Scallops, Shrimp and Mussels on Saffron Mashed Potatoes and Parmesan Crisps.The Capt’n Galleys
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Scallops, Shrimp and Mussels on Saffron Mashed Potatoes and Parmesan Crisps.The Capt’n Galleys

everybody welcome back to this week’s
episode of Friday November the 10th we got a beauty here for you tonight it’s
absolutely delicious easy to make a lot of fun scallop shrimp mussel saffron
potatoes couple of different garnishes that I want to show you how to do and
well we’ll be right back okay so let’s get right into this beef got mashed
potatoes on the magnitude it was pretty simple got everybody I hope knows how to
make mashed potatoes all I’m gonna do is I’m gonna crank this induction heater on
we’re gonna go right off right off the bat start it on medium and the mashed
potatoes by the way has a quarter of a cup of butter in them already whipped
into it okay I already did that in advance and what we’re going to do is
we’re going to put a quarter cup of cream in here into this dish look at
that is 35% whipping cream and then we’re going to go to a beautiful product
called saffron saffron crocuses it takes a hundred and fifty plants to make one
gram there it is one gram of saffron it’s the statement of the flour and
we’re going to get this all warmed up a bit and this heat this is an induction
cooker so comes in a hurry and I’m gonna take these tweezers and we’re going to
some of these threads in here get it around and we’re going to bring this up
to a boil and then I’m gonna put in another pot I’m gonna cover okay so here
we go off it came to a beautiful boil now look saffron is a powerful herb
you’re going to see this color of this whipping cream change I love it it’s
very prevalent in a lot of Spanish dishes that it coriander which we will
be adding a little later on so all I want to do is take that put her in there
we’re gonna let that sit for ten minutes okay so while we’re waiting for the
cream and the saffron to really marry together we’re going to do a little tiny
and I love the garden a lot of dishes with this it’s so simple you take
Reggiano parmesan cheese your great it look at that all you do is take a nice
spoonful and put it on and I’m only gonna make a few of these so it’s got a
small plate here if you’re doing if you’re serving like a big group then you
may want to put it on a big cookie sheet on parchment paper and I’ll make three
of them because I know the Capitan is gonna eat one on so there you go you put
it just mount it like that it goes in the oven at 400 degrees three to five
minutes and you’ll see them all get bubbly and golden and they come out and
they’re gonna sit real quick potato crisps real easy to do
all you had have to do is slice the Yukon Gold potatoes I took two of them
really really thin put them in a bowl we mixed it up there with a little olive
oil salt and pepper season to lay it all out on that on that baking sheet with
parchment paper and after that’s done you just put another sheet of parchment
paper over top and then another baking sheet on top of that put it in the oven
at 400 degrees for 20 to 25 minutes and what up here they come just like that
great when you to garnish your plates I’m going to garnish this dish as well
along with the parmesan crisps okay here we are just quickly to finish off you’ve
had ten minutes of letting that saffron you can see how that whipping cream has
now changed color oh I am sworn for a wonderful wonderful flavor and we just
pour that over top you see those threads with a saffron there over topping those
mashed potatoes we’re gonna remash it we’re just gonna mix that all back in
and get all nice and creamy and these mashed potatoes and the saffron cream
this is candy and please don’t calorie watch with this let those flavors now
permeate even more okay so we’re just gonna pull these
parmesan crisps out you’ll see how they’re still bubbling there we’re gonna
let that cool down for a little bit look at that just blend so well with
this dish okay so moving along on the dish what we want to do is take
beautiful fresh leeks I was so lucky to get them today they’re gorgeous
and you use primarily all of the white of the stalk discard all the leaves
don’t be using that three of them thinly sliced we’re going to start off with
medium heat and and we’re just going to put a couple of tablespoons of light
olive oil and there you go we’re still throw those guys in there just like that we’re gonna go three to five minutes at
medium heat right now with these leaves soften them all up we need to get
ourselves a giant heaping teaspoon of chopped garlic mix that guy in there a
bit and that all has come together now okay so folks we’ve been just bringing
this down is three to five minutes we want to soften these leeks up next on
deck is I’m going to take some slivered peppers now look peppers you can use any
pepper you want I’ve got a sliver medium heat on on the Scoville scale and we’re going to be using in here
today as well see that that’s a smoked Spanish paprika and it’s old in flavor
we’re going to only going to use a little bit that’s actually going to be
put in there a little bit okay now for the fun part my favorite part putting
wine in here so we’re gonna put a photo quarter cup I’m gonna bring this on high
now crank this baby up here we go next the seafood stock which I made saw the
beautiful picture of all that that’s been brewing away and it means a lot to
the dish please understand taking anything dry out of a package and see
how I’m gonna make that as my vegetable stock or C cutters to go in this dish
don’t do it so now there you go crank that on we need this to really boil
bring it right back then you could cover that let it come back loyal everybody and now just that smoked
Spanish paprika I’m gonna take a boat a quarter teaspoon sprinkle it over there
that’s all we want to do and I’ll wish that back now we’re going to add the
seafood I’m just going to take some of these beautiful fresh mussels sitting on
ice and put them inside here we’re going to bring it to a boil three to five
minutes once the open up we’re going to take them back out and we’ll be adding
the shrimp now you can see us we’re gonna bring
attention to these parmesan crisps look at that you had time to cool down it’s now nice they come out saltiness
and then cheese look at the muscles are already they all opened up beautifully
we’re gonna just sort of try to take down that with this spoon we’re gonna
Park that over there we’ll be back to these guys in a little bit
now we’re going to add the shrimp and I’m gonna bring that’s going to bring
this heat right down we’re going to be gentle on these guys and now these
beautiful okay so you can see they’re just gently cooking now shrimp starting
to turn from that opaque is too pink look
and we just turn these guys over and get them the same amount of time they
deserve on the other side we are at 30 seconds and this is finished you can see
how that shrimp is turned beautifully pink now scallops are just about done
okay folks we’re going to turn this off just for a second because we’re going to
bring this all back to a boil again once we take out the seafood these scallops
on the shrimp you want to crank this back up bring that to a boil we want a
little reduction and all we want to do right now is put a little bit of my
mixed salt with fresh cracked pepper not too much a little bit excusing that
and I’m gonna turn it off put that settle down for a second
now I’m gonna put some fresh beautifully chopped coriander okay and we’re almost
done folks we just want to stir that coriander in a little bit and we’re
going to return all of this seafood back where those juices in there you never
waste that where do you see this on top of that saffron mashed potato it is
delicious it is Spanish inspired and well here we go hey folks well this is
one of my favorite times during the episode is when I could talk about a
beautiful wine that’s paired with the food we just made this is ghost wineries
like a name which is very crisp as apple notes to it it’s a Chardonnay from Nova
Scotia beautiful back to business let’s get plating this beautiful dish mashed
potatoes and now a little bit of Spanish Sher dry sack has a gorgeous nutty note
to it which will again complement everything that’s in that pan there and
you just want to drizzle a little get that into those mashed potatoes let that
go in there I’m going to start plating this dish see those saffron threads still in there we’re just going to take some of this
broth first catch the shrimp – we want that broth down there in the bottom well
I know what I’m gonna do in about two seconds now for the final touch slide
one of these parmesan chips crisps right there just on the other side we don’t
want to make anybody jealous let’s take a few of these beautiful
potato crisps delicious get some of this potato
saffron potato and scallop first folks you need to make this dish it’s
not that difficult time and temperature wonderful


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