Reviewing New & Affordable K-Beauty, J-Beauty, Taiwanese-Beauty | SKIN CARE DISCOVERY
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Reviewing New & Affordable K-Beauty, J-Beauty, Taiwanese-Beauty | SKIN CARE DISCOVERY

Hey guys! Welcome back. This is Rowena. It’s Felicia. And today we’re coming at you guys with another review type video since you guys seem to love it, but this time we thought we’d do a discovery specifically Asia skincare beauty discovery from Japan to Taiwan to Korea. And within the 5 there’s…..more! 5 times 5. (Ro: Yay!) Like, we’re not gonna show you all these now Close it, close it, close it! Yeah, there’s a bunch of like really awesome Korean brands in there that are specially curated. Because we get sent a lot of things and we want to discover it and try it on with you guys and some of these we have tried a little bit, But not all of it. So I think it’s a cool way for us all to like explore together skincare like friends do, you know? Yeah! So grab your cup of coffee, matcha, whatever it is that you want Put on some warm fuzzy socks cuz it’s the time of the year if you’re on the northern hemisphere And you’re freezing. So we’re gonna go one by one. So shall we start with…. Let’s start with here and work our way here So the first one is this super cute It’s called Peach Slices, which is actually the sister brand of Peach and Lily, which is based in New York actually It was founded by Alisha Yoon who was like an aesthe….aesthetician And so this whole skincare brand is based on, you know skincare or K-beauty should be fun, but accessible It shouldn’t be too overpriced and you should have fun with your face mask with super cute packaging But with also top-notch ingredients that are gentle enough and super effective. And the thing is we listen to you guys! Everyone’s like “More affordable skin care!” More affordable skin care! These are all actually available at CVS, so at the drugstore So what do we have here? Let’s start with… I think these masks are probably the talk of the… The Talk of the town?
The talk of the town! Let’s just just show you guys *bing bing!*. All right. That one, that’s the Lilac Crystal Brightening Peel Off Mask So the peel-off mask is like you apply it, wait 10 minutes And then you can rip the whole sheet off your face. Then your whole face turns into this metallic sheen and it comes in Brightening, which is this purple color. There’s Brightening, there’s Clarifying with charcoal And there is Hydrating, with water crystals Oooooooooh! That matches what we’re wearing! (Ro: it does) Wow, that’s so pretty. So this purple one has lilac extract, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide peptides, and diamond power What’s diamond power? Feliciaaaa what’s diamond power? Diamond Power And it’s for brightening and firming So yeah, Niacinamide and Hyaluronic Acid, one’s for brightening and one’s for moisture. Woah, that’s so metallic! I used to have a nail polish this color and I thought I was really cool. And now I look at it like “Why?” (Ro: “Who am I?”) Okay so in the one that Rowena has, the blue one.
Whoa, this looks like the galaxy. Oh my gosh, it’s so black Oh, you actually leave it on for 20 minutes. So the blue one Rowena had has Blueberry, Hyaluronic Acid Lotus Cica (Wow) Wow, that’s like jet black This reminds me of the Boscia, but it’s a little bit more metallicy-y and shiny *Bing Bing!* It’s like the galaxy on my hand. You look like a whale here. These are so pretty. OK, so those are the three masks but you tried this one and then did you feel like it was brightening? I feel like all masks after you do it is like brightening. So apart from the mask, while we wait for that to dry, there’s also this Starlit Glow strawberry and collagen highlighting moisturizer. So this is really cool, it looks like it’s a moisturizer but it’s got an illuminator kind of mixed into it. You know that opal (Yes) kind of glow? Do you see it? It’s like (Woah!) It’s like iridescent
Yeah, that’s the word, pearly. Yeah look, its pink! Whoa, it goes on white. But then when you blend it, it turns pink Yeah, so this is what an illuminator under your foundation actually does So this is like 2 in 1, and I thought it was really cool because it’s really lightweight Like it’s almost watery So what this does is, kind of helps your makeup look like it’s got a soft focus look It’s blurred and it looks really healthy. You know that summer glow That dewy glass skin look that everyone wants I like it! So then we have this Peach Pudding makeup cleanser so this is like, what do you call it a makeup balm? Makeup removing balm, but it’s not like thick and waxy like balms. It’s kind of like… (It’s like moisturizer) shea butter Yeah, it kind of just looks like moisturizer. So this one also has a really subtle scent. I love this packaging for some reason It’s just like so nice to look at
All of these, the packaging Yeah, and I think you know now with everyone and like their “Shelfies”. Yeah! This is like, perfectly made for that.
Speaking of…. Yay! The Popsicles! So this one’s Blueberry ice cream sheet mask which firms and revives This one’s Pineapple, and it clarifies and calms This is Strawberry for brightening and soothing and this is the Mango popsicle for hydrating and glowing I feel like overall with a lot of these K-beauty sheet masks, they generally all do what they claim to do It’s like hydrate the skin. Because I’m always interested in like what the actual sheet texture is You know how different brands have different like, texture cotton Oh, so I slapped it all to the end So these don’t come with the plastic sheets (in between) Yeah. Which I kind of I don’t know. How do you feel about them? I appreciate those without. So I don’t hate it. Yeah I feel like the more cotton ones don’t need it But the more, you know, the coconut gel they are, the more sensitive they are. Then it needs that separating sheet Smell it! Oh my gosh, it smells like that tea that you drink as a kid in the box. The Asian Tea Which tea that you drink in a box? It’s a chamomile tea Mmmmmmm. Aww I feel like it’s a waste There’s blueberry. There’s banana. I think it’s supposed to smell like…blueberry. Make sure you only use it for the time that’s said which is about 15-20 minutes Because if you leave it on more than that, it will start (sucking out the moisture) that it put in Pricing wise these are $3.50. This is $10. This is $11 and this one is $8, so they’re all really affordable Go crazy, and they do have international shipping to some countries, most countries Next is this plot app? Meiji facek mask Facek? Face mask, getting too excited. My peoples mask! So initially I thought this was a mask made by a filter camera those like beautifying camera apps But my friend read the whole packet for me and looked into the brand and they’re like no It’s more so if you use this face mask, it’ll be as if you have have a natural filter on your face So the cool thing about this is you put it on for two hours. It’s two hours. Okay? Who has that time?
2 hours! And what it does is it draws out all of your impurities So that you can, you know, it reminds me of the pimple patch When you put it on your pimple
A Hydro, the hydro bla bla bla pimple stickers Yeah, and you know how like the day after it is just like there’s like a white (Mm) juice or white stuff Yeah, takes out all the moisture from the pimple. Yes, so this doesn’t take the moisture from the pimple but it takes the sebum and all the oils and the dirt and the grime from your pores and you can see like Look how huge this mask is. Oh my gosh there’s papaya enzyme which is really good for brightening. Oh its got aloe, calendula: calendula is really great for soothing Ooh and the papaya enzyme is the first ingredient (Yeah) and like the most prominent ingredients so it’s very natural, it’s a lot more natural.
And then there’s olive oil, seaweed extract. So this is actually pretty legit. So what you do is you put this on your face for I’d say an hour to two hours It really depends and when you’re ready to take it off, because it will dry, and might get a little wrinkly You’re supposed to spray your face, mist your face with water so that it rehydrates and you can take it off And then you soak it in water You submerge it in water for about a minute
And use it again?
No! And when you can take it out you’ll see all the white
(Fe: Ewwww!) The impurities you see all of it So mine was very heavy here and here, Dirt, oil, all the nasties. Dude! I’m sold. I told her to use this the day I got it. Yeah but it was like 2 hours. It’s pretty new So it’s harder to find: there are a few sellers on eBay and generally these are a little on the more expensive side It’s $30 per box and it comes with three So use it wisely But it’s also interesting that this is from Taiwan because you don’t really think of Taiwan as a place where it’s like Innovative skincare, it’s more like… night market chicken Chòudòufu, I want you! Or like “bōbà nǎichá”. For those of you, it’s like bubble milk tea And I just said stinky tofu You heard it here first Claude Meiji App face masks Okay. So before we move on, let’s peel these facemasks off because if you break it You buy me Boba Okay, it has to come off in one.
Aww, it’s not completely dry. Ha ha ha. Ohhhh! That’s pretty good, wooo! Bing Bing Bing, bing bing Next, they’re both face washes, they’re from different companies, but they’re both from Japan Okay so this one I know of or seen of because it’s been like the top rated Japanese face wash product for like a really long time. They’re like mini Tide pods, they’re beauty cleanser powder From Kanebo, so Kanebo’s also a really popular Japanese brand that you don’t really see much of here I have a makeup brush from them, and it’s…so smooth…. it’s like the smoothest brush Use your words! The sad thing I feel like with Japanese beauty and skincare is that I feel like they’re just like Overshadowed by K-beauty but their stuff is so good Like SK-II. So what you do is you open this little little package You pour it onto the palm of your hand…
Then you put it in the coffee machine Yeah! Or you throw it in the laundry cuz it’s like a miniature Tide pod No, but you add water to emulsify it and it turns into this very creamy Soft, like baby soft, foam frothing That you just clean your face with and it is recommended that if you have problematic areas, like if your pores or if you have blackheads You can focus on your chin or your T-zone, and what this does is it really helps clean out your pores Which is why I love it because my pores are getting kind of gross So you guys can’t tell cuz it’s the lighting but yes, this does a really great job at clearing out your pores. This specific product Vertical is inspired by water Which is the source of life, the essence of our existence, and there’s also Tofu extract and Royal Jelly Which should help brighten the skin. So this is seriously a powerful punch that you can use as the second step of your double cleansing So it’s called the Beauty Clear Powder. Check it out. And then there’s this Transino Clear Wash Cleanser: for Transino they’re also one of the more reputable skincare brands in Japan And also available at drugstores. So oh these are drugstores. I feel like all Japanese cleansers like this texture Super foamy
And it’s silky (Yes) My mom actually told me she watched these, I don’t know, Korean or Japanese Beauty Channels on Youtube and she was saying how The proper way to wash your face is to first foam, either with soap or with any of these cleansers, on your hands which is what these recommend. First foam on your hands and use the foam to wash your face. Less about using your fingers like. That’s what I do, but you gently use the foam to cleanse Because I think they’re worried it’s too much motion on your face And so like if you do that every day two times a day, you’re actually it dragging down your skin. So this facial wash is actually it’s so good that it’s been awarded the best facial wash product by Cosme Which is kind of like the most esteemed beauty award in Japan, kind of like the Allure beauty Like sticker that you see on all those really popular skincare brands. So this is like top cleanser So what really sold me on this when I was Googling what J beauty products to buy when I was in Japan, was that it is a medicated cleanser That helps remove sun spots and freckles and helps brighten your skin So I was like “sold!” And it does whiten, it does brighten. So this contains about 50% of moisturising cream. Yeah, so it doesn’t leave your skin dry or stripped or just not feeling great at all Which is always a good sign because if it’s dry and stripped you’re actually compromising your skin barrier And so you want to get more gentle cleansers like this one And then we’ve got the monster! Woo! So here we have a case full of Seoul Isn’t that so punny? (Ro: Yeah) Seoul Case…Travel Case I was saying this is probably like the most travel friendly But at the same time the most not travel friendly, because it’s in a travel suitcase, but it’s so huge (Ro: Its massive) But can we just appreciate the packaging? It’s like an actual suitcase By the way, you guys can get this at Costco online (Fe: Yes!) Yes. Okay. So basically the brand is Ama, which means “mother” if you guys watch Oh ma! Ama! Oma! Yeah, so then so they curated a bunch of these skincare products that Are the essentials to Korean skincare. So in here there’s actually 10 different products but we think it was really cool to add into this first like “Episode” Because it kind of sums up everything that we’re trying to do. So basically they do the exploring and discovering for you So OMA went through a lot of, Mom went through a lot of trouble to source all of these No, but they wanted their first skin care case of solds to really represent everything that Seoul and K-beauty is but also they wanted to source products that are good for all skin types And products that work well in tandem with each other Yeah, I think this is a really interesting way, a really cool way, to step into it Just like in one deep-end kind of plunge
And the goal of it is also that that’s why right here You can see like daily use, like so day time use, night time routine, weekend routine Yeah, it’s really cool because you know how the Korean skincare “Regime” Has like 10 steps or whatever and people are really confused. They just lay it all out: night time, day time Weekend, pamper. It’s like set out there.
Not sponsored, not sponsored! Nothing is sponsored in here! Let’s start with the first which is the cleanser We have this Rice Foaming cleanser that we actually both use this and oh my god! I fell in love. It’s so good Okay, it says micro ground rice powder So it has a physical exfoliant but because the actual cleanser is so plush. I don’t know how you describe it You don’t actually feel the rice on your skin, it’s not abrasive Yeah, so, you know how generally when you have physical exfoliants, you can feel the giant pebbles Of whatever it is, that’s rubbing your skin, but for the rice, it’s so microscopic That you feel like the little little grains are just very gentle on your skin And the rice, with the rice water, Which is in here is very hydrating and it helps brightens your skin Like what we talked about in our traditional Japanese skincare routine video, how they used to use rice water They just would cook rice, use the water that you wash it with and use that as either a toner Or to wash your face and so rice has actually a lot of beneficial skincare qualities So make sure you watch that video if you’re more interested in like how rice works on your skin And next it is the May Coop Raw Sauce or the toner/ emulsion / essence Yeah, so this is all-in-one, three things in one and it’s made up of 93% Maple tree sap The structure is similar to the moisture molecules of our normal skin So I guess it’s just like replenishes it in a really natural way So you guys might be thinking why would I want to slap maple syrup on my face? It actually does not mimic maple syrup at all! Yeah, so actually when I first used this It’s actually, you can tell that it’s not just a toner because it’s much thicker. The consistency is very unique It’s not completely watery, but it’s not sticky either and I think the best thing about this is it smells so good It’s like I’m walking in the middle of a giant forest. It’s a humectant, which means it is hydrating. It restores or keeps the moisture and draws moisture So yeah, I don’t know why they have two of them in there. I think it’s because this toner is recommended to be used day and night So they want to give you enough to make sure you don’t run out So they also have this moisturiser, which is also in the pack. It’s a gel moisturiser I don’t know if this is thick enough for you, but it’s definitely my type of moisturiser This moisturiser, plus the face oil that they gave, I used this whole set this morning, and I was just like Wow!! This sinks in really quickly to the skin I also really like the smell but I don’t know if it’s fragrance because it smells really good Because it’s like in-between a gel and like a normal moisturizing consistency, I think it suits probably all skin types This comes with a pamphlet that explains every single product very thoroughly And it’s great for people with dry and sensitive skin as well Next we have the 107 Secret Formula Cult Works Essential Liquid So this is a toner? (Ro: Essence!) Essence
Essential mist So the brand is 107 and it’s because their family has 107 secret formulas That have been passed down from their family for the past 35 years as traditional folk remedies for your skin So specifically for this one: it is a hundred percent fermented vinegar for seven years And it also contains seven amino acids that are really good for your skin, for acne hyperpigmentation Any skin concern! That kind of just sounds like apple cider vinegar
I feel like compared to something like the Evian water sprays It’s a lot more hydrating and it’s a lot more convenience Or even the Caudalie spray, right? (Ro: Yeah) I think I feel like the packaging is so cute because it’s kind of that… Traditional… Passed down through generations… Family tree And then you have your Serum, straight up serum, from Urang So the name Urang stands for Ultimate Radiance And Natural Glow. I guess this is something that you’re more like used to seeing This is the True Rose Repair essence with organic rose floral water, 50% Actually a lot of these things that we’re mentioning we tried in our traditional Japanese skincare rituals Rose water is a really popular, so it’s not an ingredient but it’s a method – you soak it, you use it So the Bulgarian Rose is known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-acne It also gives a cooling effect to calm down redness and re-energizes sensitive skin so once again all the products in this like pack are designed for any and all skin types And actually the consistency is kind of like, sounds gross but like mucus (Ro: in a good way) in a good way Yeah, it’s actually it’s very hydrating. Very hydrating mucus. Now I’m like “Uhhhhhhh” No, but a very new skincare ingredient is snail mucin This kind of reminds me of that. You know the sludge that they leave behind… I just imagine snails crawling through my face And then we have Urang facial oil How cute is this so this is the vitamin oil serum: Rosehip oil, rose, lavender, Okay, so we just did a whole video on oil
Oils, facial oils! I don’t know if that will be first or next but it’s gonna be there But Jojoba, Rosehip, really really good for anti inflammatory and also for acne But also for hydrating dry skin like all these oils are the bomb.
It’s good for you. It’s great for you So even though it does say vitamin oil serum, it is a facial oil. So use it in the last step. Of your routine. If you ever get confused, you can check here There’s the steps: cleanser, toner, essence, serum, eye cream, moisturizer, facial oil. Okay next up! How cute is this packaging by the way? It’s like a syringe. It’s very thick and hydrating.
Woah it is. It’s like super thick. Like butter (Fe: yeah, like butter!) Like butter but not oily.
Eye cream is one of those things that shouldn’t be said that you need it You just have to have an eye cream because the skin under your eye doesn’t have pores So it doesn’t have oils to hydrate it which is why it gets wrinkles This is also wrinkle free eye solution and it also is the thinnest skin on your face and body actually So you have to hydrate it even more because it can’t take care of itself “Help me!” Because where wrinkles form if you do like tug at it So next primer: if skin is not happy and if you do need to fill in your pores and fill in Impurities and things you want to cover up? I don’t know about you, maybe because you don’t wear a lot of makeup anyway But ever since I started wearing foundation I always wear primer because it’s kind of the barrier that keeps the foundation from really like sinking into your pores Normally there’s primers with silicon in it, that help to blur over pores, over fine lines And that’s what creates the canvas that it’s really smooth
This one has silicone So if you are allergic to silicone, which I know a lot of people can be this is not for you But if you’re not this is amazing! This is definitely not like your average Silicon primer. This is very runny for a primer. It’s like velvety, but juicy and hydrating. Okay, this is definitely for dry skin Well, okay So you can actually get this at Sephora too when I went into the store, maybe like a few weeks ago It was in one of the aisles like, the “Highly Recommended!” K-beauty discoveries and I put it on my hand And just when I smooth it out and compare the two hands Because my hands are pretty wrinkly as you could tell from the peel off earlier It completely it just it turned into normal skin and I was like Wow I must get this and it comes in this kit! And in the formula, there’s actually a special sebum controlling ingredient So it helps to balance your oils as they come out through the day and so it won’t look like a Slick oily mess It will look more like an inner glow And there’s also green tea extract as well as soluble collagen which helps give your skin this velvety, perfect canvas for you to apply whatever else you need to apply on top of it So you put primer on after you moisturize and before your foundation And then we have Sunscreen and Face masks! You can definitely tell this is an Asian sunscreen because only Asian Sunscreen has 50-plus SPF! (Ro: look at it too) Whoa! What is it? And it’s not white (Oh, it’s like tinted) so it looks like it’s tinted but when you actually use it It’s not really tinted at all. (Oh the consistency is yeah) So the thing about Korean sunscreens I just feel like the formulation it’s they’re all relatively consistent. There’s no white films, it doesn’t, you know it’s not gunky It’s not super goopy or sticky which I really appreciate and then they’re all lightweight It’s good under makeup. If you’re gonna do primer you want to put moisturizer, sunscreen primer, foundation. And then there’s also this all-in-one Concentrate Treatment Mask So this is one step within the ten step routine. That’s why it’s there’s so many steps Yeah, there’s vitamin C, niacinamide. Oh and this pearl powder Pearl powder I know is for brightening Vitamin C. Also brightening.
Niacinamide, also brightening. So we both haven’t tried this yet, but from reading the reviews, it’s not groundbreaking like it doesn’t change your skin But it’s worth using. That’s everything that you get so you get two of these And two of these and eight other products That’s value for money, my friends! Thank you Costco for stocking this out of all places. I wouldn’t have expected Costco to be a retailer of Korean beauty Did you actually know that they sell a lot of Discounted K-beauty goods on their website. I had no idea until I started researching about them And then sometimes you need a membership to buy stuff. But for this, it’s not under that, like specific items You need a membership card, but this isn’t so you can just buy it online. (Fe: guys!) If you want to like foray into the beauty and you have $150 to spare That’s not like… Okay, I’m not saying that’s not even much but like that’s really good value. You’re getting a bang for your buck because all of these are full-size products. Like you don’t need to buy anything else, people. Hope you guys enjoy this beauty discovery So I guess we’ll keep continuing these videos as we get more products as they come in And as you guys recommend them for us as well, because a lot of these things it’s you know, we Scour the internet or we look through the comments and sometimes you guys give really good recommendations So if there’s something that you’ve been using and you’ve been loving, and has been a game changer for you Please let us know down below. This is a little bit different from like our review Like mainstream brands. This is more about up-and-coming. Maybe like smaller, but you should know. Hope you guys enjoy it. Let us know what was your favorite, what you are most excited about. But for the time being if you haven’t seen our review we’ll leave it right here! Bye! See you guys next time!


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    since moving back to Asia, I have noticed this (what I assume to be) intentional infantilisation of women, in general, to appear perhaps less threatening. I have not seen this phenomenon anywhere else in the world and truly it feels like Asian women are taking 3 steps back for what i thought is an attempt to gain gender equity. This cutesy "I am super fun and unable to pronounce words with more than 4 syllables" is awkward and cringe-inducing. You have a great platform here to highlight the issues Asian women or women in general face throughout the world, why not use it to forward the agenda and not merely reduce yourselves to what feels a lot like caricatures?

  • Poppy Kitty

    Could you guys review and compare two Australian brands called Sand&Sky and Alya Skin. They seem to be awfully similar and are both Instagram hyped especially for their pink clay masks. I've tried Sand&Sky and loved it but I'm really curious about the differences of these brands products and Alya skin seems to be slightly more affordable so it'd be great help if you guys could do the comparison for me! I'm sure there are others who'd be interested in it too 🙂

  • Maddie Lewis

    I’ve been using the cetaphil cleanser for a while and after a month or two it seemed to work. I had somewhat bad acne and now it’s practically gone.

  • Diana Cajamarca

    “1,2-Hexanediol, Ammonium Acryloyldimethyltaurate/VP Copolymer, t-Butyl Alcohol, Cetearyl Alcohol, Isohexadecane, Polysorbate 80, Ethylhexylglycerin, Butylene Glycol, Disodium EDTA” are those ingredients bad for the skin?

  • angela woulard

    Have ever tried Pacifica face care ??? Its sold at target and I was wondering how it is. I have only skin and a lot of acne scars.

  • Hannah Currey

    The peach slices masks have three different ingredients with alcohol and straight up alcohol is the main ingredient :/

  • Mackayla Farnham

    I’ve really enjoyed Physicians Formula’s Rosé All Day serum, it gives a really nice glow and makes my skin feel amazing, it’s oil free, and is great on my dry and sensitive skin.

  • Tracy Dowling

    OMG I only just started watching this channel. I find it's really informative and interesting. Today I seen you comment really immaturely about Taiwan because they made face masks and "you wouldn't think that it would come out of there". I wouldn't think something so unnecessary & biased would come out of your mouth whilst laughing. Do you even know what skincare Taiwan offers? I'm sure there a productive country who contributes to the world economy in more ways then chicken. 👎👎GROW UP!! Rant over. I'm Australian and feel disappointed in these outrageous comments.

  • Abby Jenkins

    You guys should try the French skin care brand Yves Rocher. Their brand is based on using botanical ingredients so it would be interesting to see what you think!

  • Idalia Rivera

    I just fell in love with you're channel!! please do a review about natural skin care, brands like Ere Perez would be great!!! Thanks!! :*

  • Cloud Walker

    Those capsules can be divided into two uses each. There's more than enough product for two washes :). They're so great for traveling

  • La La

    Love you guys! So I have been looking for someone to review and differentiate between amorepacific and Tatcha but haven’t been able to find much. I tried the amorepacific enzyme treatment years ago and it changed the way I thought about exfoliating but it seems like there are so many new brands, especially Tatcha that are making similar products. I feel like the AP exfoliating powder is better than Tatcha but I don’t know about their other products? Id like to invest in more skincare products but I’m trying not to go broke! Could you review/compare amorepacific‘s line of products alone with Tatcha and/or brands that are similar? I don’t know if I’m missing something but I haven’t really seen much hype about AP and I’m curious to see what you guys think. I think it’s a really worthy brand so I hope y’all can shine some light on it, good or bad, I’d love to know! If it’s no good, than I’ll def try something else. Thanks!

  • Akemiko

    I like your channels topic, but you guys never really review anything. You just read the description of items. I want to know what works and what doesn't.

  • Shola York

    Have you guys done a video on peeling gels and if not can you? Should you or shouldn't you use them, are they good for all or certain skin types, etc.? Can using this with others skin care routine chemicals be damaging?

  • Jeune Kim

    In another video reviewing face masks you said that peeling masks are not as effective? How are the peeling face masks you reviewed in this video?

  • Catina Rogers

    I love the Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder I use it in the bubble maker and it gets so smooth like velvet. My skin is so clean and soft after.

  • Tess Farrell

    Hey is it just me or do the Peach Slices products (espially the peel-off masks) look eerily similar to the I Dew Care products? Do you know if they're made by the same base company/creator?

  • Liza

    Could you guys do a review on the japanese hadalabo products? they cater to different skin types and aren't too expensive, and apparently they're pretty high quality

  • Angela Chan

    I know this is a little stretch from skin care products but have you guys ever tried IPL treatments? I have a medium-tan skin tone, but i dont see many reviews on the web on experiences, specifically from asians, whom have used this. If you have, what are your thoughts? Is it more beneficial than skin care products for acne, hyperpigmentation, etc.?

  • Tanya Xiong

    Nature Republic? I haven’t seen you guys mention them. They’re getting bigger in America, so just wondering what your thoughts are.

  • Ryn mall

    i dont know if you guys research every ingredients in the products you recommend cos some have parabens, phthalates, PEGs and a whole lot of comedogenic and casinogenic stuff in them….u just mention 2 ingredients and say it is AHA, BHA, good fr ur skin…. are u advertizing fr companies or what. I am sometimes suprised when u talk abt certain pdcts

  • Danielle Nash

    So glad they reviewed peach slices I keep lolking at this brand at CVS and now I'm def gonna give them a try!!😍😍😣

  • mazza322

    Is it just me, or did anyone else get reminded of those soothing/calming voices you hear in those mindfulness apps when Rowena was like, “it’s like I’m walking in the middle of a giant foresttt” 😂

  • Shanique Collins

    You ladies are soo cute!!
    Please try makeupartist choice. So curious about your thoughts on the green tea gel cleanser, mandelic acid

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