Skin Care Routine Essentials | Oily Skin, Dark Spots, Texture
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Skin Care Routine Essentials | Oily Skin, Dark Spots, Texture

Hey guys welcome back to my channel. Today
I wanted to come on and talk skin care because I do get a bunch of questions about my skin
care routine. So I decided to come on with a bare naked face, as you can see and just
talk about my skin care essentials for how I keep my skin looking nice and clear and
smooth. For my skin type quickly before I start, I want to tell you guys, I have combination
oily skin. I get very oil in the nose area and then the rest of my face is kind of normal.
Number 1 thing to remember is what your face looks like is a reflection of what’s going
on inside your body so you want to take very good care of yourself. The thing that I think
makes the biggest difference with skin is water. Drinking water around the clock, making
sure you’re really well hydrated helps your skin stay elastic and vibrant. It also helps
with skin recovery I find. Water is like the magic beauty elixir. I just like to sip on
water throughout the day and make sure I’m getting as much water as possible, especially
if you’re working out. You always want to replenish. Another thing I really like doing
is drinking tea, if I’m not drinking water I’m drinking a lot of tea. This is the Harnay
and Sons fine tea earl gray and it’s my favorite 1. I drink this every night, sometimes
in the morning too. This is really good. I was just out onto (01:30) water and is a
cleansing water. I am not clear on the technology. I know that there is some kind of technology
to it. It has some kind of oil that pulls the impurities out of your skin and I find
that this does a really good job of removing all my makeup before I wash my face. It does
say it is a cleanser but I do still wash my face after because I like my face to be super
clean. I have these big cotton ovals that I got from target and I use that all over
my face. It really helps take off all the foundation and concealer, whatever you had
on that day. It really helps. For all over my body I like to use black soap. I’ve been
using this for years, pretty much since college. I just find that it keeps the skin on my body
super even, very clear and clean and prevents breakouts etc., things that would happen without
a good cleanser. It makes my skin almost look like it’s glowing, I really like that. For
my moisturizer all over my body I use 1 of 2 things, I like to use shea butter. This
is 100% natural. This is the 1 that I use, I really like it and it takes a while to kind
of warm it up and break it down but it is so worth it. It keep my skin so glowing, so
moisturized, so clear. I have cocoa butter, this is a face and body cream. It is very
thick and it feels very oil based and that’s great for me because my skin on my body is
very very dry so this keeps my skin nice and thirst quenched. I really like it and I love
the smell, smells so good. Now for cleansers, cleansing is really important.
Keeping your face clean is half the battle when it comes to skin care. I like to use
a Clarisonic face brush, you want to make sure you’re switching the brush head out
regularly. My go to is the deep pore bris head, I really feel like it helps deep clean
my pore and make sure they’re not clogging up. That’s so important to me. I exfoliate
most often every day, every morning, but at least 5 times a week I will exfoliate with
my Clarisonic brush. There are a couple different things I like to pair with my Clarisonic brush
head, the 1 I have here is the Calendula deep cleansing foaming face wash, I have an in
depth review on another video that I will link somewhere in this video. This is for
normal to oily skin, I love this cleanser it does the job. I come away with my face
feeling super clean and refreshed but not super dry which is so important. It removes
the impurities without stripping my face of moisture. This is by is by Kiehls and I have
another video that I’ll link. This cleanser is by La Roche – Posay and this is a new
bottle of a cleanser that I have tried and loved before. What I love, love, love about
this cleanser is that it is soap free, sulphate free and fragrance free. So it’s really
good for sensitive skin. I go through periods where it feels like my skin is super temperamental
and sensitive and reacts to everything. So I will turn to this cleanser when that’s
the case because breakouts are just not fun. I used this on Clarisonic brush and it works
well. Here is my Klehls Calendula toner, I really
love this. As you can see I’m also out. What I love about this is you can use this
twice a day, it’s so gentle, so soothing. Soothing is the perfect word. It makes my
skin feel so good when I use it and it does remove the excess oil but it’s not drying.
It doesn’t have alcohol and it doesn’t have other synthetic ingredients that will
dry out your skin and my skin doesn’t come away feeling tight after I use this. I love
this, it’s got a lot of herbal ingredients that are really nice. Again, I do have a review
of this and the calendula cleanser on another video. So that check that out if you’re
interested. This is by Pixi and it is the glotonic exfoliating toner. It has 5% glycolic
acid which is really good. Glycolic acid for skin renewal and if you have dark spots on
your face. it really helps to kind of speed up the recovery. I love glycolic acid, I look
for it in ingredients everywhere because my sin responds really well to it. This glotonic
is something that I’m almost out of again because it works so well. I use this in the
morning all over my face and I feel like it does help to make me more radiant and vibrant.
It helps speed up again the recovery of any dark spots I may have. These are really nice
because it’s the same exact thing but just in pre wet pad. I plan to repurchase this
100 times. It’s amazing. Now we’re gonna talk about moisturizers.
Really quick, I want to talk about this hydrating mist, it has (06:02) acid and black oat. As
you can see I’m almost of out this too, I’m showing you guys things that I actually
use. I use this every day under my makeup, after I do my toner. I will spray this all
over my face. Not only is it super refreshing but I feel like it super deep moisturizes
my skin, deeply moisturizes my skin. It makes my skin feel very buoyant and refreshed, it
seeps right in, doesn’t have any residue at all whatsoever. It’s a really nice spray
and I do feel like it helps my skin be more responsive to whatever i/m gonna do, whatever
beat I’m gonna do to it. Right before I beat my face I like to treat it nice. This
is another thing by pixi, I know I have a lot of stuff by pixi but I actually use it,
I’m not kidding. The great thing about pixi is that it’s very affordable. This is the
H20 skin drink, it’s like a pure hydration gel. If you have super oily skin you are going
to love this. When you put it on it’s a really interesting texture because it’s
a gel. But then it is kind of like water as well when you smooth it on your skin. It is
so incredible. I love this. I plan to use this all the time this summer when my skin
is really acting up and super oily. This hydrating milky serum is also great. It’s tacky a
little bit when you put it on. I like to use it as a primer sometimes like putting an actual
primer under my makeup it works really well. It’s got this little droplet system going.
A little goes a long way. But it’s very refreshing on my skin.
Now I’m going to talk about this superhero right here. This is the La Roche – Posay
double repair moisturizer. I am in love with this moisturizer. It works great well under
makeup. Some moisturizers will break your makeup and not really help the cause. But
this is really great. I just got the 1 with SPF30 because I know as women of color we
probably think that SPF isn’t our thing, our problem but you really need to make sure
you’re protecting your skin from the sun. We may not be susceptible to burns in the
same way but exposure to sun can really worsen dark spots, create damage under the skin that
you may not see. So you want to make sure you’re protecting your skin from the sun
as much as possible. I feel like SPF30 is pretty good for women of color. It’s going
to do the job. I used to use a Neutrogena SPF and now I’m using this since it does
have the SPF built in. I really love it. SPF is something you should definitely incorporate
into your skin care routine if you haven’t already.
Another thing I want to mention is this eye care treat by Kiehls avocado. This is amazing!
Eye treatments are not something that we as black women tend to use, tend to need because
we age like wine. But I like to use this in my eye because as someone who does makeup
tutorials and stuff taking off the eye make-up and putting it on can be a little bit taxing
on the area where your skin is very thin and sensitive. So using this eye treatment replaces
the moisture and prevents all the ravaging, touching, pulling and everything from taking
a toll in that area. Where I do have some creasing under my eye this really does help
to plump it up and prevent that over drying which contributes to premature aging which
you know we don’t gotta worry about! But just to keep it safe. That is it for my skin
care video, I hope you guys enjoyed! I have videos on my skin care routine from a while
back where you can kind of see me going through the motions. The products have changed but
the steps have not changed. So I’m still doing that. Let me know if you have any more
questions I would love to answer them. Be sure to like this video and subscribe if you
want to see more videos like it and I will have everything I talked about in this video
down below. I love you guys and I’ll see you guys in my next video.


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