Repairing A Lifted Acrylic Stiletto Nail with Cuticle Design

Kirsty: Hi everybody, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, we have got the gorgeous Andrea and she has had a boo-boo. She has knocked her nail and I’m gonna show you guys how I’m going to repair it. So, this is Andrea’s nail. You may remember this from a previous video. Adam: They didn’t have any bling then though.
Kirsty: Aah, yeah! I put a bit bling on since then. Kirsty: However, Andrea has knocked it and she says it’s gone loose at the back. She has glued it. Can you see this glue? She has given it a bit of a glue and now I wanna check that everything is alright under there. I wanna make sure that there’s no nasties under there. So, I’m going to start with getting rid of those stones. Let just get rid of that glue. Then I’m gonna file to make the product really thin. And as I do that, I’ll see if there’s any lifting, which Andrea shows me, that we have a pocket of lifting that she’s filled up good. Alright! Now, as I’m filing, I can see there is a little bit of lifting. So, we’re probably going to end up filing away this little design but we will put that back in, and this is kind of a good way of showing you how you can fill a design that’s done at the cuticle. I’m gonna repair it and still make it look the beautiful. Now, I don’t need to take off the other stones. I’m Just going around with my file. Just going around to abraise that top coat as well. As I’m looking at it, I’m checking what colour it goes. If it goes paler, then that’s where I can see the pocket of lifting. Tell us how you did this again. Andrea: I just knocked it first and then and it did go a little bit.
Kirsty: Yeah. Andrea: When I was unpacking and shopping on Monday night. I went like that and it just went properly. Kirsty: You give it a but on the end?
Andrea: Yeah! Kirsty: Right, yeah. That’s the joys of wearing long nails.
Andrea: I know. Kirsty: And the joys of packing, putting your own shopping away.
Andrea: It’s ridiculous. Kirsty: Terrible, I think.
Andrea: I don’t know why it’s even a thing. Kirsty: You have children for this, don’t you?
Andrea: Yeah! Kirsty: They may be grown, but they are still…
Andrea: They eat food, they can find it out of the cupboard. Kirsty: Oh, yeah!
Andrea: So, they should be able to put it in the cupboard. Kirsty: They should, yes. I’m gonna push that cuticle back now. Get rid of that non-living tissue. Right! I’m gonna clean this up with Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution. So, I’ve filed away all of that lifting. So, this is not an infill as such, we’re repairing, but it’s kind of like an infill. Alright! I’m gonna dehydrate using the dehydrator, then I’m gonna use the Acid Based Primer. That’ll prevent any further lifting. I’ve got Vivid Violet, which is the colour that was already on there. It’s a bit gorgeous. So, we’re gonna replace that little triangle. So, nice and neat at the cuticle area. I’m gonna use a 3D brush now because we’re getting nice and tight. And I just wanna make it nice and crisp here, so I’m just gonna add tiny bead. Same on this side. You can always use a side of the brush, so the metal part of the brush to get that nice and crisp as well. Just added a little bit there just to crispen that edge up a little bit more as well. This very point. Now, I’m gonna use Natural Beige. Coming right up to that triangle. You’re going right up to your little triangle so it’s all sealed together. Right! So, I’m gonna file this now. So, you can see where you can…see that lip between the products? That’s what we’re gonna get smooth. So, you can start with the cuticle area. Get that nice and then work your way down. File this a little bit flatter here, Kirsty: …so we don’t have that protruding.
Adam: How, Kirsty? How? Kirsty: With my file. Look at that. I need to turn your finger around so I can get right in here. Because this is only a repair, I don’t want to take off those stones. You could take the stones off but if it’s a repair, you don’t need to. Adam: I’ve never seen you file this gently ever. Kirsty: What’s he trying to say?
Andrea: I’ve no idea. Kirsty: Alright, so. Thinks I’m heavy-handed. Kirsty: Not heavy-handed.
Adam: Cack handed, isn’t it? Kirsty: No! Cack-handed is when you’re like a left-hander.
Andrea: Yeah! Adam: Is it?
Andrea: Yeah, cack-handed. Adam: Really? Kirsty: Well, cack-handed is like, it’s just an awkward.
Andrea: You’re doing it cack-handed. You’re doing it awkward, yeah. Adam: Right! It’s okay. Kirsty: Right! So, now we’re gonna buff this. I’m angling, so I’m just hitting this part at the minute and then I’m gonna go a little bit flatter and careful and gentle. Really gentle because I don’t want to go…over all of them stones. Right! I’m just gonna clean that up. I’m just cleaning up with the Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution. We’re just gonna topcoat this section, I don’t want to go over the stones. You’re gonna just but straight up to the stones. Then I’m gonna replenish the top coat on the free edge as well. So, they’re shiny as exactly the same. Pop me that in the lamp. Right! So, I’m gonna finish off with a little bit of Cuticle Oil as always. We’re not gonna put stones on because I’ve not got time. No because this is just so beautiful now, it’s even bigger and it’s nice. So, if you remember Andrea was the model when we did the jumper design, so we did the crazy eyes that were on my jumper and we also that day, we did some Sugaring. So, if you look at the Sugaring now, it looks a bit dirty. People were asking how this would wear, how you would clean it. So, you get like makeup and things like that stuck in it. So, I’m gonna show you how to clean it. So, you’re just gonna take a Lint-free wipe, some Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution and give it a rub. Kirsty: You can see…can you the dirt? The dirt is coming off.
Adam: you can see what colour foundation she used. Andrea: Yeah! Adam: A lot of people asked about these nails, the two sugared ones.
Kirsty: Yeah. Adam: About how well it would stick, how well it would stay? Adam: I mean, that was three weeks ago, wasn’t it?
Kirsty: Yeah. Adam: Two weeks ago? No, two weeks ago. Andrea: Was it two?
Adam: Yeah! Two weeks ago, yeah. Andrea: Yeah! Kirsty: So, as that evaporates, you can see you’ve still got your sugared effect. So, you can simply clean over with the Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution. If you don’t have that, if it’s like your client’s at home, you can use toothbrush. And you can use it with warm water and soap, but you can use it with toothpaste. There you are. Hope you’ve enjoyed this video. Don’t forget, check us out on Facebook and Instagram and all that shebang. Everything that I’ve used today will be listed in the description box below. See you in the next video. Bye-bye! Right! So, we’re gonna topcoat now. We’re just gonna top… I’ll say that again.

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