REACTIVE Marshmello SKIN Dance OFF *NEW* Game Mode in Fortnite Battle Royale
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REACTIVE Marshmello SKIN Dance OFF *NEW* Game Mode in Fortnite Battle Royale

– ‘Sup, dudes? In honor of the Marshmello event, introducing Marshmello emote dancing stop-dancing drop-and-loot death. (crickets chirping) So, the rules are simple, and
also ignore my Aquaman hair. The rules are simple. As your head is lighting up from somebody dancing on the stage, as soon as your head stops lighting up, you stop and then you drop down. Whatever loot you get,
that’s what you fight with. And dudes, here’s the
deal, quick sellout moment, I’m gonna run around, and
I’m gonna randomly stop, and if I can drop down and
land on loot and not die, you guys have to hit that
like button (laughs). Okay, here we go, here we go, here we go. Okay, right here! Come on, if I get loot, yah– (record scratching)
(losing horn) You know what, dudes? Do me a favor, hit the
like button anyways. (children cheering)
(laughs) If you want to, also
hit the subscribe button if you’re new around here. Hit that little bell. Hope you guys enjoy the video. Alright, so I’ve already
explained the rules. Who wants to go first? Karan, Karan, Karan, you wanna go first? – I’ll go.
– Biffle, you dance for him. You dance for him, you choose his demise. Look at me, ooh.
– I’m ready. – [Karan] That one doesn’t count. – [Biffle] Okay, alright, here we go, here we go, you guys ready?
– Okay, go ahead, go ahead. – Alright, as soon as Karan’s
head stops lighting up, he has to stop and drop, and remember, there are traps down there. If you die, you have to
drop one of your weapons. – [Sigils] Yeah, that weapon you have. – Yeah, that weapon you have, you gotta drop your pickax. Watch your helmet, watch your helmet! – [Karan] I’m watchin’ dude, I’m watchin’! – Oh, oh.
– Ooh. – And then remember drop
the thingy above you. – [Karan] Yeah I will, I will. – Ooh!
– Whoa! – [Karan] Okay. What gun did you get, dude? – [Sigils] What you get,
what you get, what you get? – [Karan] Ah, secret. – A secret? I don’t like secrets,
dude, I don’t like secrets. – Okay, Biffle, you go next since you were the first one to dance people. Uh, Sigils, you’ve got the mic, dude. You go the mic.
– I’m ready. – It’s on you, Sigils, it’s on you. – [Sigils] DJ Sigils in the house! – [Biffle] Oh, God. – Oh, he’s in, he’s in, he’s in! – [Biffle] I like this
song, this is a good song. – Watch your helmet, watch your helmet! – [Biffle] Oh, my God, dude. – Oh! Ooh, right there. Drop down, drop down. – Dropping down.
– Where is he, Karan? – [Sigils] Hope it’s a trap. (laughter) – [Sigils] Called it, called it. – One man down. Okay, okay, okay, so. Dude, my frickin’ hair,
I look like Aquaman, Russell, make me look
like Aquaman (laughs). Okay, Sigils, are you ready? – [Sigils] Oh, I’m born ready, dude. I’m ready to party! – Sigils, look at me,
look at me, look at me. – [Sigils] I’m looking, okay, I’m looking. – Ready, ready, ready? – Ready.
– I have to make pee. – [Sigils] Oh, you have
to, oh, you have to– – I have to pee. Right, Sigil, Sigil, dance,
run around, you gotta pee! Sigil, you gotta pee! Look how bad you gotta pee, Sigil! You gotta pee real bad,
you gotta pee real bad. (sighs) Ah, okay, okay, that felt good. – Oh.
– Oh, no. – [Sigils] I don’t think I like this one, ’cause I think I got
a clue from something. Ayy, oh. – What is it, what you get? – [Sigils] You know, it’s
amazing, don’t worry about it. – Okay. Karan, since you were
the first one to drop you dance for me, it is my turn. – [Karan] Alright, you ready? – Goin’ in, goin’ in. Goin’ in, goin’ in. Ahh, oh, okay, stop right here. Okay, here we go. What is this? – [Karan] Wait, is that the same one? Oh, no, it’s not.
– No, it’s right. (sad horn playing) – Are you actually kidding me, Karan? This is your fault, Karan. – [Karan] What do you mean, dude? – Gosh dang it. – [Karan] I did my best, man. – So remember, we’re gonna
do a bunch of these rounds, we’re gonna get a full set of loot, and then we’re gonna do
a 10 round elimination Marshmello style. Okay, um, who wants to go first? Sigils, you’re already down there. – [Sigils] Alright, okay, you got it, man. – I’m ready–
– Okay, okay, I’m gonna dance. I’m gonna dance, ready
for this one, Sigils? Ready, ready? – [Sigils] Look at how ready I am. Uh, uh. – So the issue with this dance, it’s infinite so we’re
gonna be here for a while. – [Sigils] Oh, okay, alright, fair dude, let’s dab on the haters,
dab on the haters. – I’ll be right back, see
you guys in a little bit, be right back. – [Biffle] What, did he leave us? – [Sigils] What, Ian? – [Narrator] One eternity later. – [Sigils] Oh, dude, the
saddest of Sigils is goin’ on. Ah! (laughter) – [Karan] Okay. He tricked ya.
– And down I go, gentlemen. Spare thee well. – What is it?
– Oh! Don’t mind if I do. Don’t mind if I do.
– Okay, put a wall up there, put a wall up there, put a wall up there so we can’t see. – [Sigils] Yeah, I gotcha– – [Karan] He got a
little too excited there. – Okay, so now it’s my turn,
who wants to dance for me, who wants to dance for me? – [Biffle] I’ll do it, I wanna do it. – Alright, go ahead BiffleWiffle bat, go ahead, BiffleWiffle bat. – [Biffle] Just for you, bud. ‘Cause you always call
me BiffleWiffle bat, I want you to take that L–
– Oh, gosh, are you making me L, dude? – [Biffle] Yep, L dance. – [Karan] Look at that, the BiffleWiffle. – This un-neat. – [Biffle] That’s a
BiffleWiffle on the chat, bud– – This is so un-neat, okay, okay, I gotta look at my helmet,
gotta look at my helmet. – [Biffle] Any moment, any moment. – Ahh! (yelling) – Oh, right here, okay, it was right here. – [Karan] Right here bud, let’s see it. – [Sigils] Wait, Ian, can I just say, there’s one I really
don’t want you to drop on. – Oh, is it one of my combo (laughs)?! – [Sigils] There’s something on this floor I don’t want you to have. – Come on! – [Sigils] And it’s that one! (laughter) – [Biffle] You took the L, look at him! Take that L. – Alright, so I gotta drop one of my guns, oh, no, a crossbow, no (laughs). – [Biffle] Oh, wait, I
want him to have that. – Alright, so I’m gonna go down. Alright, Biffle and Karan, okay, so, Biffle danced for me, so
Karan, you dance for Biffle. – [Biffle] Oh, is he default dancing? Oh, he’s default dancing on you, dude. – [Karan] Oh, that’s what you deserve. – [Biffle] Here I go, boys. – [Sigils] Oh, no. – [Biffle] Hello, hey. – [Karan] What you get? – Don’t say it, don’t
tell him, don’t tell him. Okay, I’m gonna dance for,
uh, Sigils, you dance, you dance, you dance, you dance. – [Sigils] Alright,
Karan, this one goes out for all the Karan’s in the world, alright? – Oh, get ’em, oh, get ’em, girl. – Oh, yeah.
– Oh, get ’em, girl. Get ’em, girl. Get ’em. Get ’em. (laughter) – [Biffle] Look at him
go, look at him move. – Oh! What’s he gonna get? (mumbling) – [Karan] I don’t wanna hit it, dude. (laughter) – Take that gray AR,
dude, take that gray AR. You know, you can have
it, you can have it. – [Karan] I’m pretty happy with it. – Alright, let’s go to the next round. Okay, I’m going first!
– Alright, I’ll dance for you, I owe him for the last one. (laughter) – [Sigils] You guys ready, for DJ Sigils? – Oh, you just mic dropped me. Oh, no. – [Karan] Oh, man, he’s
gonna do somethin’. – Oh, he’s T posing me,
what the heck is this crap? – [Sigils] Let’s hit it, uh! You drop right there!
– Whoa! Sigils, if you killed me, I
know where you live city-wise. I will burn that entire city, wait, which, I was in the middle. Which one do I take? – [Sigils] Pick it, you pick one. – This one (laughs), here we go. Ha! (alert bleep) I will let you guys hear one thing. – No!
– Oh, no. – [Sigils] No, no, no, no,
no, I’m out, I’m out, I’m out. – I got my first part of
my combo, okay, okay, okay. Sigils turn, who wants to dance for him? – [Karan] I can go. – Alright, go ahead, Karan. Oh, no. – [Karan] What you got? – [Sigils] Oh. – [Biffle] Oh, oh! – Alright, put a hole, put a, put a. – [Biffle] Oh! – [Sigils] That doesn’t
count, that don’t count– – Sigil, you gotta put a hole,
you gotta cover the hole. (beeping) Okay, so now, Karan’s
going, Biffle, you got this. And, oh! Is that what I think it is? – [Karan] What’s it gonna be? What are you, oh, I was on the wrong one. Oh!
– Oh! – Oh (laughs)! – [Sigils] Dang, dude! – [Karan] You guys don’t
even wanna see my load out– – [Biffle] I really don’t, dude. – Dude, that is so terrible. – [Karan] Are you ready? – No. Oh, oh! Frickin’ Karan, dude. Frickin’ Karan, dude. Alright, you guys ready? So, Biffle, I’m dancing
for you, are you ready? – [Biffle] I’m ready, let’s do it. – Biffle, you are my best mate. – Oh.
– What?! I’m right here. (laughter)
(mumbling) – And. Stop. – [Biffle] Okay, I’m going, I’m
going, I’m going, I’m going. This one. – Oh! – [Sigils] Oh, great. – [Biffle] You boys should just chill out. – Oh, boy, oh, boy, oh,
boy, mistakes were made. Alright, okay, Biffle,
you go first this time, you go first this time. – [Biffle] I’m going,
I’m going, here we go. – Okay, who wants to dance for him? Karan, you’re in, go ahead. Karan, DJ it up. – [Karan] Okay, I only
have like one move though. – Is that the only dance you have? – Really?
– That and mic drop, dude, that’s all he’s got. Oh, my God.
– Oh! He’s in, he’s in. Whoa! Oh, oh, he didn’t die, he didn’t die. Uh, okay, Karan, get the
electro shuffle, boy. Get to shufflin’, get to shufflin’. Get it, get it, get it. (laughter) And. Hut! Wait, I can’t hut. – Oh.
– Oh. – Oh, oh, oh, is that
gonna be a death square? – [Sigils] Say goodnight, Karan. – [Karan] They’re scary. – Oh, it wasn’t a death,
alright, I’m going, are you ready, Sigils? – [Sigils] I am so ready,
are you ready though? That’s the real question.
– I’m ready, I’m ready. – [Sigils] ‘Cause it’s
time to rock out, boys! – Oh, gosh, I’m rocking, dude! – [Sigils] You ever seen
a DJ play electric guitar? Oh, yeah. – Oh, gosh.
– Thank you all for coming out tonight, we’ll see you later! Oh, gosh, that was the
shortest rock concert I’ve ever been to, I’m going in! Hut! – Oh, no. – Oh, man. (laughter) – [Sigils] Did he just,
did he just get the combo? – No I didn’t get the combo, but I got, okay, I’m gonna dance for you. Or wait, who hasn’t danced
yet, Biffle, you dance. – [Biffle] I’ll do it,
I’ll do it, you guys ready? Woo, yeah! – There we go, and we’re in, and we’re in. And he’s in. Get it, and where’s he gonna stop? Oh! – [Sigils] Okay, alright, alright. Hey, boys, I’m coming to say hey. – Okay, you know what, you know what? That’s not bad, you know,
that’s not bad, that’s not bad. Okay, okay, okay. Biffle, it’s on you, take
it, take it away Biffle. – [Biffle] Let’s do this. (funky music) – Oh, get it.
– Oh, oh, oh. – Get it girl, oh, get it girl! Get it, oh, wow, that was fast. – [Sigils] Okay, alright,
that’s fine dude, I didn’t even wanna get into
my opening set, it’s cool. – Whoa! – Oh.
– Oh, okay, alright. – Oh, no, what did he get? Karan, this is on you. – [Karan] Okay, so I am a person
of simple moves by the way. – [Biffle] I swear, if it’s
the default dance again– – If he does the default dance. – [Biffle] Oh, my– – [Sigils] I hear it, I
hear the sound of default! – That’s literally the only dance he has. Oh, he stopped it early, though, ooh. – [Biffle] He did stop it early, alright. Here we go! Yeah, I’ll take this, this is, uh. – Oh, not another, you know, not a, okay, Karan, it’s on you, it’s on you. So, I’m gonna try this, if
I get copyright striken, Marshmello, I know what you
taste like, what, that’s weird. – [Karan] That’s weird. – [Sigils] You can’t
say that on a kids show. (laughter) – ‘Cause he’s a marshmellow, dude! – [Biffle] He’s delicious! – Dude, this song is
sick though, I like this. (mumbling) – [Sigils] Dude, I would
rage to this at a party. – Yeah, dude. – [Sigils] I’ve raged before. – You better stop boy, you
better stop boy, and take that L. Take that L! – [Sigils] Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! – Did he die? Did he die, is he dead? Did he die dead? Alright, who wants to dance for me? – [Sigils] Are you ready? I got you, are you ready,
are you ready, are you ready, are you ready?
– Yep, yep. – [Sigils] Let’s get slithery with it. Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh! – Are you slithering, dude? Oh, gosh! Okay, going in. No, no, whoa! Hunting rifle, you know
what, I’ll take that. I’ll take that. – [Sigils] What are you on about? (funny noises) – Alright, next round,
that was round five. I guess Biffle’s going first, okay, okay, Biffle, you ready to get danced on, boy? Ready to get danced on, boy? Uh, hold on, uh. Do you like orange justice? – [Biffle] I love orange justice,
it goes with marshmallows. (laughter) – Get it orange justice. Let’s get it, hut! – [Biffle] Oh, gees, I’m going in, boys! – Bye, Biffle!
– Where’s he going? – [Sigils] See you on
the other side, dude. – There he is. – [Biffle] Okay, no, that’s, yeah. – [Sigils] Alright, Ian, are you ready? – Oh, yeah, I get to go, sorry. Sorry, sorry, I got confused. – [Sigils] Hold on, you ready, you ready? Hold on, wait, I gotta find it. Doesn’t even make a dent, dude. – Doesn’t make a dent, dude. – [Sigils] Get out of here! Oh, ho, ho. – That was the quickest,
dude, did you throw away all your life savings? – [Sigils] It made a big dent. – I saw that, you throw so
much money, what is this? Oh! – [Karan] Was that? – (gasps) Oh, look how close I was! – [Biffle] Oh, you were so close! – Alright, alright, who’s it on? – [Biffle] Come on down, boy. – What is that? Is that a VAR? Oh, god, oh yeah, I remember,
if you have a full inventory you have to drop something
on a gun that you land if that makes sense. Alright, um, Biffle? Gosh dang it, Sigil, you do
this all the time, Sigil. – [Biffle] Poor Karan. – What is he gonna, oh, poor Karan. Oh, that’s not bad, that’s not bad. – [Sigils] He’s got a purple
pump, he’s double pumping. – Are you double pumping, dude? Alright, alright, next round, next round, and then we’re, uh, two more
rounds and then we fight. Okay, who wants to go first? Karan, you go first. Since you’re a default noob. (laughter) – [Sigils] Get ‘im, get ‘im. – [Biffle] Alright guys, I
think I should dance for him, you guys ready? – Oh, dance for him.
– Go ahead, Biffle. – [Biffle] Here we go, boys. – Oh, oh, he’s treat him
with his own medicine! How do you like that, boy? How do you like that, boy? Ooh.
– Oh! – And he’s in. – Okay, alright.
– I already have this one. – [Sigils] Cover your hole, Karan, gees– – Come on, Karan, what are
we live in a barn here? – [Biffle] I’m going up, boys, here we go. Make me dance and make me laugh. – [Sigils] I’m hoping, I’m doing this one because I want you to swipe
right on our friendship. Uh, swipe. – Uh, get it, uh, uh, get it. Uh, get it (laughs). Oh! – This one?
– Right there. Right there, right there, right there. – [Biffle] Here we go boys,
I’m dropping in, here we go. – Trap your face in. Oh, he didn’t get trapped (laughs)! – [Karan] He got somethin’. – Uh, Sigils, now, I have, I
have something to say to you. – [Sigils] Yeah, what’s that, what’s that? – Bobbin’! I don’t know, I just went with it. – [Sigils] Okay, alright
dude, yeah, alright. I love my good friend, Bob, of house Ian. Uh, uh, uh, oh, ooh. – Oh… Hut! – [Sigils] Oh, okay,
please don’t be a trap, please don’t be a trap,
please don’t be a trap, please don’t be a trap! – Oh, I can see guns down there, I probably shouldn’t
look, that’s cheating. Crap, crap, crap, that’s cheating. – [Biffle] No cheating. – Alright, who’s dancing for me? – [Karan] Okay, it’s gonna be me, I know how much you love my default dance so here we go.
– Oh, God. Oh, he’s going in, going in. Going in. (singing) – [Karan] Default dance, dude! – Okay, hold on, hold on. – [Biffle] Where is he, where is he? – Where was I, was it this one? No, it was this one, it was this one. – [Karan] No, I think
it was the other one. – [Sigils] I don’t, oh! – [Karan] Oh, no! I think it’s the other one, dude (laughs). – [Sigils] Yeah, yeah, it
was definitely the other one. – It was the other one.
– I don’t wanna play anymore. – That was fun (laughs). – [Sigils] Great, man, great. – Alright, final loot round
and then we go to fight, let’s do this. D-D-D-D-DJ Sigils. – [Sigils] If this is the last one then we gotta Marshmello it up, you know? – Get him, uh, get him. – [Biffle] Oh, okay, I
like this, it’s good. I’m nervous, but I’m a little nervous. – [Sigils] I’m not stopping until you say I’m your best friend. – [Biffle] Ian’s my best friend. – Who?
– Oh, God, oh. Oh, God, oh, God, I’m not,
I’m not a part of this. I’m not a part of this. – [Sigils] (mumbling) You say it! – [Biffle] You’re handsome
and you’re my best friend! – [Sigils] Alright, there
we go, you may stop. – Oh, oh, gosh. – [Biffle] I think here? – Yeah.
– Yep, there it is. There it is, is he gonna die here? – Ooh.
– Okay, uh (laughs). – [Karan] Wait, you can’t look, dude. – [Sigils] I’m not lookin’, dude. – He didn’t die, okay,
okay, okay, okay, okay. Go ahead, go ahead, Karan, go
ahead, Karan, go ahead, Karan. – [Karan] What do you
guys think I should do? – Uh, anything.
– Try the default dance. I haven’t seen you do that yet. – [Karan] You haven’t seen it? I can show you.
– No, go ahead. – [Biffle] Never heard of it actually. – [Sigils] I hate this DJ– – You gotta run, Sigils! – [Sigils] I don’t have to run
when it’s the default dance– – Yeah, that’s true,
that’s true, you don’t. – [Sigils] That’s as much as
I would dance to that set. – [Karan] Wow.
(laughter) – Oh, did he die? No, he didn’t. (gasping) – [Sigils] Don’t mind if I do. – Sigils, Sigils, do we
live in a barn, Sigils? – [Biffle] Are we on a farm map right now? No!
– Yeah, are we on a farm map right now? No. Alright, Karan, are you ready? Hold on, I gotta find
a good dance for him. Uh. You’re a… Bald eagle, I shoulda just
went for Sigil for bald eagle, crap. – [Sigils] Wow, dude! (laughter) – Get in there, get in there. Flap it, flap it. – [Karan] I’m flappin’, dude! – Flap it. Flap it, and, flap it stop. – Oh.
– Ooh. – [Karan] Okay. – You guys are like a little
square going on there, dude. What you get, what you get? – [Karan] Oh, no, I don’t
wanna drop anything. – [Sigils] Ha, ha! – You gotta drop something. – [Sigils] You dropped
that for it, okay, alright. – You know, let Karan do Karan, dude. Let Karan do Karan. – [Sigils] So is this Ian’s final drop? – This is my final drop right here. – [Biffle] Here we go, take that L! – Ah, don’t L me! I’m going in. – [Biffle] I’m L dancing you,
I’m currently L dancing you. And I stopped. – No you didn’t, you liar, you’re a liar. – [Biffle] Wait, what? What are you, wait. What? Wait, why are we– – Sigils, is dancing, Sigils! Why are you making me?! Oh, okay, I stopped, I stopped, I stopped. (laughter) – [Karan] Dude, are you kidding me? – My head just wouldn’t stop. I was so confused. (laughter) – [Sigils] I was just waiting
for you guys to notice. – Okay, guys, you see where I’m at. What am I gonna get? Is it a trap? – [Sigils] Yeah, it’s a… – Ahh! – [Karan] Sigils, you
did this, you did this. – [Sigils] I did nothing, I
did nothing, I did nothing. – Oh. Oh, what do I drop for a gold SCAR? – [Sigils] I don’t know,
maybe this gold SCAR? Here, I’ll trade ’em, you can
have that gold SCAR instead. – Okay, I’ll take that
one, I’ll take that one. – [Biffle] Can I have that? – You know what, I’m
gonna get rid of that, I’m gonna get rid of that,
I’m gonna get rid of that, I’m gonna get rid of that. P90’s in 2018, lol. Lol in the chat. – [Sigils] Lol, lol, lol, it’s
the 2019, lol in the chat. – Alright, so we have our load out, let’s go fight on a map,
first to 10 kills wins. Alright, so everybody has
their loot so we’re on this industrial, taken over by Marshmello, look at all the, yay (laughs). – [Sigils] See speakers,
that’s how you know, speakers are–
– Yeah, speakers mean in Marshmello, yay. Alright, you guys ready? First one to 10 elims
wins, in three, two, one. Hu, hu, hut! – [Sigils] Okay, I may
have already just gone ’cause I took hu, as a hut, and not a… – [Karan] Do you have a
Marshmallow stuck in your throat? – Hey, who the heck’s shooting at me? What makes me think I won’t me, what makes you even think I won’t cut you. – [Biffle] Nothing but snipers, I will… – Ey! Ow, how did you hit me? – [Sigils] Oh, is that you,
is this you, is this you? Ah, who is this?! – (laughs) Is that Biffle? – [Biffle] You have the
granadas I see, hmm? – [Sigils] Who’s just building
with metal like a bad person. – [Biffle] What makes you
think I won’t snipe you? – Are you trying to burst me? – [Biffle] Yeah. – [Sigils] Goodbye, anonymous. – [Biffle] Stop breaking
my building you monster. – (laughs) Got him!
– You’re such a toxic individual! Oh, my God. – [Sigils] What does he have? – [Biffle] What do you think?! – [Sigils] Oh, oh course,
he has the death grenades, doesn’t he? – [Biffle] Not the disco
ones, just the other ones. – [Sigils] Yeah, but that’s
the worst part, okay. Who felt the need to just, okay. Okay, please. – Oh, Sigil, Sigil down!
– This game is doo-doo. I fell through a ramp and got stuck, dude. – Oh! Oh, ho, ho! – [Biffle] Wait, what, leave me alone. – [Sigils] Hi, yeah, you, uh, are standing right in front of my spawn. – Biffle, I’m so sorry. – [Biffle] I’m seeing a common
theme here, Ian, you bully. (laughter) – [Sigils] Sorry, go for Karan,
but, whoa, wait, whoa, whoa. Listen, I no longer desire to play. Who’s here, and why? – [Biffle] Oh, my gosh,
this is so annoying. – Oh, you have our snipers (laughs)? – [Sigils] What? – Ahh!
– Ohh! You stole my kill you
little turtle neck sweating wearing turtle. – [Biffle] I do wear turtle necks. Oh! Oh, this gun is amazing! – Ow, ow, ow, hey, hey,
hey, there’s like 75 people shooting at me, I don’t like this. – [Karan] Come here. – [Sigils] Okay, oh, okay, listen, listen. – Wow! – [Sigils] Please. – [Biffle] Hello, ah! – Come with me, boy (laughs). – [Biffle] What was that? – [Karan] Oh, I hit somebody! – Whoa! You took my kill. – [Sigils] No way, no way,
Ian, get away from me, Ian. – I just no scoped you (laughs)! – [Sigils] Zero ping
nonsense, just FaZe Banked through three walls! – What do you mean, dude? I’ll have you know, I’ll
have you know I work out. – [Sigils] It doesn’t
have anything to do with– – What do you mean? What do you mean? Working out. – [Biffle] Ah! Chill. – Ow, that literally, literally… – [Biffle] Where, what, what
are you, where did you just? Hello? – I help. – [Biffle] Ah! (gasping)
(laughter) – [Biffle] I didn’t
know Marshmello has a– – Oh, you little turtle neck! Hey, Sigil, how about this,
how about this, how about this? Find the nearest Lego, chew on it, and then step on it, how about that. – [Sigils] Wow, dude. You know I do have really
strong teeth, so, oh! – [Karan] Oh, God. – [Sigils] Is it just me
or is the Marshmello skin like kinda hard to see? – [Karan] Ah, might just be you. – Oh, anonymous down! Hut. (gasping) – [Sigils] No, ho, ho, ho! (laughter) – [Karan] I saw that. – [Biffle] No way! – [Karan] That was messed up, dude. – I just no scoped you
with a hunting rifle! I’m so sorry, Biffle! – [Karan] I’m making a come back. – [Sigils] Okay, listen,
if Batman could just kindly leave for a little while
with the rest of us, like I get sniped by
Austin, and then a little impulse grenade nut job comes flying in and shoots me twice and then (mumbling), and I hate this, dude, it’s like the scene in Batman Begins. – Oh, there’s more guns here, hold on, what’s in here? – Oh, a slurp, can I, oh,
dance grenades, can I pike up these dance grenades, these boogie bombs? – [Sigils] No, you may absolutely– – Come on.
– Oh (laughs)! – Oh, nice no scope. Dude, poor Sigils, dude. – [Sigils] I’m just ruining your day. – [Biffle] Got ‘im, seven kills
baby, I’m back on the board. – Oh, my gosh, I didn’t know
you had that many kills. – [Sigils] I didn’t
know you had any kills. – Ohh!
– Oh, my gosh, what a snipe! – [Biffle] Got a little
of my snipers real quick. – Oh, anonymous down. – [Sigils] You, you little edit. Dude, this zero ping
nonsense or Ssundee is dog. – Don’t even, dude, I have 15 ping, dude. – [Sigils] I have 71! – I gotta go, my people need me. – [Biffle] You don’t have peoples. – Oh, anonymous down. – [Karan] Brah, brah,
brah, brah, brah, brah. – [Sigils] I’m getting shot in the back. Look, it’s you or me, hey, guys! (laughter) – Did you just pickax him (laughs)? – [Sigils] No, I tried but he shot me with a burst like a degenerate. – Aw, poor degenerates. – [Biffle] No, don’t shoot! – You stole my kill. – [Sigils] Oh yeah, you’re darn right. You’re darn right I did. – [Karan] Where you guys at? – Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no. – [Karan] Aw, I almost hit you. – Get into my. – [Biffle] Yeah, this is the
way that he builds, dude. I’m on my way. – [Sigils] Ian, you little squirrel turd. Get here, get… – [Karan] I’m just trying to– [Sigils] Ian! I don’t know which one
of you is which anymore! – Yes I stole–
– You stole my kill! – [Biffle] A burst is gonna beat you, a burst is gonna beat you! – [Sigils] No (laughs)! Oh, my gosh! I’m at nine kills, dude,
my next kill’s a win. – [Biffle] Oh, I’m at nine as well. – Yeah (laughs)! – [Biffle] No, I was at nine! – That was so close, oh my. – [Biffle] Dang it, dude. – Oh, wow, that was fun. I like that, that was good, that was, I like that little game mode. It was good, it was good. Dudes, if you guys have enjoyed this Marshmello themed madness, hit the like button down below, also hit the subscribe
button if you’re new to any of our channels,
hit that little bell. Please tell me you guys
have bought a bell. You’ve literally had a week. – Uh.
– Uh. – [Together] Ding, ding. – [Sigils] I bought I new
computer, does that count? – No. (upbeat music)


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