Rhinestone Crystals on Short Nails | Cuticle Work | Russian Manicure
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Rhinestone Crystals on Short Nails | Cuticle Work | Russian Manicure

Hi everyone! it’s Yana. Welcome to my
channel. Ff it’s hard for you to understand me – please switch on the
captions. Do you like crystals the way I do? Then
stay tuned! First things first – I sprayed antiseptic on my hands and clients hands,
wore gloves and face mask, and sprayed an antiseptic once again on top of the
gloves. Then I push back the cuticles with a wooden stick. That way you
disattach the cuticle from a nail plate and create kind of a pocket or fold
where a little bit later we will put an e-file bit to properly clean that area and
prep it to the next steps. Then I’m filing the free edges and making
sure the nails are the same length and shape. Then buffing the nail plate – this
step is also called mechanical dehydration – we’ve got to remove all of
the glance from the nail plate. I want to draw your attention that I’m not
doing the same motions as when filing off the material. We have to lift the onychoblasts (which are the nail cells) not to remove them! I move my file on the nail
plate only in one direction. If we would move it in both directions – we would file
off too many layers of the cells which would lead to the thinning of the nails,
which is not the best idea to do! Here I’m cleaning out the thin layer of the
cuticle from a nail plate. I’m doing it first on Forward at around 10,000 RPM
and once all of the left sides of the proximal nail hold and left lateral
folds are done, – I switch my e-file to Reverse and work with the right sides. I use brush regularly to remove dust
because pretty often you might think there is still a lot of work to do – you
file, and file,.. but it’s dust! not cuticle. That is one of the ways for rings of
fire to happen. After e-file prep I apply cuticle
remover on one hand, wipe it off from one finger, trim off the thick layer cuticle
with cuticle scissors, then continue to the rest on the fingers. This is such a pleasant procedure!
I love trimming off the cuticles! By the way guys I do not cut living
skin,- I only clean off the dead skin. When I reach the thumb I apply cuticle
remover to the other hand. I finish the thumb off.
And continue on the other hand the next step is cleaning off the dust,
applying dehydrator, acid-free primer, and base coat. After base coat was cured in the lamp I
apply thin layer of gel in alignment technique. Because the gel is liquid I do
it on one nail. When I’m satisfied with the way nail looks, I ask the client to
put it in the lamp. While it’s being cured I do the same thing with a nail on
another hand, and do it on 10 nails one by one that way
gel doesn’t flow on the nail folds. If needed, I rotate the clients hand upside
down so the gravity helps me in creating the perfect alignment. Then I apply gel polish into coats. I
also do it one by one nail because I apply gel polish so close to the cuticle
(in russian-speaking community we even say ‘under cuticle’), I don’t want to
leave it hanging there for a very long time, so it doesn’t leak on the
skin. Applied one layer at one nail – cure it, do the same on another hand. If
needed, I use thin brush to distribute gel polish close to the cuticle it’s
easier than doing it with an original gel polish bottle brush. It’s time to add some crystals! On a
palette I mix a drop of base coat with a tiny part of acrylic powder, then I
place a tiny drop of this mixture on a nail plate where I want my crystals to
be. Put a crystal on, and do the same with the rest of crystals, putting them into a
beautiful composition. I always add tiny metal caviar beads.
Firstly, I put them in a drop of a base coat, and then around the crystals on the
nail. Caviar beads help crystals to last longer, and they also give a finished
look to the composition. I’m doing my best not to cover the
crystals with a gel, because I want them shine, and gel would make them look dull
and cheap. So when I apply top coat I do not cover crystals, I only cover caviar
beads, and the edges of crystals, which allows them to last. This time I applied cuticle oil after
shooting, so you can see the clean result. What do you guys think about this work? Here is the ‘before’,
and…. ‘after’. Please leave your comments, likes or dislikes, and don’t forget to subscribe and share!
Thank you for watching! And see you on the next one!

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