Kirsty: Hi everybody, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video. I’m gonna create a full look inspired by what I am wearing today, which is a mixture of animal print and a Hawaiian shirt. Adam: Do they have zebras on Hawaii, in Hawaii?
Kirsty: Well, it is very Hawaiian, I think, Kirsty: …part of it but then we’ve got this, you know, the Zebra print as well. I think it’s pretty cool. I haven’t got Hawaiian shorts on, as well. Just…so you know. And we’ve got fabulous JJ in today. We’ve not had JJ in for a while. I’m gonna use this hand, I think. So, I’m just wiping over. I have already prepped JJ’s nail. So, I’ve done cuticle work and removed surface shine. JJ has not had her nails done by me for like, forever. JJ: Been so long.
Kirsty: It’s been too long. I’ve missed JJ and I’m sure the viewers have missed you too. JJ: I’m just so excited. JJ: Going with diva, my diva nails.
Kirsty: Yeah. JJ: It’d be nice to have length again.
Kirsty: Hmm! I find that’d be nice as well. Kirsty: So, I’m gonna use the shirt as inspiration. I’ve already got out a few colours. I’ve got Crystal Clear, Mega White, I’ve got Pure Black, I’ve got Natural Beige. Surprise! Surprise!! Kirsty: I’ve got Neon Purple Shimmer.
Adam: Oh, we’ve got something else. That’s Neon Purple here. Kirsty: Oh yeah, we’ve got a neon purple. We won’t be using this today. Not today anyway. And Glaze Cherries and Kimono. Alright! So, when I’m putting these forms on, I’m putting the tab on the back to double the thickness. I’m rolling it between my thumbs, I’m closing the end. Coming right underneath that tiny skinny free edge. Probably need to move the cushion just to get you in the right position. It’s really important to have your clients in the right position. If they’re not, it will hinder your work. Don’t be afraid to get your client to have a little move around. So, you’ll notice that the form is sloping slightly down, that’s because we’re creating a ballerina nail, and when you’re creating a ballerina nail, you want form to slope slightly down, like you would if you were doing a stiletto. It’s the same form placement. Alright! So, I’m gonna dehydrate. So, this is going to take all the oils from the nail. It’s a much nicer base to be working on when you’re working with acrylic. And then I’m using an Acid Based Primer. I don’t want to JJ to have any problems with lifting. JJ is a hairdresser, so her hands are in water a lot. So, I don’t want to risk any problems with lifting. You only need one coat of that, very thin coat as well. I’m gonna be using Medium Speed because it’s not super fast and it’s not super slow and I want some kind of control. We’re going to build out a very thin layer of Clear on all of these nails. So, this thin base layer will help with structure and I’ll actually be able to see the shape before I start to work with the coloured acrylics. Kirsty: We’re going to about two and a half.
JJ: Ooh! Adam: I can see Jay’s face there. She’s like, “how long’s she gonna go? Is it gonna be too long? Oh, no that’s fine.” JJ: I did think I can have too long. I’ve missed them that much.
Adam: Mmm! Kirsty: Bet you’re like, “Yeah, I need…”
JJ: Full advantage go shamazingly amazing. Kirsty: Gonna close that form a bit more. Kirsty: So, make sure you’re patting and pulling and pressing and sweeping that product, to get it nice and thin. It will overlap slightly onto the natural nail, so you’re just giving that nail a hug with the acrylic. Just saying, “Hey!” So, I’m gonna do this on all of these five beautiful nails. Now, with the pinky, so the little finger, will go to a two, not a two and a half because the pinky should always be ever so slightly smaller or shorter than the rest of the hand. If we do it the same length, it will look quite strange. So, I’m gonna go to my thumb now and give that a little bit of a pinch. So, we can also pinch this base layer. You don’t wanna hold it on there too long because it will create a lot of stress on the natural nail because it’s so thin. I’m just tweaking it. Right! What I’m gonna do now is, move on to the next stage and I’m gonna do my reverse smile lines. Gonna have reverse smile line on this finger and the thumb. And I’m gonna do that with Natural Beige. Pop my bead down, pointing the finger down. I’m gonna do this in two. We’re gonna extend the nail bed, so it looks nice and long. And we’re gonna neaten this smile. We’re gonna start the smile where the natural nail finishes. So, I’m gonna start this point here, where that natural nail finishes. You do that on both sides, which should give you an even smile line. We’re creating the brick wall and the brick wall needs to be upright. So, I’ll just sweep to here and I’m gonna pat and that’ll give me a neater smile line. So, it forces the product out. So, by sweeping here with my brush very straight, it’s gonna give straight sides and then pressing will give a nice even brick wall, nice and crisp. Smaller bead at the back. Tipping the finger down. Letting it draw away from the cuticle area. I just slide that over the top of the previous bead. Gonna do the same on the thumb. So, I’m just gonna put the Pinching Tool onto this one now, just to give it a little bit of a pinch. So, that’s starting to set now. So, I’m gonna take the Neon Purple Shimmer, I’m gonna do a full nail on this finger. But then, we’re gonna use this colour on another nail as well, to tie it all in and it’s all about composition and the flow of the design from nail to nail. So, I feel like we don’t just have to do a full nail and then not use it anywhere else. I want to use it on another nail as well, just to tie it all in. Sometimes, the higher the pigment of the acrylic colour, it may stick to your brush. So, you’ve just got to be wary of that and keep that brush nice and clean. So, not only is this purple, look, it’s got that gorgeous glitter in it as well. Before I cap that, just gonna check on this nail, see if we can give it a pinch. Yeah, I think it’s pinch-able. It’s at a pinch-able stage. Not gonna cap it yet, we’re gonna cap it when I cap the other nails, so we can cap all at the same time. I’m gonna use this purple here on this middle finger to create a cuff. So, we’re gonna go around this cuticle, bring it down the sides. So, you’re kind of doing it like an upside down smile line. So, I wanna create a cuff of colour. And even when JJ comes and has an infill, we can also fill with this colour, which will be actually easier than trying to continue the design that we put on. Just gonna tap it, just to get it nice and neat. Just sweeping in from the centre outwards to get a crisp line. Wanna make sure I’ve got enough colour just here. Feel like I need a tiny bit more. Lovely! It’s lovely! So, it’s tying in now. We’re tying in this colour to this nail as well. We’re gonna do a full nail of colour. This pink, I am in love with this colour. JJ: It’s making excited for like good weather.
Kirsty: Oh, yeah! Kirsty: Well, all the spring fashions are coming out now and I’m like, oh. I’m a bit obsessed with yellow at the minute. I’ve even added yellow to my front room. JJ: Have you?
Kirsty: Yeah! Kirsty: Got grey and yellow.
JJ: Nice! Kirsty: I love yellow! But yellow is like one of the big colours of the season.
JJ: Maybe you should do grey and yellow on here. Lirsty: So, we’re gonna cap with Clear. This is gonna give strength, so you wanna concentrate on your apex. Give yourself a nice apex. We also don’t wanna file directly onto that glitter. We don’t want to take the colour away. Gonna do the same with the pink. I love this pink. I think I need this pink in my life. So, we’re doing the same to create strength. Give that a pinching as well. Now, I’m gonna come back to this one, give it a bit of a pinch. Right! So, with this one, what we’re gonna do is, we’re gonna use Mega White, we’re gonna do the lep…it’s not leopard, it’s zebra. I’m gonna do the zebra in acrylic. Gonna meet that shape, that cuff there, bring it down. Just neaten that up a little bit. Take a Spatula and I’m gonna drag through some lines. We can then put the black into. You can open some out with the brush. Like we can open this part out with the brush. Let’s pull one through here as well. So, like your bigger ones, you can do with the brush and your finer ones, you can use a tool. So, we want it to set up a little bit before you pull through. Now, I’m just gonna pull through with a 3D brush to make that a little bit wider there and then I can get my Spatula. So, I’m gonna take the black, we’re gonna use it quite wet and we’re gonna let it just sit into all those little recesses. Adam: I love how everyone’s freaking out now.
JJ: I have just had a heart attack. Kirsty: Have you really? Are you like, “What the hell are you doing, Kirsty?”
JJ: Like, “Kirsty, stop thinking about murders” Kirsty: And do nails properly.
Kirsty: Do nails. Kirsty: And you’re like, “What are you doing, Kirst?” Kirsty: Well, wait and see.
JJ: It’s gonna be a magical moment. I can feel it. Kirsty: Yes, we’re just gonna absolutely cover this nail with a bit of black.
JJ: That is some black. Kirsty: It’s good, ain’t it? Do need this to set up a little bit before we do anything else with it. So, while that’s having a little chill and a little, you know, just tightening up a little bit, you know, as you do, we will move on to another nail. What we’re gonna do is, we’re gonna do a similar thing, well, basically the same with this nail. So, we’re gonna get the white, walk it up to those sides. I’m just gonna cut out a frame. And then let’s cut through our design. Right! So, this one I’m gonna come in and pinch. This crazy-looking nail and we’re gonna take the black. And again, it’s quite wet because we want it to sit in to those recesses. But you wanna make sure that you keep this frame. Then with this one, we’re gonna do white up this side. Gonna leave this section empty. So, we’ll just cut that to make it a little bit sharper and then we’re gonna come through again, create the pattern. So, I’m gonna fill this with black again. Right! So, with this nail, I’m gonna file around the edge of this framework because we’re gonna frame this nail with the pink. I’m just making sure the frame is straight because it will come out here, so we’ll put pink in there, pink there. So, I’m gonna get the pink and I’m gonna take it right around the edge. I wanna keep it quite thin. I will cap this once we’ve filed through that black. So, the same around this side. Take the pink all the way around that edge. So, what I’m gonna do now is take an e-file and blitz over the nails that have the zebra print. on them. So, all the ones with the black. Kirsty: Do you like it, Jay? JJ: Oh, I do.
Kirsty: Do you like how it looks like a real zebra? JJ: Absolutely amazing.
Kirsty: Can put some eyes on that little nose. JJ: It’s amazing isn’t it? I think it’s amazing how you can see it in your head, like, as you’re doing it. Like, how you’ve got that… Kirsty: Vision.
JJ: Yeah! Kirsty: So, I’m gonna do that with all the nails that have this technique. JJ: That’s like magic. Kirsty: Right! So, what I’m gonna do now is, I’m gonna put a bit of Clear on here, cap that, cap that and cap this. Kirsty: They’re already looking pretty swanky.
JJ: I know. Oh, look at my nails, girl! JJ: Love paying for things like this.
Kirsty. I’ll tell you what, I want those nails. Kirsty: There’s no way I’ve got time to sit and do that on my nails. JJ: I can give it a go.
Adam: I think you should just give Jay your shirt. JJ: Yes, that is another option.
Kirsty: I don’t think so. Kirsty: I think Jay should go and buy one though. She’s gonna be like, “Hey hey!!”
JJ: I’d be like… Kirsty: Clear! This one looks like a leopard with the pink nose, when you look at the… Adam: Zebra!
JJ: A zebra. Kirsty: …zebra, sorry. God! I’m so obsessed with Leopards lately. Kirsty: Don’t it looks like a zebra with the pink nose? JJ: Put a little eyes on there.
Kirsty: Yeah. Kirsty: And going over with the e-file sharpened up up frame, as well as the pink. JJ: Oh! Excited. JJ: Men miss out, don’t they?
Kirsty: Mm-hmm! JJ: Well, like so much.
Kirsty: They really do. JJ: Well, some men.
Kirsty: Straight men miss out. JJ: Yeah, straight men miss out. Kirsty: Let’s take the forms off.
JJ: Oh, yeah! Kirsty: Now, for the bit there, JJ loves taking the forms off. Let’s go for the completely dry ones first. JJ: But you didn’t wanna do a lot with tips anymore, do you? Like when you stick them on?
Kirsty: I know. Kirsty: Just gonna pinch that one a little bit. JJ: Is that like a present. Tadaa! Kirsty: So, I’m gonna do my normal filing routine. So, I’m gonna do my sidewalls nice and straight. I’m just gonna use a 240 around JJ’s cuticles because she’s such a sensitive soul. I don’t wanna cut her. I’m using the curved side of the file. And I’m gonna use a 120-grit file to do the end and I’m gonna contour with this as well. So, I’m pulling the file up and down the nail, from the apex to the tip. So, we’re just gonna buff over to give them a smooth finish. Look how cool this framed one turned out. I love it. So, now they’re all filed and buffed, I’m gonna wipe over with Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution, just to make sure they’re all nice and clean, and then we’re gonna do some pretty flowers. So, that’s a little bit of red first. Gonna add a little bit of that orange to the red because it’s like reddy-orange. Don’t you think? It’s not like a pillar box red, is it? It’s got a slight orange tone to it. So, I’m just gonna do simple shapes first, simple petal shapes, and then detail will come after. Gonna do the same with the orange. And the same with the lilac. So, on the lilac flower, we have like these red little lines. So, we’re gonna put those in now. JJ: Where is this top from?
Kirsty: It’s from Dainty Little Style Beauties. Kirsty: We’ve got the same red on the orange as well, on the orange flower. So, they’re not like, dead perfect lines, they’re just to add to the detail. They’re not massively detailed, so they are quite easy. A little bit of green to the centre. JJ: What flowers are they?
Kirsty: I don’t know. Tropical Hawaiian. JJ: Hawaiian!
Kirsty: Like Ham and Pineapple. Kirsty: I know Adam feels good about slaying me for saying that.
Adam: They’re horrible pizzas. Kirsty: Ah! They’re my favourite.
JJ: You still love them, they were like why you don’t have at grandads french fries and ham and pineapple pizza. Kirsty: Mmm! A little bit of green for leaves, quite simple shapes. So, I’m gonna take this darker green, add a bit of water, and what we can do with that is just add a little bit of detail to these leaves. Alright! Now, we’re gonna use the black and we’re gonna outline. Can you see how they’ve got a little black outlines and a little bit of detail as well? We’re gonna do that on all of the flowers. So, we’ve painted all the flowers. Some beautiful flowers! Now, we’re gonna topcoat. I’m gonna use the Urban Graffiti Top Coat. This has no sticker layer. This will seal the paint in, it will bring all the colours out, makes everything a little bit brighter. So, we’re gonna pop some crystals on. We’re going to use the Acrygel to put them on. I’m just gonna pop some in the middle here, so we get the cuticle in the middle because I don’t want to take away from that gorgeous colour, and we’ve got a lot going on. So, I’ve just dipped my brush into Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution, so I can move that Acrygel around. I wanna make it seamless, so I’m gonna pat those edges. Then I’m gonna go over with top coat. We’re not curing that Acrygel. I’ve got some crystals here. Push them straight into the Acrygel. It creates like a little reservoir around those stones holding them in place. Pop me that in the lamp. Gonna do a similar thing on this nail. So, I’m gonna finish with Cuticle Oil. Has anybody ever made that mistake where they think they’re putting Cuticle Oil on, they like put primer on or Kirsty: …something like that?
Adam: Glue. Kirsty: Yeah.
JJ: What would happen? Kirsty: Do you know what Sham did?
JJ: What? Kirsty: Sham did it and put glue on. JJ: Oh my God!
Kirsty: I know. Kirsty: She’s like … not glue, sorry. Kirsty: Normal like, nail varnish topcoat.
JJ: Ah! Kirsty: All round her cuticles, she thought it was oil. She since had her eyes tested Just gonna take that excess oil off the nail so it doesn’t diminish anything. JJ: Diminsh.
Kirsty: Yeah, diminshes the shine, I feel. JJ: Ah
Kirsty: You can use that one. JJ: Word of the day?
Kirsty: Word of the day, diminish. Kirsty: There you are. How gorgeous are they? Beautiful! There you are, guys. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video and I hope you like my top we’ve used as inspiration. Kirsty: Do you love them?
JJ: I absolutely love them. Kirsty: I really am jealous.
JJ: I would be. Kirsty: Look at my nails with my top. Kirsty: My turn.
JJ: Okay, for today… Kirsty: There you are! I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and Instagram. Everything I’ve used today will be listed below in the description box. Don’t forget, give us a thumbs up and subscribe. See you in the next video. Bye-bye! Kirsty: Say bye, JJ.
JJ: Bye! Kirsty: Say bye, Adam.
Adam: See you later. JJ: Gonna have nice length again.
Kirsty: Hmm! I find that would be nice as well. Kirsty: I’m gonna be using Medium Speed. Adam: Why?
Kirsty: Because… Kirsty: It’s like one of them children
JJ: Yeah, on the why stage. Kirsty: Yeah.
JJ: Because… Kirsty: Just because. Because of the wonderful things it does.

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