Professional Manicure Steps : Applying Cuticle Oil to Nails

Hi, I am here with Reyna and we are on to
the final step of your manicure. Hopefully by now your nails will feel nice and great.
And we want to keep them that way. Being that you just pushed back your cuticles or cut
them down. You want to protect your cuticles from all the cutting that we just did. And
this is a moisturizing treatment that you can do everyday. The more you use it the more
results you’ll see in how nice and healthy your cuticles will look. They won’t look dry,
it’ll look nice and conditioned. The final step, you just want to go ahead and put the
oil on your cuticles after the top coat. It will help condition and protect your nails
until the next time you give yourself a manicure. You want to put this on after everything has
dried or else it will mess up the polishing you have put on your nails. And you want to
simply get this and make sure you don’t have too much but you have enough. And totally
saturate all the nail around all the cuticles. Just put it in there, all around. This will
help prevent cuticles drying. Your cuticles from getting dry. It will help prevent hang
nails. And just give your nails a nice healthy look at the very end. You can use this in
between manicures on a daily bases it will help your nails. And then after that you just
want to go and rub it in every nail and really get that in there. Kind of like going to the
dentist. You have a nice shine at the very end. This is the final step to your manicure;
the cuticle oil. Now you are done and you have perfect nails until the next time.

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