Post acne pigmentation: What is it, Causes, Prevention & Treatments (English)
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Post acne pigmentation: What is it, Causes, Prevention & Treatments (English)

Hello I am Dr. Dhananjay Chavan Dermatologist
ClearSkin Pune today we are going to discuss about post acne pigmentation
or pigmentation after Acneiform eruptions or after acne we have
seen how acne comes what are the treatment modalities what will happen if we don’t treat
acne then if we don’t treat acne or acne are not treated properly not controlled
properly or a person who is having acne if he squeezes those acne then
marks excoriation pigmentation may remain there and it is called as post acne
pigmentation or post acne hyperpigmentation because that color is not
a depigmentation it is hyperpigmentation excess melanocytes comes
there and it gives pigmented or black spots on face even the majority of patient
of acne if they excoriated it if they don’t treat it then
it leaves to either scarring hypertrophic scar or depressed scar atrophic
scar or pigmented scar that is post acne pigmentation acne lesions leaving
behind its blemishes marks it is post acne pigment then is confusion between
PIH and acne pigmentation a lot of people ask about what is PIH and what is
acne pigmentation so PIH is brought terminology it is post inflammatory hyperpigmentation
post means after inflammatory mean any inflammatory disease
on a face even simple boil simple accident simple inflammation any reason
if hyper pigmentation occurs due to any inflammatory condition then it is called as
after that inflammation that pigmentation occurs it is called as post inflammatory
hyperpigmentation and it is broad terminology acne due to anti inflammation
when pigmentation occurs it is post acne hyperpigmentation you can say simply
that PIH or post acne hyperpigmentation it’s one
of the part is acne hyperpigmentation so it is sub part of PIH so there is difference
yes PIH contains lot of other conditions also
where hyperpigmentation can occur then how to prevent acne pigmentation hyperpigmentation
before treating we can see that if you don’t squeeze it if you treat
acne properly medical line of treatment surgical line of treatment or
if you treat it with lasers various light laser instrument then acne hyperpigmentation
post acne hyperpigmentation may not occur so prevention
is better than treating it after but suppose somebody has got hyperpigmentation
lot of pigmented spots on face blemishes are there even that
pigmented scars are there and how to treat it main treatment in medical line
of treatment second treatment important from medical line of treatment is
photo protection any pigmentation on face it increases if you expose your body
or face to ultraviolet rays or to Sun if you expose to Sun without protecting
face that means without protecting skin of face with sunscreen or
physical protection with stole or a handkerchief or any cloth then chances of
increasing the pigmentation chances of tanning of phase increases
and the acne or post acne pigmentation increased so photo protection
then pigment reducing drugs there are so many drugs even OTC there
are so many over the counter drugs which reduces the pigmentation but be aware
from over the counter pigmentation or there are advertisement products which
may contain local steroid topical steroid which reduces hyperpigmentation which
reduces post acne pigmentation but it damages your skin for lifetime you will
get temporary reduction in pigmentation but steroidal creams are steroid
containing pigment reducing creams are danger to your face your skin becomes
very thin photosensitive and for lifetime you will be in trouble so go instead
of taking any over the counter medicine or any advertisement
medicine try to see that whether what it contains whether it is suitable
for your skin and don’t apply it for a longer time get consultation of a
dermatologist see what he prescribes and then you can use and reduce the post acne hyperpigmentation
why this pigmentation occurs because acne is inflammation this inflammation
and that infection goes inside the dermis and there it irritates skin
inflammation occurs and pigmentation occurs there so it is difficult to treat dermal pigmentation
superficial pigmentation with simple topical medicine simple chemical peels simple
rejuvenation system it can be tackled but if you want to tackle deeper pigmentation
then treatment with Q switch ND-Yag laser intense pulse light
and long-term medical line of treatment with protection from sun is important
factor to reduce such hyperpigmentation after acne you can say it
is some sort of post acne blemishes and you have to control it you have
to treat it with medicines like lasers peels and so many treatments are available
but caution you should take it should be under a doctor’s supervision it
should be treated by dermatologist who knows your skin better who knows acne
better and who can control it with lot of various treatment modalities he can
combine and he can give you very good results as compared to over the counter
product or advertisement product or any quack doctor
who is treating it and saying that I can remove all the blemishes but steroid
might be there in those things so be aware of that and take proper photo
protection then things will be better and you will have pigment free face
that means post acne hyperpigmentation it can be reduced and you
will look better though you are having acne but control acne prevent pigmentation
proper sun exposure with proper protection is the key factor in treating
post acne hyperpigmentation take care you will be happy lot of information about
pigmentation hyperpigmentation pigmentary disorders we have given in our
website you can go there have look
to that website there is content we are continuously upgrading these contents we are having
YouTube channel we are having other information also we are updating it go read it still you
get any problem still you get any question then you can ask us there we have provided
space to ask the question even here also you can ask us questions or email your
question subscribe our channels so that you will be updated every time and you
can take care of your skin properly try to visit our website also for detailed
information I think I tried to cover majority of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation out
of that acne hyperpigmentation and we will discuss
if anything detail you want you just write us thank you thank you very much

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