“Skin Cancer Can Hit Even YOU!?”
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“Skin Cancer Can Hit Even YOU!?”

It’s May…It’s Another Sultry Summer In South Fla.! hey gang it’s Paul back again I have a
lot of wonderful things to talk to you about but this is kind of just the
filling I think I can’t believe that we’ve been off the air for a few weeks
now ever since our initial foray into life under the palms I think it was
going well but it’s very difficult to to have Brad balance a really taxing job
that gives him a not much relaxation and I kind of said can we do can we do a
film today can we do a film today place it next for sure so he might do a
cooking segment on Saturday I’m hoping so I went out in the garden today I tell
you what I acted the reason I’m naked is because I had to I have to change three
times the clothes are all in the washer and it’s one of those days that it makes
you kind of realize mmm look we’re just about getting into I can’t seem to take
that they yes forward to heat that well anymore whether it’s that affected them
on different medications now because I mean oh I’m having a little bit of
recovery time oh why do you get to show you this either today we’re like oh this
is the scar that the dermatologist made to remove my cancer from my chest yes
indeed his twinsies like crazy but healing and I was a little bit got that
bit paranoid feeling like did she give it all that you give it all that you get
it all and now I don’t seem to be as concerned about biggest items starting
to get my energy back but then I go outside into this crap and it feels like
it’s just something uses somebody just popped a balloon in and and I was I was
deflated almost next minute yeah I just don’t know if it’s if it’s post-op
weakness probably is but then at then guys they found out that I had a dentist
appointment Thursday and I already knew that I had an implant put in here cuz
it’s a book toothless crap there was it was a root canal it didn’t take went bad
so had to go to a periodontist he ripped it out in the same day he put in an
implant oh this is about a year ago and my regular dentist one just have time
for it to heal and he was gonna put a bridge over troubled teeth for months
for the other well that was all very well then that’s what they went into the
doctor with the intentions of having him work on well it turns out that I was
having a twin G molar problem ever since a couple of Thanksgivings ago we were in
Los Angeles I had I woke up dis horrible I text the side of my mouth in it but
whoa it just looks so much so I’m we were at staying at Hollywood B&B our
lovely place on Hollywood Boulevard and and orange grove and that’s two
wonderful people Sarah and Albert from from Terry over there and she just my
mom it says let’s see Paul if we find a doctor who this is Thanksgiving morning
now let’s find a doctor who was open and he can you know picture up so you can
recoup a little bit of your Thanksgiving field all right sir you can give it a
try excuse me that’s her little named Lane she found one and then she gave me
the phone numbers of where’s the sad would you like to take a guess who might
be open to serve the needs of those that are well-heeled uh-huh Beverly Hills
he’s doctor mass Edgar Hemi what a great guy he is a really super periodontist
and he worked on my my bad tooth what he did is he drilled through the the kept
the crown that was on there and he got to the root and I was able to
put more cement crap in there and fill it up and and this was this was now 11
o’clock on Thanksgiving morning he didn’t have any other place to go
because well he was going to mom’s for dinner figured that you know I thought
wow what guy what a guy of course they they said well we don’t usually take
your insurance we don’t work with that one but you know what they submitted it
and they took they took 25% I think so I thanked him for everything because they
wouldn’t have done that in southern Florida we’re just too rare yeah we’re
just an ST here you don’t have insurance you pay for it all we take credit cards
but I don’t want to put it on my credit card
oh it’s okay yeah you know you’ll get a nominal interest rate but this play
doctor will be paid and you’ll have a better tooth yeah but also have a huge
bill no no no no don’t worry about that you need you need help well anyway dr.
Ibrahim he took care of me I had a good rest of that Thanksgiving and this is my
new a couple of years ago since that so we weren’t less this pest thanks to
viewer with our friends in New Orleans so this is the December 5th March April
May so yeah it’s about a year and a half and it just started to twinge again so
so I went to dr. Sullivan’s who’s in pembroke pines florida good guy very
old-school Brad likes and several of his employees go to him and I enjoy beating
him too so he said to me Paul I think we’re
gonna you’re gonna lose that tooth see take it out and care I don’t need it
of course I wasn’t thinking all the ramifications so that means I got to go
back to his buddy the periodontist here get another implant put in and then we
have to wait a respectable at least three months to put this bridge which we
did know about an input of bridge in here so caching caching caching so I
thought oh this is really not what I had in mind but I was forced into into
taking care of it because last Monday I start to get a nasty
earache and I didn’t really put anything together to connect it connected that’s
so to speak but it looked to me like it was probably just you know maybe I I had
this year with when I had my car wreck the airbag hit me in this year and I
shattered eardrum never was fixed I just didn’t I had one ear I’m a man or old
homosexual monaural so the so when I went to dr. Sullivan’s I went into you
know just get the cleaning and the usual amps gonna tell them that I was having
some problems over here I didn’t connect the dirac with it though well what
happened was evidently up and it’s been happening because I’ve been feeling kind
of chilly when it’s hot out and I’ve been feeling hot when it’s not hot out
everything was a little out of whack I thought I was getting back the
mononucleosis that I had back in 1989 which was a pisser it it it really
wrecked me for about a whole year and I got involved all these sick people from
chronic fatigue syndrome Wow would their trip ah that then everything was you
know they have to strain all their foods get old it you know the gluten out they
get old the processed carbs out make sure they were using unbleached flour
and you know brown rice and you know I just fell in with that group they ended
up making me feel lousy er just because they were so much into their their
narcissism in terms of their their illness and they never addressed the
fact that a lot of it could be psychological so they were such in a bit
of pity here well that dead only went so far for me so I kind of extricated them
from from that you know myself from that group and you know not surprisingly
within a two three months I start to feel better because I wouldn’t have the
psychological component that I had before so anyway that’s where that’s
where I was going with this and I’d been I’ve been taking some longevity capsules
it’s supposed to basically work with the stem cells to repair DNA and slow or
reverse the process that’s going on in terms of the crumbling and the
destruction of all the beautiful parts that make me so special but do you know
what I start to feel really good after about two weeks they’re very much better
and I think it was because I am starting to get stronger again from the inside
you know a muscle man I’ll never be but I still feel pretty well this muscle is
working well you know and I’m coming up with with the much expected one-liners
like I used to do and I’m coming up with with just the weight that I lost I
thought or you know names that I couldn’t remember anymore
god I was on a straight shot to Alzheimer’s or something of that effects
senile dementia and you know guys that I’m so freakin young it’s ridiculous you
know I I make no bones about that there’s probably nobody you know in this
range of age that or few that act as goofy and and teenagers I do I don’t
care because it really it’s not an act it’s the only time I really feel alive
so that’s what that’s what we’re doing so I gotta go back to the doctor so
missus coming Thursday he’s gonna discuss strategy but he wants to know if
I’ve been ill he described the week of amoxicillin for me three times a day I
hate to take antibiotics but not so I don’t have too much trouble with it from
the indigestion just a little bit but not bad I’m on my third or fourth day
now it’s gonna be finished on Thursday when I go back to him again within the
second day I did the three doses one day that I picked up the prescription but
and took the fourth dose the next morning the earache was gone
whoa he was treating me for bed a bad crown with bacteria in it that probably
was causing the pain he didn’t and I hadn’t told him at the time that I was
having a bad ear ache but look at the distance that you had from that tooth
that’s right over here to the where that your your pain was that’s not very much
is it and when I press down whoa that really hurt so is a direct
conduit in the jawbone from there to there yeah so I got it it’s so I don’t
end up like Jim Henson I got to get this fixed anyway so that’s what’s going on this is so this is not really what would
I say a copacetic and relaxed spring season that we’re heading into this is a
lot of shit going on I mean the government stuff is making me
nuts I’m trying not to focus on it but it’s still so ridiculous and bread he’s
getting closer to retirement you know we keep saying two years two years you can
do it you can do it you’ve been heaps hating it and I don’t know really what
to say other than Jesus actually facing something that’s crummy
but I guess he’s about three years younger than I am and I you know I know
what it’s like to get to that point where just about say screw you mom ended
this and I and I know he wants to say that almost every Monday morning when
you get it it’s up but I noticed the last few Sundays they’ve been cranky
Sundays because he’s misdirecting frustration out on other stuff and oh
boy and then we have Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday that should be a joy uh
Elaine will be harping and harping and Harper done of all those things that she
does so I might make quick exit I should take my own car so I can leave earlier
than the two of them could just you know pet each other on the back say happy mom
happy son because I’m just a I’m just the foundling guy was I was found in the
trash can behind their senior citizen complex and they took me by the scruff
of my neck and say we’ll adopt you are you paper-trained do you drink milk or
water yes yes no and yes so you know that’s gonna be interesting this coming
Sunday so I’m healing better I wouldn’t be surprised as this amoxicillin isn’t
even taking of a little a little bit of the the bacterial stuff that after they
opened me up what happened with this cancer was all the way down to the rib
bone so they have to scrape the bones and that’s
why it’s hurting so much it’s good thing I went into air and got that taking care
but this is what two months already almost so guys be patient life under the
palms is mm it’s all well and good and it’s had ready to start serving you
again but just give us a little time to reorganize our brains I I just sort of
came out of my my cardboard box this morning I said to feel better until I
went outside now I’m back inside and I feel great I don’t know what what Brad
had into today I know he had an early real estate closing at 8 o’clock he had
all the paperwork done he usually leaves here around eight or a ten so I guess he
left this morning at 6:00 I was out after having been up most of the night
with mice my oh I smashed my finger on Sunday with the with the the garden
loppers I tried to get into a narrow area you see how yeah it doesn’t look so
bad on TV but that matches the one that I did a couple of weeks ago too so yeah
like yeah it looks like a finger fungus but no it just smashed nails I am a
freaking mess so I’m stinging healing and I’ll be there for you guys remember
what I always used to say in 2018 in 2017 and 2016 be good to yourself you’re
the best friend you’ll ever know I love you guys Brad loves you
subscribe what you can and if you need to you subscribe because there’s more of
this nonsense coming through press that you like us press the bell for updates
and make sure that you take care of yourself this I want to see you again
mrs. Paul your life under the pawns guys saying adios

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