you what i use for my particular Skin So my skin tends to be dry and i think They have a Little Bit of a Blackhead situation Around my nose Upper Cheeks and a Little Bit on my chin Now i don’t usually Get Really Really Bad Pimples Like Normal Whiteheads But Every once in a While if I’m about to go on my period i’ll break Out Around Here or maybe a Couple? on my Head That’s usually It in General I Just Have Really Dry Skin and those are the issues that i have to tackle When i’m Doing my skincare One Thing to mention is i don’t use any of these products Every single day i use them When i need them so this Seems Like a Really Big routine that i’m Doing Here There’s a Lot of products but i don’t use any of Them Every single day i use Things Based on What my Skin Needs at That Point so first Things first since i do have Blackheads i have Been trying This? Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Blackhead balm i don’t know if i said any of That Right But I’ve Been trying It i don’t Necessarily know iF I’m seeing Good Results from It because my blackheads are Very small and Very stuck in Whereas It Looks Like a Lot of The reviews online Have People With Blackheads That Are Really Noticeable so maybe the pore is a Little Bit more open it’S a Little easier to get out you know all The Gunk and It Feels Like a Cell’s Like It almost Feels Like Dessaline But It Doesn’t smell Like Vaseline Obviously so you get a Little Bit on your fingers you’re Supposed to rub it in for about Three to five Minutes I’ve only done two because i have no patients maybe it’s that Extra one minute that Really Does the Job So it Feels Like You’re Just Supposed to be warming up your Skin and Kind of Allowing Your pores to relax So that They can let loose some of the Build-up When i finished that i take My Japanese Cleansing oil By Sonia Roselli I Just put a couple of Its in my hand and first i Just Rub it on my face Just to make sure Everything Is in there and it’s loosening our all of The excess oil and Dirt i take My Clarisonic i get It wet and then i Just let it do its Thing and i usually only Use this when i’ve Been Wearing Makeup So if i have clean Skin and I’m Just wanting to you know touch everything Up and do a morning face wash then i don’t Bother With This but When i’ve Been Wearing Makeup i find that It Really Helps And Now i’m going to go ahead and rinse everything off So what i love about the cleansing oil is that It Doesn’t leave your skin Feeling Tight Like It’s Been Drained of All of its moisture It Actually Leaves It Feeling Pretty Soft all right Next Up i only use this twice a Week this is sex appeal exfoliating Spray By sonia Rosselli and This Stuff Is the Bomb and it’s Kind of like it’S sort of Gross but it’s like the Kind of Girls that you know you’re Into like we all Know someone who Loves to pop someone’s Pimples on their back This is that Kind of Stuff so I’m Just gonna Spray a couple of squirts on my hand and Then Rub It on my face and i don’t know if you can see this but i Have Skin coming Up yeah I have Dead skin Cool Should i do That Step i’d like to do a Blackhead Mask Since Everything is Actually going to come out i don’t have any Dead skin? Covering Up my pores i have Loosened everything Up so it’s the perfect time So i am going to use Milky Piggy’s carbonated Bubble Clay Face mask i love This stuff it’S so Weird like a Weird face products and I think It Works i don’t know that It Would Work for Everybody and it’s Definitely Kind of a Weird Sensation so i don’t think it’s for Everybody But and i Just use it on my nose and on my Chin and my Cheeks right there and i don’t use too much I’ve seen People like pile it on but When it starts to carbonate Like Bubbles It doesn’t Feel good to have a Bit Later on so i Just use it thin Layer and i’m Just gonna leave that on for About five Minutes before i rinse it off so it’s Been about five Minutes and You can see i begin yeah you can tell like Right There It bubbles Up and gets Really Tingly i like That Sensation i don’t know if Everyone does but i do so I’m gonna Go ahead and rinse This off and then we’ll be on to the next step So i’m going to grab my layers Witch Hazel i love the lavender but They also make a Version With Rosewater and They Make One That’s Just Plain if you don’t like Any sense so i’m Just going to use this to get off Any Residue From Any of The products that i’ve used so far and What i like about this is you can also take It under Your Eyes Without Drying Out That sensitive Skin All right from there i don’t use this guy at Every single day but i figured i’d show it to you Anyway and i don’t Feel Like I Really Need it today so i’m not gonna put It on but this is us our ex Blackhead Power Liquids so this Stuff is Good like it’s really Good It is a Little Bit Dry and Since My Skin Is Very Dry i don’t like to use it everyday but maybe once or twice A week or when i’m seeing any issues pop up then i’ll use it and With my Blackheads Because They’re so small i still find that i have to Extract Some of them But This Will take care of the Majority of them and Stop them When They’re about to happen so basically You Just Put a Little Bit of This on a cotton Pad and Spit It Over the area That you find has Blackheads and Then Just Let It Sink in for a Few Minutes so Next Up i’m going to use my Mario Badescu Facial Spray This Stuff Is awesome and it’s really inexpensive and i i’ve had this for Probably about Seven Months At This point and i still haven’t Gotten Through it So i Just Spray that all Over my face and then i take My Hyaluronic Acid and i put Two Pumps onto my fingers tapp Everything in Broke on your Hands and It Just Helps Your Skin Retain moisture if my Skin is Crazy Dry i will use a couple of Drops of bio oil on my fingers And Just Hit the Dry areas before i use my regular moisturizer but it’s not Crazy Dried today and i’m about to put on Makeup so i am gonna skip this and Just use it tonight Now i’m going to use Keels Eye Alert so i use this usually in the morning Not at night Because i don’t need it at night But This Just Helps my eyes look a Little Bit more awake and then i let that soak in for a Little bit before i Put on My Moisturizer Almost done so i use sonia or Sally’s Water Bomb this stuff is Magic for sensitive skin Oily Skin Dry Skin Like AnyThing That you can think of you’re probably going to have an okay time using this? So what you do is you take a Little Bit and you Just pat. It and these little Water Bubbles Will start to form on your face i don’t know if you can tell but that is Water essentially So when You do that You can then Just Tap Everything Where It needs to be and then then all Right Guys That’s it for Today Let me know what you think in the comments and Definitely Hit subscribe if you Liked This video you can find me elsewhere at oh Joely Xox and Let me know what you think in the comments what do you like What do you use What do you find Works for you and doesn’t Work for you i want to know everything alright Guys see you next time

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