Protecting your Skin from the Sun
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Protecting your Skin from the Sun

If you work outside or just enjoy being
outside we have a graphic with important ways to protect your skin let’s look at
that graphic real quick and Dr. Brewster let’s walk through it and use sunscreen
obviously sit in shade wear protective clothing all of these are important one
a couple? All of them are absolutely important as a whole so definitely using the sunscreen as Nina was talking about I was talking about ours we were all talking about
early as important and then the shade because as you know sometimes we can
actually get sunburned in the shade so even though you’re in the shade you have
to wear sunscreen as well and the other one was wearing protective clothing
there are different clothing brands that you can find on the Skin Cancer
Foundation website that are recommended that have UV protection. And now I want
to get a little bit more technical in terms of ultra violet light and how it
damages the skin so Dr. Brewster explain to our viewers and kind of
show me what we are seeing here and what it does to our skin. Alright so we have
two different solar lights UVA and ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B lights
radiate solar rays the UVA penetrates the through the skin which we have three
layers epidermis which is the top layer middle layers the dermis and hypodermis
and then the yellow area there is a fat the UVA is very important because it
actually penetrates the skin very deeply which causes the the the signs of aging
like the wrinkles the discolorations that and that type of thing the UVB only
penetrates the top layer the epidermis which causes sunburns so both of them
can definitely cause cancer.

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