Skin Whitening Tomato Facial, Get Fair & Glowing & Spotless Skin Naturally Home Remedy

hello everyone you are welcome
back to today’s video this video is Skin Whitening Tomato Facial | Get Fair, Glowing, Spotless Skin naturally at home using tomato home remedy and this
is a natural skin whitening it help to refresh and rejuvenate clear dark spots and leave
your skin looking very very very soft smooth and supple, I’ll be using is tomato if you want to see this you have to continue to watch
this video i need tomato so what I will do is to slice all friend this is it,
I’ll keep this aside so the next thing is for me to slice my onion, I’m using white
onion, you can use the red or white you can this Remedy in your fridge or in a cool place okay, so this is a friend.
what I’m gonna do is for me to put this into the blender keep this aside, one cup of water, this is
250 ml next item is milk, i need 2 tablespoons of milk then I have to mix this properly 2 tablespoons of honey next is Almond oil Almond powder or cumin powder is very good in removing dark spot if you have almond seeds you can blend it , I need 3 tablespoons of almond powder next you add Almond oil or coconut oil it helps to clear dark spots I’m
going to add a tablespoon of oil. I will store this to the container keep this
one for the first time I apply this one I will store this in my fridge and use it for 5 days continue watching use brush or your hand to apply this on your face close your eye when you are apply this apply it for just one minutes after one minute you leave it on your
skin for ten minutes, so I’m gonna leave this on my skin for ten minutes then
wash it off. i pour water to wash it off you have to apply this five to ten days for you to see Amazing result, I feel refres right now i will use towel to clean my face that’s it, can go ahead and moisturize with oil or cream this is natural way you can’t get rid of that spot to have a spotless skin when I see you again in my next video bye bye

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