Serena Williams’ Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper’s BAZAAR
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Serena Williams’ Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper’s BAZAAR

(upbeat music) (dinging) (upbeat music) – So are you ready to get unready (slapping counter) with me? (swiping) (upbeat music) – The first step in my routine when I’m talking off my
makeup and coming undone is I actually do something
totally different. I use coconut oil because
it’s like amazing. I use it for everything you can think of. This I actually got in Australia. It’s super raw, super organic. Now this is gonna seem totally insane but I like literally
slather it all over my face. You might not wanna try this at home. So I take like a bunch of coconut oil and I like literally just like
rub it like all on my face. So I do my lips. You know I do like under my eyes. This can literally be your only
step if that’s all you want. You could see the makeup
getting on my robe because it’s just like coming off. When I just heard that oil washes are good I’m like I’ve been doing that for years. Also have like, I travel a lot, so I travel with one of
these little washies. Now that my little spongy bungee is wet I can kinda start wiping it off. Now after I do it once, you do it twice just to make sure you got everything. Olympia, whose my daughter, actually does the routine with me. And it’s safe for kids too cause she can like put it on her face. She’s only one and a half. And she loves it. Okay so that’s step one. I travel a lot so I actually found this on my babymoon in Mexico. I ran across this product called Vine Vera and I became insanely obsessed with it. So apparently you have to
use vitamin C on your face, at the time I didn’t know. So I just do a two, a couple dabs and I always give Olympia some dabs. And then you put it on your face. At least with the serum, all the other products
I use later will set in. My routine is crazy fast. Once I’m done with the coconut
wash, it’s really fast. So I do that, all done. Then I move on to another
Vine Vera product. It is actually an eye serum. So I did my face serum now
I have to do an eye serum. So just put the eye
serum under my eye, here. Which helps the next stage kinda set in. The next is like this MZ Skin. So I found this in London. I was in Harrods and I was walking by, I saw this really cool packaging and it was like pink and gold. And I love gold and I love pink, they’re like my favorite colors and I was like I’m definitely
gonna try that product out. It must be amazing if it’s pink and gold. And it actually is. It’s MZ Skin, I’m using two
products by them as well. So you just put the eye
thing under your eye. So then I leave this on. Typically you wanna leave
it on for like 10 minutes. Usually I like to sit down
in my, my room or whatever with my, with Olympia and
I watch “Finding Nemo” because she watches that
like a million times. And then I think I can
repeat these movies. But then what I like to do is I like to take my coconut oil again because coconut oil’s the best. I use it in my hair, I use
it on my legs, you know. It’s a drying agent though,
it could dry out your hair, so don’t do that too much. But you know look, now
my lips are refreshed. (lips smacking) Lips are poppin’. Normally I leave this on for 10 minutes but so you guys don’t die of boredom I’m gonna take this off. And that’s like a bright,
golden bright eye treatment because I’m like, “I hate
dark circles around my eyes” so I tried to get serious
about treating my eyes. So then I go back to
another product by MZ Skin. Again I got this in London. Actually like literally
have it shipped from London because it’s the only
place I know to buy it. So I put the eye treatment under my eye. Sometimes when I’m traveling
I even put this on my face cause I feel like whatever
your using under your eyes’ like super moisturizing and it
could work for the whole face that’s why I don’t have a lot left. It means I need to order some more. But so I just kind of mix
it up, I make it my own. It’s so important to make
your beauty routine your own and just kinda own it. And honestly I have a little
like 5 o’clock shadow. So I put it on top of
my, my mustache (laughs). But like I hit 30 and after that like everything has become
either mustache or beard so let’s just be honest ladies. So I do that there too
because I think that if it’s brighten it then maybe it
will brighten that too. (whispering) I hid my little mustache. I like have more hair sometimes
than my nephew down there. So then I move on to this. So I’m from L.A. so I got this from this doctor in L.A. Doctor Raj. He’s amazing and I tend to have more combination to dry skin. So this enrichment cream is
really really good for me. He has lots of different creams but I particularly like this one because it’s good for my skin. So lather up. I also imagine like now I’ve got coconut oil, my enrichment cream. (whispering) Really important
to get the top of my forehead. I always get my neck too,
which is so important, we always forget our neck. The last thing I’m gonna do today and sometimes honestly it varies I’m not that routine kinda girl. I have my Mario Badescu, I
absolutely love his stuff. My best friend introduced me to it and she says she uses
it to set her makeup. So I actually use this to set my makeup and it gives me this crazy glow. But I always use it at night too because I just like the way it smells. It’s rose water, I love rosewater, I love anything rosewater. In fact roses are my favorite
flower so it’s perfect. So then I just spray
it like I’m in France. (spraying) Cause you just spray a lot. I like to pretend a lot. And that’s my nightly routine. (upbeat music)


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