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Skin Lightening: What I didn’t know about it – BBC Stories

“Blick”. “Charcoal face.” “Why would I date someone
I can’t see in the dark?” You feel embarrassed to go and seek
help. I would have lost my life. What? I didn’t know that.
Are you serious? The chemicals in this are illegal? So how are they allowed to sell it?
I’m not surprised. I can’t help but wonder that –
cos it’s little black girls burning their skin off – it’s
not being made a priority at all. I used to just look at
my skin as, like, really dirty. And really… ..ugly. When I first decided to use
bleaching creams was when… I think I was in secondary school
and we’d get changed for PE and they used to comment things like,
“Oh, you’d be so much prettier “if your chest was the
same colour as your face.” “Oh, you’ve got really pretty
features, “even though you’re dark-skinned.” The black boys say that they’d never
date, erm, a blick ting, they’d never date a black girl, they’d only
ever go for a light-skinned girl. “You’re good looking for
a dark-skinned boy.” That’s one that you hear quite a lot. Cos of how dark you are,
when you put make-up on, it’s an opportunity to make
yourself look lighter. That’s what I was told. Welcome to our channel!
Erm, I’m here with… Mariam! Woo! OK so this is the first
video from my… VOICEOVER: I’ve been wanting
to film a video about the topic for a long time… So, yeah, here we go. I’m not saying my mum looks like
Beyonce even though my mum’s like better looking than Beyonce,
OK? But she probably has Beyonce’s skin
tone. My mum bleached her skin. I had family around me
that bleached their skin. I had family around me
that also didn’t. I was in a stage of my life
where I was like really, really, really ruled by insecurity, so I was
quite young, I was about 16, and it was just cos my mum uses those
creams, so I just went down the hall, and I put them on. I just wanted to fit in like
all the other kids, and I wanted to be desirable. I saved up I think £20 for two
weeks, and I went to my local hair shop, and they serve as
a beauty supply, a hair shop, everything. And they literally have these
products out there, so I picked up the toning creams, cos I think
bleaching sounds a bit too harsh. I didn’t read the ingredients,
I just looked at the picture, if the woman was desirable, that’s the kind of colour that I’m
trying to attain. The effects at first was… I describe it at the time as
lovely, like, my skin looked… It was starting to look a lot like
my chest which was a lot lighter. Black people,
we have dark lips, in general. So, obviously against the pale skin,
they really stood out, and they looked purple. They made my skin feel very tingly
and tight, which I expected, for something that changes
the colour of your skin, I expected some kind of
sensation or something. It was actually my auntie who came
to my house, and she was like, “Oh, “what cream are you using?” And
I was like, “Oh, just this cream.” And then she was like, “I think,
it’s not really, like, looking “nice. I think you should stop.” Unless we sit forward. Yeah. This, definitely. Yeah, these two, yeah. This lady. Everybody knows this light skin
lady. This is the woman. What? I didn’t know that.
Are you serious? {an1}THEY ALL SHARE EXPERIENCES AT ONCE This is the pile of products
that we bought on the shelves, that we found on the shop floor. This was a more behind
the counter situation, where we had to ask someone about
if they had any things? And these are the products
that we purchased online. I’m a bit scared…
No, smell it! You have to… No, I’m scared now by it.
That actually hurt my nostrils. I have asthma, I cannot… Well, after smelling that…
Oh, my God! It has to be illegal. I don’t know if this is illegal. I feel like the ones without
any ingredients… Yeah. It’s suspicious. Yeah… So, we’ll put that forward, as well. This placenta one, I’m sorry…
The placenta one, please… You go in there. Yup. Leicester, London,… Nottingham.
When I travel… France… Every single hair shop
sells this stuff. Natural, you know? Yes. Where, where did you…?
This is under the counter. So it’s just a woman who makes… A woman who mixes creams together
and just sells them. And you bought that?
Mm-hm. This was a lady who
approached me after many years trying to lighten
her dark circles under the eyes. She’s an Asian lady. She used
various products over ten years. And, again, you can see how her skin
has become leather-like. Have you ever come into contact with
anyone who’s actually suffered with severe side-effects
from bleaching cream? I have seen quite severe
damage on the skin. It looks almost like
it’s been burnt. There is a danger of foetal damage. {an5}Side effects also include: The skin bleaching market
is getting bigger, and obviously the problem is getting
bigger, as well. We’re off to meet Safi – she is a
woman who used to bleach her skin. She was hospitalised for a couple
of days. It was a spreading infection, so it really could have,
it could have led to death. I think it’s quite brave to actually
talk about something like this, because it’s not something
you hear of all the time. No. To me, it looks like just your
average African… I don’t want to say auntie,
but African woman. Like, it doesn’t look shocking
to me. But I can see, you know when
you can tell somebody bleaches, if that makes sense? Hi! Nice to meet you. I’m Arlene.
Arlene. Mariam. Mariam. Nice to meet you. Lovely meeting you. How are you?
I’m good, thank you. So, how often would you apply
the creams? And how long would you
leave them on for? The cream is every day. Every day. It’s like drugs. It’s like taking drugs,
it’s not easy to tell someone, stop smoking, stop drinking,
stop taking drugs. It’s easy to say, but it’s not
easy for them to stop, you know? Some people need rehab to stop,
some people need a reality check, some people need some incident
to happen into their lives, so that’s how bleaching is. I was treating myself, because I was
so embarrassed to go to the GP. Oh, really? Because, they are going
to ask you, “How did you get this?” They will see that it’s scars
that have been building up. Yeah. You know. When I saw her, she was completely
a white woman. I was shocked, I could not believe it. All her stomach and her hands
were all blisters, and I had to advise her
to go to the doctors. We went to A&E,
and they put her on antibiotics because it was so bad. And she was in hospital for a week,
and she came back home, she was in bed for, like,
about six weeks. I just could not believe
the Trading Standards would
allow these people save sell this product
inside central London? When I went to hospital, I couldn’t
tell anyone I was in hospital
becauseo say, “Oh, she went into hospital
because of her bleaching cream.” When some people asked me,
I’d just say, “Oh, I had hot water
just pourh. I was pouring the kettle
and it dropped. That’s how
I get it on m It sounds stupid! Yeah. If it’s that, I would have get it
all over my feet. You know? You feel embarrassed to go and seek
help. I would have lost my life. Just look at that. See from there to there, and then all that, cuts the skin. All the way from there to there. I used to have my cupboard
in there full with all creams. Waste of money. Waste of time. I didn’t know how dangerous
the chemicals were. It never says the side-effects
or anything. It never says. Of course not.
It says brighten, glow… Don’t want to say, by the way,
you might get boils, you might get cancer. They are not going
to say that. People who sell drugs, right, their mind-set is, you have to
make this money, it is what it is. You’ve got to make this money.
Providing a service. It doesn’t matter that they’re
feeding someone’s habit or addiction. Potentially, the person
who takes that will go home and die. They don’t care, because they just
need to have that ruthless mind-set. I feel like the people who sell
these creams think, well, they’re going to get it from somewhere,
they might as well get it from me?
I’vey. I think maybe a lot of light-skinned
people and, you know, will hear this conversation
and think it’s an attack. It’s not an attack. For me to assume that being
light-skinned would solve all my problems is stupid. Yes, there’s
the privilege there. Definitely. Doesn’t mean that your life
isn’t hard and you don’t have
to work for wha How do the shops get away with
selling it if it’s that illegal? I just don’t understand. I just can’t help but wonder that
if it was, like, white girls, or something, from somewhere else,
it might be on the news! Like, “White girl buys a cream,
and it burns her skin off.” And it would make the news,
and then it would be like this, then it would be all these protests,
do you know what I mean? But because it’s little black girls
burning their skin off, ashamed to even say,
or even when they do say something, it’s like, not much is happening. I can’t help but think that is
a reason why things… It’s not being made a priority at all. It was thought of that Trading
Standards would be picking on particular demographic,
and it was thought, “Oh, OK, this is a community thing.” It wasn’t that they didn’t care, it was that they didn’t want to
look like they were stepping into a particular ethnic area of stores,
for want of a better phrase. I think that’s changed,
to a large degree. I mean, my approach has been that
it’s a criminal activity, people are making excess money out
of a criminal activity, and it’s something that’s
ripe for enforcement. Like, you go to a food store,
like a chicken and chip shop and there’s mice droppings, whatever,
they don’t reach the hygiene safety standards, you close them down,
and that eradicates the problem. I think that’s an interesting
way of using the law. At the moment there
isn’t specific legislation, like closure audits that you can
do with a food product. People are getting suspended
sentences but it would be really, really useful if there were clear guidelines that we can go to
court… We can also say to businesses,
if you do this, and you’re this size, this business, you might get £100,000 fine,
£200,000. Cos that would just
take away the incentive. There are lot of vulnerable, naive,
uninformed consumers like myself. Like myself. And it’s like, you know, that’s why the people with the most
power, like, you guys might get the fingers pointed at you,
because you hold the most power, you know, like,
you can really make the difference. Especially when we’re being told
by the media, told by our friends, internalising all these negative
ideologies about having dark skin. You know, like, we can’t be blamed! I think the fear factor needs
to really hit into retailers and distributors,
wholesalers and manufacturers, and I think at the moment,
as you have expressed, the fear factor isn’t there for
a lot of people. I’ve never seen a poster
or even a warning or not even like a little
YouTube advert, you know they got those annoying adverts
before you want to watch a video. The creams don’t even state
the illegal substances on it so it seems like you’re buying
a regular cream. Yeah. Not knowing you’re harming
yourself. Do you feel like more could be done
to publicise the dangers? Do you know what I mean? Yes.
For the consumer. Yeah. I think more could be done. So, do we decide what we like, or does society tell us
what we should like? I’ve had to learn to, like,
love myself despite what
other people People should just, like,
be grateful for who they are, what they are and love themselves,
no matter what. Just love your skin, cos you’re
beautiful, just the way you are. The other day, the sun was shining, and I took a snap and the sun was
like beating against my skin, and it looked beautiful, like,
melted chocolate butter, and everyone was complimenting me,
like, your skin looks really nice. I’m a lot more confident in myself,
and in my skin. I love my skin. I think it’s just
such a privilege to be black. And everybody should feel privileged
to be born the way they are. When we celebrate our blackness,
we’re not anti-white. Or anti-Asian. We are just
pro pro pro pro pro times ten black. I can’t wait to go on holiday
and be tanned. I love even being darker,
and glowing. Honestly, like, it’s
just my favourite thing about me. I love it. Oh. Sorry. I love my skin so much. But my hand’s dry,
oh, my God, Lord! Oh, wow! Define, define cool! Actually, it’s dying in the back… You know, this could be
like a red carpet look, like, you know, these days anything goes. Yeah.


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