Hi, guys it’s a beautiful, day today and my room is a mess, oh yes it is. Yeah, baby Today I thought i will take you guys, along with me as i’m resting today i’m off of work so I’m gonna, actually try out the [I’m From] Mugworth stuff, oh yes baby There ready over yeah. Where are they? Where are they? So here are the products, here’s the i’m from Mugworth essence and here is the mask I tried them on my hands before but this is a very first time i try anything on my face. So i thought I will film I very casuall vlog to let y’all know, how they are okay. So and for those of you who know, me y’all know, that i’m a Huge fan of i’m from and i know that a lot of you guys are a huge fan of I’m from products too So i just thought it just makes sense for me to try it with y’all together so alright let’s try These babies together right now Okay, guys, so i’m in my bathroom right now and i did not use a vitamin c product nor AHA or any kind of a chemical exfoliant, so i’m just gonna rinse off with water And that’s it and there’s no towel. ^_^ Okay, guys so i just changed into, my robe because it was just really too hot but anyways Let’s get this poppin Alright, so first i’m gonna use my trusty litter Cleansing, pads i’m using Klair’s toner cotton pad. I really Like this because it has two different cotton pads you
guys Know it’s really good. So the first step that i’m gonna do is basically gonna help to take away any leftover you know sebum or just dirt off of my face. So i’m using this compressed cotton pad without, any, lint. I can go on right away with the mugworth It’s called ‘sook?’ in korean so it’s so different sook, sook the sook essence i’m so excited about this but Because it is the first time i’m using this on my face Everytime i use a product for the first time i make sure that i use a toner that i’m familiar with first before i use The product i mean sometimes i don’t but most of times I try to do this because it’s kind of like an insurance because Even though, i love i’m from you never know If i’m gonna have an allergic reaction you never know if it’s not gonna fit my skin you never know. You just you know You just want to be just safe you don’t think, no matter what you do. So i’m using Klairs supple preparation facial toner and i’m gonna, make sure i get all the goodness in and just wipe away My skin is in a pretty good condition right now so Usually at night time like i’m not even able to wipe away everything because it hurts so much i would do something like This, i would dab because i was such a sensitive skin but Getting rid of any leftover sebum, dirt Giving it a clean slate Never neglect. Your neck, but you know i thought you wouldn’t be able to get botox on your next book You, guys, you can get filler on your neck on wrinkles did you guys know that technology man Anyways, so i’m done with the first step to kind of actually organize, my face We say like tom de landa in korean the verb is literally saying organize, but what we’re doing Is kind of giving Your skin a clean slate getting rid of all the nastiness out of there so that it’s a clean Canvas, so that whatever you put on afterwards can, soak him better I’m gonna, use i from mark worth essence i’m so excited about this Surprisingly, when i tried it i thought the scent, was really strong but It’s very mild i don’t think you can, smell anything Okay, let me just get it out of the bottle so I, was so excited okay, let me show You the texture first, oh, my, god so watery right do you see that, oh it’s pretty watery It’s pretty watery and when i tried it on my hands it just felt Perfect, oh now i can smell it i could small kind of like a woody Green plant kind of smell but it’s not strong at all just gonna go ahead and put it on my face I’m not even using cotton bear right now i like it i Like it it’s um not Hundred percent watery it’s not like the blue drop it’s not like 100 percent watery but at the same time it’s not as viscous as the Clara stoner it’s a little bit Perfectly in between i would say It feels so nice especially for the upcoming summertime, oh, my, gosh just feels amazing And the scent i don’t mind it it’s a little bit like, some like if you touched Your, grandma’s like furniture maybe or if you touched the grass like on the bottom and you just run like this i think, that’s how it’s gonna smell i Really, don’t mind those kind of natural kind of sense i really don’t mind at all i rather have that then the Other artificial like sweet strong, back then, bodywork scents i really, don’t like, those so this is super mild i think if you’re? If you, don’t like sense too much i think you’ll be ok with This, because it’s a super mild if you are really against, what smells maybe, you’ll be a little bit bothered but okay, let’s try layering this baby up i Love it so much mmm i like it i like it i like it i like it i Think it has the perfect. Viscosity for the summer time i Could definitely see myself using this as a toner and a sarah Like i could, just use this for maybe doing two three layers of it and then i can, use a cream afterwards This is so good i think so many people are gonna love this i can’t, wait to see like The changes it’s gonna, bring for me cuz. It’s always very very exciting to try, new, toners i’m gonna go up to three layers The scent is a little bit like you can Smell it like when you first do this and when you get it up there but Afterwards it just goes away but just just feels so nice guys Okay, so that, was three layers and i just feel like, my skin feels very Hydrated and it feels instantly kind of plumped and it’s just the perfect? Viscosity, where um let, me just show. You how it looks again, i love this so much Look, it seems really watery but It’s not too watery to a point, where like i’m like is this doing anything for my Face i think the texture is honestly very perfect it reminds me a lot of The iop essence yeah very similar to the iops and the Viscosity of it and it’s just perfect as a toner or even a saram and you can use it on Two three layers of it and oh, my gosh i love this so much and Then eats it up it ate everything up look it ate everything up okay let Me just do one more layer i don’t think you even need to do this many layers like, i would just do one or two and i don’t think i have to do the essence that i really, like, this, okay so this is just fantastic i’m so happy that i got to try this and the bottle or What’s going on? Okay, that’s not the purpose toner time. Oh interesting it does close-up. Huh Okay, so the bottle feels Super super luxurious it’s like Glass so it’s more sanitary probably and it’s probably better for the environment for sure and But it’s super heavy so i don’t think you can, like carry it with you when you travel you’ll probably have To put it in another bottle but look at the amount of it there’s 160 Milliliters and i love it i feel like, maybe i can, use it for such a Long, time so this is something i just want to give a big round of applause, to i’m prom oh i really love this i’m just in love with, the moga essence and I’m gonna, try the mask now One thing that i’m kind of scared about the mask, is that the scent, was like wow you know that i’m from is very known to have and to use Really, natural ingredients and large amounts of it like the hun Masks, i love it that’s one of my favorite creams if you haven’t checked out my Review and how-to for that you can check out the card right here i love it that’s one of my favorite creams in the whole wide world and The only, bad thing that, some people don’t like, is that it’s too honey like So, there’s like 38 point something percent probably of real honey in there so sometimes it’s very Sticky, and they really, don’t like that but i feel like, the effects and the skin on Transformation you get out of it it’s so worth it so whoever loves i’m from honey, mask Y’all will fill me on that one alright let’s try on the mask now, okay? So i’m so excited about this mask – this is the mug worth Mask, from ephraim and look at this packaging i’m just in love with this, greenish natural feel of it This has only 2.1% A mug worth but i think if you look, up other mug worth products you
will be able to find out that it’s not a very small amount of it because this is like real mug worth in This, mask and this is for? Does it say like what the effects are for It says leave on to 5 to 10 minutes and you can, finish with A mug worth essence for the best results and Let me see the box maybe to see the effects of it it says i’m from mug worth Mask, contains precious ingredients mug worth That is collected in may when the world is full of energy? And aged for three years and sea breeze, okay so i guess it’s like Seasonal mug worth they only get the best of best in certain like periods of time when. They are, like the most Filled with the energy, and they’re nutritious, and Kahwa, mug worth calms down skin gently as reducing skin heat Which i so need, because i’ve been just, my skin husband black after surfing experience Relaxing mood enriched sense with nature of come on alright, so let’s try this baby out i like give this baby a shot And there was supposed to be probably a top But this, is like the staffs of western tv. Like, everybody, uses this i think someone lost it maybe but whoa The set is a freaking strong i? Personally like it i like what kind of sense and i like? Plants grassy kind of sense, oh? But that is pretty strong and one of the stuff says she didn’t try, because the scent Was too strong for her but i know what she means, oh i like it though, okay, let’s give this Baby a try i just washed this little baby, up, so i’m gonna, use this and you guys One thing that i’ve noticed is that the i’m from mud worth i sense is so mild i did like That many layers and it’s perfect? For my skin and one thing i was so surprised is guys, my skin, feels so comfortable right now Like after i put on my toner and essence like i would hurry i would have to hurry up and use a cream Step or it’s gonna it feels really trying afterwards but right now it’s so mild that’s one thing i’ve noticed cuz I, did like three four freaking layers and it didn’t sting or itch at all and it’s my first time Using it on my face so i love it so much and it’s so hydrating, okay, so for the mug Worth i’m just gonna use this because i couldn’t find Trusty little ol silicon brush, so i’m just gonna probably go ahead and put a thick layer I’m gonna spread it out ah Johnny it’s so cooling i did not put this in the freezer so Naturally it is so cooling i love it i love it i love it Mmm and i kind of like this kind of scent But if you, don’t like woody cents i don’t think It’s pretty darn strong it smells like like Sheena’s it’s totally different from ginseng. Cuz. Qin’s ants like, oh you, feel, like it’s like a type of oriental Medicine or tea so it’s like, gee i don’t know I think, people will like it more but this i think, some people will not like the scent and if you’re really Sensitive to scents and you don’t like The woody type of plant type of scent i don’t recommend it because i don’t think? You’ll be able to handle it because it’s pretty strong dissent but if you Okay, that did not go, well But if you are a huge fan of i’m from and You must try the mugwort i think you’ll love it you can definitely see the chunks of mugwort That’s on here? And then to finish, off i’m just gonna use my fingers cuz It’s really hard to get it in those spots i Don’t think you need, to rub it in because you can really feel the leftover, like, chunks of a Mug worth and that Can definitely irritate your skin you could definitely feel the chunks it’s not like, scrubs but there, is big chunks that you can feel i think, they’re, literally The chunks cuz, it feels like the Plant itself, oh? oh no Make, sure to avoid the eye area it set that in the directions too and The stickiness and stuff it’s not that bad it looks kind of gross but It’s not bad at all especially for me cuz, i’m so used to the Honey, mask, and honey mac’s are so freakin sticky one thing i’ve noticed, is that i did use a lot Do you see, oh? Maybe i should try using a little bit of less amount And maybe it will yeah i don’t think you need, this much amount Maybe half of what i used because i did have a lot left behind i don’t feel any tingling I don’t feel Mmm anything, bad yet so for now it’s Okay, yeah i think it’s gonna be a really mild one – so i’ll see you in about ten minutes Okay, guys so it’s been more than ten minutes i think i was making my, like getting ready for my breakfast so i think i left it all for more than 20 minutes i Feels very dry, but it’s not like it’s not drying up on my, face but it just feels like The, mask itself Has dried as you can see Parts right here So, yeah, okay let’s wash this baby, off hoping for nobu be poppin So clearly they’re, not that easy to get off That’s one thing, maybe i left it off for too long but it’s not that easy to get off it’s very slimy So, okay hold on could i get everything out Well my skin looks really brightened doesn’t it it looks really, white i Look, blue Okay, okay, so my skin feels really Like it doesn’t feel, oh wow. It’s richly nourished or hydrated it just feels hydrated But more than that i feel like it seems like it has kind of rejuvenated, my skin looks brightened like Overall, my skin looks really overall, my tone looks really bright Mmm i feel like it does more of kind of a Calming and detox effect, and my redness around, my cheek area has calmed down a lot so it did definitely help with the cooling effect i really liked it i Liked it because as time passed One thing that i really, like, about from products, is that as time passes like It doesn’t dry, up the the mask itself so i can leave it off for a little bit Longer like the honey mask i leave it off for like more than 30 to 45 minutes Then i use the mo fourth essence again, i love it so much i think i’m in love I’m gonna Make, sure to get rid of any remaining Mug worth off of my, face from the mask So i’m doing another layer Just to make sure to soak in all the goodness and One of the reasons that i was talking about is i really like Wash off masks one of the things is they are annoying because you Do have to wash them off afterwards but the effects are very different from using a sheet mask i believe of course they Hydrate, your skin of course, they calm your skin they brighten Your skin the effects are the same but i feel like It’s just that if you use a sheet mask you kind of feel like it did help to soak in deep within but Not really like it’s better like kind of on the surface area but when you use a. Wash off mask After you’re done you kind of feel like your skin itself has become Really, hydrated so it just seems like, your skin, overall the condition becomes really healthy, so that’s one of the reasons Why, like, even though, wash off masks are really annoying at times Because you don’t want to go through the washing off part i just feel like it’s so worth it Look, at my skin right now. Like after the washed, off mask it just kind of looks like i already Had really good conditioned like, well hydrated skin So i really appreciate this all right so now i’m just gonna finish off with Moisturizer i think that will be enough I’m gonna, use the vitamin on 75 maximizing cream, by bio strenght i’m in love with this, cream, again, these, days, i haven’t been using it for a, while and These days i started using it because i’m trying out a new vitamin c product and i just wanted to boost the effect By using a vitamin e masque vitamin e cream You, guys, using a vitamin e cream or mask or any products with vitamin e is really helpful When you’re using a vitamin c. They work really, well together and i really, like, this gel type of texture? and i don’t even need a lot of it And i feel like it does help a lot, with the brightening part I’ve been getting a lot of freckles here under my, eyes like i had these before but these are all new baby and I do love freckles like around, this area i don’t really mind it but i don’t like, freckles near Here because it looks kind of dirty in a, way like that It’s like an acne scar or something like that so when i put makeup on i really don’t like, this area at These, days, and i’ve been using sunscreen a lot but i think it was because of? surfing, and I was exposed to sun for such a, long hour like in the sun, like wide open So i think, maybe that’s why i got it but you know it was all worth it and we have to move on with our lives So, yeah so i will let you guys know How the vitamin c product worked off for me too But anyways today all in all i feel, like, this was a really really good good good review And i’m so glad i got to try, these products i love them with a passion so much Where’s the mask i don’t know, but i’m from you, did not disappoint i am so in love with The mug, worth mine alright guys thank you guys so much and i hope that this was really helpful if you are Gonna try out and if you are thinking of buying the i’m from my
worth essence or even the mask i think these two products are products that i Really, liked and i can highly recommend it for those of you, who really like, my Recommendations i think you’ll really, like them too okay guys
So thank you guys so much for tuning in and i will see you guys in the next one and if there’s a product that And if there is a product you want me to review leave it in the comments below !

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