QQ Box – “4 Best Korean Products for Acne & Oily Skin” Amazing Price!! | Q2HAN
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QQ Box – “4 Best Korean Products for Acne & Oily Skin” Amazing Price!! | Q2HAN

QJin: You look pretty sister QWon: Thank you QJ: Stupefy What’s up, q-tees so welcome to our channel and today We have a very special surprise for you q-tees which is that you guys have been watching our DTV vlogs Consistently, you guys might have noticed that we have mentioned several times that we have been working on this very exciting projects with Wishtrend Yep, well today We’re finally revealing that project Which is that Wishtrend was kind of to set up this special box for our q-tees where you can get your hands on all These amazing products that are perfect for oily and acne skin at an amazing deal yep They’re the products that we used in the past and the present which are perfect for acne and oily skin, and you can get around $118 worth our products for only about $52 until September 29th with free international shipping so we can’t stress enough how great big deal is bravo so if you’re interested after watching our step-by-step guide all the Details will be listed in the description box below So make sure to check it out so without further ado let’s get into it, shall we Chop chop So the first product is this holy grail of facial toner, which is this Klairs supple preparation facial toner and I’m pretty sure a lot of you q-tees recognise this from our past videos and Literally this has been the only facial toner we have been using since the day we received so far yep It’s really hard to change up to other toner because they are just that too damn good to non-irritating toner so it’s perfect for people with sensitive skin like But how it uses that after we wash our face we’ll put a few drops on cotton pad and then wipe off excess makeup on our Face and then we’ll put another few drops on our hands and start patting in all around her face Just like how you use a serum. It has a thick watery consistency, and it helps to balance your pH Level and it also hydrates your skin immediately after the wash and application yeah The finishing is very light and refreshing to your skin We watch many reviews on YouTube about how great this product is for minimizing breakouts And we were a little bit skeptical about it at first but I think it really does minimize breakouts so a few days ago We went to this beauty shop called Cree’mare in Korea for the first time. It’s like a makeup heaven there. Almost similar to Sephora and their best-selling toner was this Klairs supple preparation toner Which wasn’t surprising so after toner we used this freshly juiced vitamin drops serum from Klairs and this one is a holy grail for Hyperpigmentation and acne scars and I remember when we first received this from wishtrend during one of our meetings We quickly did a test at a nearby cafe. Yeah, and our first reaction was like ah too oily, get that away from me but we were totally wrong about it so at first it might feel kind of oily But as you gently massage onto your skin it gradually absorbs it and leaves very moisturized and velvety finish onto your skin We don’t have a lot of hyperpigmentation But we do have a lot of red acne scars because we constantly have breakouts here and there so after using this serum it really Helped to minimize a lot of redness in a short period of time which was really surprising When you first use it you’ll feel this slight warming sensation, but don’t worry about it It’s just how it works the vitamin C Inside the serum helps to smooth your skin texture and brighten your overall complexion and it also stimulates the collagen production So it’s really good for rejuvenating your skin from acne and breakouts scars And this is also meant for a sensitive skin users so kudos for that, but after using this vitamin C serum We recommend using a thin layer of the vitamin 75 maximizing cream Yep to boost the vitamin C Effect from this serum, so we highly recommend using this cream right after this serum despite that it’s a cream texture It’s very light and hydrating for daily use and it’s made of 75% of sea buckthorn water to increase the absorption so it does not feel sticky at all on your face You know how there are some creams that are very thick and oily that you either feel really heavy to your skin Or it feels like it is Grabbing on to your skin by the way that kind of cream for acne and oily prone skins are big no-no But this one feels really refreshing and light after the use it. Also has the natural vitamin E Which is perfect for bringing the elasticity back to your skin and creating a healthy glow and again It’s very mild and gentle so this one is perfect for Sensitive skin the last product is this Klaires midnight blue calming cream And this one is actually one of the products that we did a giveaway few months ago And I hope those three winners who are Arianna Mariana Francesca I hope they’re working great for you if you have an oily skin and want a Non-irritating soothing cream and also if you’re experiencing irritation from excessive sun exposure and redness on your skin This is the perfect one for you we recommend you guys to use this cream at night before you go to sleep for maximum results so that your skin can kind of Relax and calm down at the same time and this product has really helped our skin to feel not irritated and calm down and relax After all the sun exposure throughout the day and hours and hours of working in front of computers at night. Oh Why? Whoops noooooo after like after everything Anyway the color is blue because of his main ingredient called guaiazulene which is a plant-based Component extracting from chamomile oil and they say it’s also commonly used for burn Recovery ointment back then when we use this cream during hot and humid summer in Korea it kind of created this crease of oil around Our nose when we woke up the next day, so if you have a highly highly highly oily skin like us We recommend you guys using this cream during cooler season which is perfect for right now also Wishtrend was so kind of to include five of these natural vitamin 21.5 enhancing sheet mask for you guys to try it out so, it’s known for its amazing hydrating and calm effect and it fully Nourishes your skin with the vitamins that your skin needs you guys can place this inside your fridge and use it right before Putting on your makeup in the morning or at night while you’re working on your computer or cooking Or any business that you have to take care of at night, yeah And you can immediately feel the difference in the complexion right after the use so that’s it and again You can receive all these over $100 worth of products for only around 52 dollars with free international shipping Until September 29th, and you also get to have three five sheet masks and that’s a really Really really really really really really really really really really really really really really It’s a really really good deal for such an amazing product So we hope you guys don’t miss your chance So all the details will be listed in the description box for you guys so make sure to check it out And if you guys feel like you only need a few products out of all the five products that we introduced to you guys today All the separate links will be listed in the description box as well, but before we leave we want to say a massive Thank you to Wishtrend for setting up this amazing rocket deal box for our q-tees And we really really really hope this will work for your acne and oily prone skin as well And if you get a chance to use them, please let us know how they work for you And thanks for watching and we’ll see you guys tomorrow bye bye


  • Steff Plays

    I have almost all the stuff they mention and honestly Dear Klairs is really really really amazing skincare! Especially the Vit C, Toner and Cream.

  • Rebeca Guardado

    when u already bought wishtreand products before this video 😭 on a side note tho the products mentioned are working on my skin!

  • Yassmina Ben

    Hello Girls
    I'm coming to Seoul the 11th of this month and I was wondering if it's possible to go get it directly ?
    Love your videos QQ <3

  • Chloe Zhang

    can you link your t-shirts underneath the 'clothing' too? i love the t-shirts you were wearing! btw the link for Qwon's earrings is not for her earrings lol.

  • Prettylittlebasics

    I have dry, sensitive and acne prone skin but still gonna watch this video to support my fav Korean twins QQ 😊😍❤️

  • michelle

    my skin recently changed from being dry to oily and acne prone (so annoying) so I have to buy new products. this video was perfectly timed!! xx

  • Arianna Tan

    THIS IS SUCH A GREAT DEAL!!!!!!! Definitely getting myself one!!

    P.S. The Midnight Blue Calming Cream reaaaaalyyy works guys!!!

  • C_

    can you do your everyday makeup (new/update)😍😍😍😍love this glowing and dreaming look evertime when I watched no matter DTV or any about you guys talking to camera!!!!! thanksssss😳😳😳😳

  • prettylady

    저도 그제품 사용하고있는데 넘좋아요~
    특히 비타민 씨 드롭 제품은 처음바를때 후끈한느낌 넘좋아용~ 흡수되는거 같아서요
    큐자매님 정보로 싸게살수있어 감사 합니당~^♡

  • kartika anggraeni

    ini good deal bgt tp masuk indo pajaknya brp ya kira2 hahaa, yg orang indonesia ada yg tau ? hehe pengen tp msh ragu hiks

  • kseniya

    this is such an amazing deal! thanks for breaking it down and explaining how to use the products 😍 can't wait to order mine

  • ThinkInStyle

    such a great deal!!! definitely need to get my hands on this box, especially since i have both oily and acne prone skin ✨

  • Blanca B

    Lately I've been dealing with lots of stress from school and some financial problems, that's why I'm really really greatful for this amazing deal you gave us cuties, loads of love from spain ❤❤


    My country has no such thing as cooler season coz my country HAS NO FOUR SEASON ITS SUMMER EVERYDAY MY SKIN IS RED AND DRY AND OILY ;-;;;;;;;;;;

  • barnes' lost girls

    Just bought it!! You two are the only you tubers I truly trust and believe when you guys talk about a product. Can't wait for it to arrive, keep it up girls!

  • Alfrida

    Do they have Snapchat? 💖

    Love you guys, you really help me getting more fashionable and aesthetic (≧∇≦) hehe 💖

  • minjun

    I'm one of those people who has tried so many products through the years, and some work and some don't. I bought the Klairs Freshly juiced vitamin drop earlier this year hoping that it would be good for me. It is the single best thing I've ever put on my skin. Many beauty serums/oils work just fine, but this is so so good. I don't really suffer from hyperpigmentation but my skin is combination skin and this just smooths out my face, feeling perfectly soft…. without those small bumps that can sometime build up on my forhead. Hope it will be as good for you if you try it as it has for me. <3

  • Quynh Giang Tran

    Oh my God …. i am only 13 years old so i am not allowed to jobbing yet and i always feel bad when i have to ask my parents for so much Money so… THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH 💕💕💕💕💕 Love you ❤️

  • bagguettua

    Thank you so much my favorite QQ twins <3 I won the last giveaway, and here's my review for the products, so maybe I can help with the QTees that want to buy the QQ Box. Thank you Kyuwon and Kyujin for doing this box for the QTees <3 It's a suuuuuper great deal. <3 Love you guys <3
    First, the Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream is really good for me, even on hot days (I've oily skin, but not super oily). And I feel it because, when I went out of the shower usually my skin tended to be super dry and it was itchy because of the dryness, but now with the cream, that never happens. I use the cream at night before my moisturizer, and that helps to repair and moisturize my skin.
    And with the Mid-day Blue Sun Lotion, I gave it to my mom, and she likes it. The only problem that she has is that the sunscreen leaves a whitecast(?) Like a white looking skin, but just a little bit. You can actually repair that with your foundation and powder, but I think you'll never be able to go out like that (without foundation) because is noticeable, unless you've really pale or white skin. I have a really really light skin tone, but also in myself leaves that "whitecast". So maybe you'll not be able to retouch through the day without looking pale.

  • miiwubful

    OMG I LOVE most of these products, and have been waiting for Wishtrend to put them out in a single package at a decent price <3 <3 thank you guys soooo muchhhhhhh ordered this so fast

  • Sara

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    Warning to fellow VEGANS. I was assaulted for having a "Go Vegan"
    Bumper Sticker on my truck. Please be cautious if you have pro vegan stickers on your vehicle. People are crazy!

  • Dachan2000

    OH MY GOD! I ordered this 10 days ago and I already received it which is REALLY fast because I live in Germany and shipping from Asia is normally quite meh. You get every single product mentioned and also some other samples from klairs products 👍❤ definitely gonna buy again!
    I'm so excited to try these babies out!!! 😁😁😁💪💕

  • K-Creations

    Yooooo not even a full week of using this and my skin hasn't been looking that great since i started puberty 👏👏👏 i payed hundreds of dollars for dermatologists but nothing can even compare to these bad boys 🔥🔥🔥 got my friends hooked as well, klairs really IS a life-saver lol. Thank you q2han for sharing this deal with us!!!! Love ya 😇

  • eliyana md

    i have oily skin too 😭 and honestly it annoys meeeee and i really wanted to try to klairs toner and the serum but i wanted to know if its okay for oily skin and now you guys have answered my question! yeayy!

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