Prepping Nails for Acrylic Application : Soaking Nails in Cuticle Softener

The next step in prepping the natural nail
is to soak the nails in some warm water with some cuticle softener or a hand soap. Something
that’s going to just soften the cuticles. You’re going to soak each hand for three to
five minutes. If you want, you can put some marbles, or some small rocks in the bottom
of the bowl, just to give them something to do so that they’re not bored while they’re
just sitting there and soaking their hand. It doesn’t have to cover the whole hand, you
just want to make sure that it does cover all of the nails there. If you have a bowl
big enough, you can soak both at once, or after three minutes, you can take out one
hand, and soak the other one. The reason you’re soaking is just to get the cuticles soft so
that when you push them back, you’re not going to rip or tear them. After they rip or tear,
it’s going to cause the client to be in a little bit of pain. You can cause them to
bleed, and you’re wanting to avoid all of those steps. This is how you soak the hands
to soften them up.

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