Professional Manicure Steps : Applying Cuticle Remover in Manicures
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Professional Manicure Steps : Applying Cuticle Remover in Manicures

Hi, I am Theresa. I am here with Reyna and
we are going to go on to the next step to giving yourself perfect manicure. After your
done soaking your nails in the hot water with the dish washing liquid. You want to have
them set their hands out. Apply some cuticle remover cream on to all ten of their nails.
This will definitely help soften up the cuticles and get them ready to be cut off. If they
need to. And the way to apply this is go ahead and put some on your finger. And just go ahead
and do dots all over the cuticle, like so. And you want to make sure you get plenty on
there because you want them all to get soft. And being that you just soaked your water
in the nail, your nails in the water. They should already be soft. But the cuticle remover
will definitely help them when we’re ready to push them back. So then again go through
all ten nails and really work in the nail plate there. Really get them all ready. Saturate
all the nails with this cuticle cream. And they’ll be very easy to remove when the time
is ready. Put your cuticle remover on.


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