Rapides Regional Health Talk – Skin cancer
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Rapides Regional Health Talk – Skin cancer

– Health Talk brought to you by Rapides Regional Medical Center. (upbeat music) It’s the most common type of cancer and one most people
probably don’t consider yet nearly all skin cancers
can be treated effectively if found early. – Skin Cancers are most commonly
found on the sun exposed portions of the skin.
Should be face, neck, hands. Look for any skin lesions
that’s been changing or growing. Especially
when it’s been bleeding. Those are all worrisome signs. – [Narrator] According to
the American Cancer Society, about 3.5 million basal and squamous cell skin cancers are found each year. People rarely die of these cancers. Having one risk factor
or even several does not mean that you will get the
disease. And some people who get the disease may
have had few or no known risk factors. – The most common risk
factors for skin cancer are sun exposure. It can
be an intermittent exposure with burns or it can be a
persistent exposure as if someone that works outdoors or enjoys
a lot of outdoor activities. People that are fair complected
have a much higher risk for skin cancer, people with
darker skin, the melanin in the skin is protective against
the damage caused by the sun. And so the more fair complected
people do have much higher risk for skin cancer. – [Narrator] Checking your
skin regularly may help you spot any new growths or
abnormal areas and allow you to show them to your doctor
before they have a chance to turn into skin cancer. – Most often the primary care
physician or the dermatologist will refer a patient to me
so I can remove the rest of the skin lesion whether is a
cancer or it’s a pre cancer. Most of the time these can
be removed in clinic under local anesthesia.
Occasionally, they require a trip to operating room.
Often, these are done in conjunction with the
pathologist so that the margins of the specimen can
be examined as we proceed. – [Narrator] For more information,
visit rapidesregional.com (upbeat music)

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