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Waddup, humans? Kurumi here! And welcome to another episode of our Skin
Comparison Series! In this video, we are going to feature new
skins, and compare them with a previous skin of the
same hero. On this episode, we have Selena’s Newest Zodiac
skin, Gemini – Shadow. This skin can be obtained by drawing it in
the Zodiac Draw. We posted a separate video regarding our draw
on this skin, and how much we spent to get this skin. This skin looks like a she is a royalty,
but when she is in abyssal form, she reminds me of The Beast in X-Men. In this form, it is more of a Crystal Form
than an Abyssal one. Okay, so let’s move on. To begin, let’s check out Selena’s ranged-basic
attacks. Now, let’s check on her melee basic attacks. Wow, she really unleashes The Beast from X-Men. Now, let’s check on her transformation. The transformation for the Zodiac skin is
kinda unique. It gives of the starry vibes. The stardust looks fantastic to be honest. This makes me want to use Selena more later. Now, let’s feature Selena’s first skill. Look at those Abyssal Traps on what they look
like. They look… like the same with the normal
skin. This is not what I expected, but The Beast
still captivated me. Now, let’s check her first skill on her Abyssal
Form, or The Beast form as we say. That stardust effects on her scratch marks
really makes this skin unique. Next, we have Selena’s second skill effects. Take a look on the Abyssal Arrow. It looks like… the same with her normal
Abyssal Arrow. This is nothing near my expectation. I was expecting more of a crystallized arrow. Sadly, they didn’t make it that way. Now, let’s check on her second skill on her
The Beast form. That dash effects that emits stardusts is
extraordinary! It is unique in its own way. Lastly, we have Selena’s ultimate skill transformation,
while walking. It is really fantastic to see the stardust
effects. Makes me think that this skin is totally worth
it, or perhaps not. What do you think of this new Zodiac Skin
of Selena? Comment down below and tell us what you think! We will be posting a gameplay of Selena with
the skin later. And again, please don’t sell your internal
organs to earn money for diamonds. Just wash dishes for mom and dad, and pray
that they might buy you this skin. Do not forget to like and share this video. Also, subscribe to our channel for more updates. For our skin giveaway event, check out our
recent posts that contains the skin giveaway. See you on the next Skin Comparison! Cheers!!


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