Shaving Dry Skin | How to Shave
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Shaving Dry Skin | How to Shave

Today I’m going to share some tips
for shaving if you have dry skin. Let’s talk about the
preparation before shaving. Dealing with dry skin begins
before even pick up your razor. You should start by
washing your face and neck. Some men make the mistake of
using bar soap, which washes away your skin’s natural
oils and leaves it dry. Your best bet is a soap
free wash or a facial scrub that’s designed for your skin type. This will remove the oil,
dirt, and dead skin cells that can block your razor’s path
and prevent a smooth glide. Make sure to thoroughly rinsed
the wash or scrub off your face. Prep doesn’t end there. It’s also important to use
the right kind of shave gel. Different products are better
suited to different types of skin. For guys with dry skin,
you’ll want a soap free gel to minimize further dryness. Now that you’ve prepped, it’s time to
move on to the second step, shaving. Keep these three helpful tips in mind. First, choose a multi blade razor. On multi blade razors
like this one, the blades are placed close together to
reduce pressure on each blade. Use your razor to shave in the
direction you’re most comfortable with. Many guys feel that first shaving
with the grain of your hair and then following up with
strokes in the opposite direction provides the closest, smoothest shave. However, since facial hair tends
to grow in different directions, you’ll almost always be shaving
both with and against the grain. An advanced razor like
this one will deliver a close shave even against the grain. Change your blade regularly. If you feel the blade of your razor
tugging that may mean your blade has dulled and needs to be swapped out. Some blades like these even
come with an indicator strip that fades to white when
your blade may no longer be as sharp as it should
be for the best shave. Don’t forget the final step
in the process, moisturizing. Shaving exposes new
skin cells on your face that will be thirsting for moisture. For this reason the best time to
moisturize is right after you shave. An aftershave with
moisturizing ingredients will rehydrate, calm, and comfort
the skin, leaving it soft and smooth, and helping to maintain its
natural moisture barrier. Proper prep, razor
usage, and moisturizing go a long way to improving your
shave if you have dry, tight skin. To recap, wash with a soap free scrub
or wash, use the right shave gel, use a multi blade razor, moisturize. Thanks for watching,
and be sure to check out our other videos for more
tips and information.


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