Sandra’s Identity Goes Beyond Skin Deep
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Sandra’s Identity Goes Beyond Skin Deep

So we at HID heard about this unique woman in South Africa… My name is Sandra Ann Horne. I’m from South Africa, Cape Town, Western Cape …who wasn’t able to get a national ID card, because of her genetic condition The skin condition I have is called Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa. I was diagnosed with EB on eight weeks old It’s not contagious, no one can get it it’s just a inheritance like someone in the family could have had it long ago With EB Sandra is very prone to blisters all over her body The blistering affected my nails, my hair, my toenails and the throat and the eyes In order to get an ID in South Africa, Sandra had to go to the local Home
Affairs Office, in order to put her fingerprints in the national database Due to the skin condition, I only have two
layers which is the top layer and the bottom layer – I don’t have the epidermis which is the middle layer inside that prevents me from scaring, burn marks,
blistering, etc. So that also prevented me to have fingerprints Sandra then contacted local media to get her story out My name is Maria, I live in Pretoria, which is the capital of sunny South Africa and I’m a PR agent. After we heard about Sandra’s story we actually went down to Cape Town to see her With our team in South Africa, we knew that HIDs technology could help We took the scanners, we had everything just to see if we could get a positive fingerprint When you put your thumb on put all your fingers on, it was connected
to a specialized system, it shows the dots The results was actually amazing What was it like to find out that I have fingerprints underneath the scanner? Ohh it was exciting! It was great to see Sandra’s reaction, I think it was the first time that she actually saw her own fingerprints and I don’t think any one of us realized actually how significant that was, just having a set of
fingerprints for us and for most people is something that you just take for
granted I was happy knowing that there is technology to be able to help When you look at what Sandra has to do in order to get simple things done, you tend to fall in love with the way that she sees the world I love my life like you, like
anybody else, lives their lives Loves her little dog, called waffles
she loves walking on the beach, she enjoys life Socially and growing up with
it – it never got me down. To me is just that what you see is what you get I think that for me it was so inspiring to meet someone like that who you think has got this condition and you don’t know if you’ll be able to go with something like that and you meet her and you think
she’s just, she’s just like everyone else

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