Pimple Popping Challenge ft. Dr. Pimple Popper
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Pimple Popping Challenge ft. Dr. Pimple Popper

Today we pop each
other’s pimples. Let’s talk
about that.( music playing )Good mythical morning. Many times when
I’m bedding down
for the night I’ll lean over
and look at
Christy’s phone. Mm-hm. To see what
she’s looking at… – Right.
– before I doze off. And many times I’ll
look over there and I’ll be like,
“Oh, gosh! What is that?” And it’s
videos of– close up videos
I’m talking about, – of pimples being popped.
– Un-uh. From an account
called, “Doctor Pimple Popper.”
Maybe you’ve heard of it. They are horrible…ly
addictive. – For some reason.
– She watches them all the time and, uh, there’s ones–
there’s some that go
too far, and she took it off
of her account ’cause
it got gross. And then, like,
a month later, she was, like,
“I added it back ’cause I had
to get it. Well, I’ve never
added it. I can’t stand watching them,
so– but that’s why we’re – having her on the show today.
– ( laughs ) Today we’re going to
put all our sensibilities
on the line in the name of
dermatological education! It’s time to play, Hi, look at us. All of a sudden,
uh… we’ve got
bad acne. Ugh. Real wet. Join us to host
this pimple popping game is our special guest,
board certified
dermatologist and Doctor Pimple
Popper herself, Doctor Sandra Lee!
Whoo! Hi! Thank you
for having me! And you guys
look gorgeous! Let me tell you,
just gorgeous. And my wife
showed up. She’s over there
to watch. – So excited.
– She never shows up to watch. I know. She’s a pop-aholic.
That’s what I hear. How did you
anticipate that there were
these sick people out on the Internet that wanted to watch
you pop pimples? Uh, you know,
I didn’t know. I didn’t know that
was gonna happen. I just kinda
happened upon it. – And posting a video–
– Well, you started – posting them–
– I posted one on Instagram and I noticed it got
an increase in “Likes” and I thought, “What is this?
Let me do it again.” I did it again and then
somebody along the line said, “You might want to
check out Reddit,” – the sub-Reddit “Popping,”
– Link: Yeah. – and I found there was
a community of people
– Popping. who just share popping videos
with each other. Twisted people. Yes, but I thought
I could be their queen – Welcome, twisted people.
– I’m their queen. Look what you’ve done
to our faces. Oh, I didn’t
do that. No, our amazing
make-up people– For the record,
all of these zits are fake. – Oh, yeah, thanks for
clearing that up, Link.
– ( laughs ) All right, here’s how
this is gonna work. As you can see, we’ve
been pimple-ified. Extremely! Ugh, there’s even
some on you back. – I can’t make eye-contact
with them.
– Don’t! – But they’re not
full of body goo.
– Right. Here’s the thing.
They are full of nasty food goo
and Dr. Lee is going to read a pimple fact-based
question and then we’re gonna buzz in.
Who ever buzzes in first gets to answer
the question. If you get it wrong,
what happens? Well, if you get it wrong,
you have to pop a zit
on the other dude and eat the food
that is inside. It’s a surprise! But nobody wins.
I hate this game,
and I want to die. – Aww…
– ( laughter ) Both:
So let’s play!
( laughter ) Okay. You guys ready?
Got your buzzers? – Yeah.
– Question number one… ( buzzer chimes ) Yes, Link. You have
the answer? – Three times you say?
– Yes. Hmm. That’s
what’s throwing me. But I’m still gonna say…
that’s gotta be true. – Oh, that’s too much, man.
– Exfoliation? That’s too much, man.
That’s false. – That– that is false.
– Rhett: Ha! – Oh!
– That is false. Pop a zit, Link! I mean, the thing is,
you can over-wash your face and that is a big deal,
actually. A lot of people who over-do it can actually cause more
irritation and more dryness. How many times
are you supposed to wash? Probably twice a day,
or even once a day if you didn’t get
really dirty. I washed my face
seven times this morning that’s what happened. – Yes, that’s right.
– Is exfoliation legit? Exfoliation can help
in certain instances. But, you know, it probably
would’ve helped him. So you wish that he did
do it before this. – But it’s your turn to…
– I’m just stalling. – Quit stalling, man.
– pick a pimple. – Pop a zit, man.
– Well, I mean, there’s– gosh! Dr. Lee: You want me to
help you choose? All right, I’m just
gonna go with this one. – Is that a– is that a–
– They’re all fake. – Is that a fake? Or real?
– They’re all fake. Oh, gosh. Remember, you
have to eat it. I do remember that. ( quietly )
Gotta squeeze
it first. Get something
out of there. Get some– Come on,
use your thumbs. – Uh–
– There’s nothing in that one. There it is. – ( groans ) Ugh!
– Oh. That looks like a–
pretty much like– – Lee: That looks
like a real one.
– Ew! That was real looking! – Are you sure that’s not real?
– Rhett: Taste it and see. I– everything inside of me
is telling me not to do this. – ( laughs )
– Rhett: Eat it. Eat it! That’s a familiar
feeling on this show. What is it,
Vaseline? Stevie:
No, that’s horseradish. ( laughter ) Ugh! ( high pitched )
Ugh! Ugh! You want some
prime rib with that? – ( spits )
– Lee: ( laughs ) Ugh. Shouldn’t have
buzzed in so quick. ( laughs ) – All right.
– All right, you ready? Question number two.
The following image– – we have an image here
for you guys to see–
– Oh! Gah! An image? ( laughs )
Sorry. This is a
fan favorite. Lee:It’s a cyst,
but what is its nickname?
( buzzer chimes ) – Rhett.
– Uh, I believe… That I have
no idea. – I just buzzed in.
– Come on, now. – You must have an idea.
– I’m gonna go with, A,
Cyclops Cyst. – That is…incorrect.
– Ah! Oh, yeah!
What is it?We call that The Unicorn.
That’s The Unicorn cyst.
– Link: That’s the official
medical name.
– It’s a very popular one. That is official– No, the
official popular term of it
on my YouTube channel. – Oh, you call it that.
– We named it the Unicorn Cyst. But that is a cyst.
It’s an epidermoid cyst. Oh, you got
the juiciest one. – Go big or go home.
– Yeah. – Start here.
– Lee: On the other side of it, he’s got, like, breakdown
of the skin. Ugh! ( both groaning )
Ugh! You guys have this very
accurate, let me tell you… – Ew!
– from what it looks like. – Gosh! I hate everything now.
– That one is green. They’re every color of
the rainbow. They really are. They’ve looked like
motor oil before. – ( groans )
– They’ve looked like this. This looks exactly
like a cyst that I’ve popped. Is it possible for me
to announce my retirement? ( laughter ) Is that up
for grabs? Sure. Wasabi. Oh, gosh. – ( laughter )
– Is it Wasabi? – Yes.
– Stevie: Yes. – Oh, gracious.
– Oh, man. You guys are amazing,
let me tell you. You guys have got
some…cajones.– ( groans sharply )
– Okay, question
number three. Which of the following
celebrities have not
endorsed ProActiv? Oh, gosh. ( buzzer chimes ) Yes, Rhett? Never seen a Sia
ProActive commercial. – Um…
– She doesn’t show her face. …the answer– that’s correct!
You’re right! – ( laughs maniacally )
– Why doesn’t she show
that face? – Exactly. I didn’t pick her.
– You should’ve thought of that. Rhett: That’s why
I answered it. – Don’t get mad about it.
– Hey, that’s a black one. – A blackhead.
– Yeah, go for that one. When you have a big
blackhead, it’s called
a dilated pore of Winer. – That must be a dilated pore
of Winer.
– Of a whiner? Winer, yes.
W-I-N-E-R. Must be a Doctor Winer
or something. But that looks like
one of those. – Gotta give it a–
whoa, sorry.
– ( laughter ) Why don’t you eat what’s in
my dilated pore of…Winer? Yeah, yeah. Giant blackhead. Ugh. Oh. – ( grunts ) Oh!
– ( laughs ) ( quietly )
My goodness. – Ew!
– ( laughing ) Oh, gosh. – This is the worst
day of my life.
– ( laughter ) Ugh! Oh, I know
what that is. – Yes, I can look
at it and tell.
– Vegemite. – Stevie: Correct.
– You been washing your face
with Vegemite? – Yeah.
– Eh! I spent last week
in Australia. – Okay, you just got
two more questions.
– It’s salty. – I had a lot.
– Question number four,
true or false… ( buzzer chimes ) – Yes, Link.
– 12-year-old boy? ( laughs )
False. False. You are correct. I’m glad you thought
it was so funny. No one knows the largest
recorded cyst in the world. It’s not really a thing
that we track, actually. And a 12-year-old is
certainly more than 90 pounds. And there was a woman
who had a 180 pound cyst
removed from her ovaries. Which is like two
12-year-old boys. – Ew!
– Ugh. On top of each other,
wearing a trench coat. To get in
an R-rated movie. – I think I got some
on my back.
– Oh! You do. Oh, man! Why? That one over there
on the left, the black one,
is inflamed. For sure. So that one might be
a little juicier, I would expect. You got a hair you need to… Can I pluck hairs?
Is that part of the… Link: Yeah.
Pluck the hair. – I don’t wanna touch it.
– Eat the hair, too. I can tell– I know
that’s probably Vegemite. So I’m going to do this one.
It’s more of a mystery to me. Okay, oh, gosh, here we go. Ow! You know how bad it hurts
when people do– Oh, look at what’s happening? Oh! Oh! What’s happening? It’s s cyst. Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!
It’s clear. That looks like something
that comes from a body. Uh-huh. Why do I have to put it
in my mouth? Whose idea was this? Oh! Taste good? I think it’s from your body. Yeah, that was a real one. What is that? Stevie:
Apple cider vinegar. – Oh.
– Oh. – Great.
– You got that– – “Great.”
– That was good. Now it tastes
good once you know. Okay, question number five,
the last question– ( sighs ) Which of the following
causes can trigger outbreak for both
herpes and acne? Why you looking at me? – ( dings )
– Rhett. Diet. – Trigger both herpes and acne?
– No, it’s C, menstruation. – Menstruation?
– Oh, really? I think that stress in general
can trigger a herpes breakout, and it can exacerbate acne. but you really– actually diet
doesn’t have much to do
with an acne breakout. – Really?
– Really? – Not so much.
– We’ve been lied to. – And makeup doesn’t clog?
– It has a lot to do
with genetics, and it has a lot to just do
with the type of skin type
you have. And, yeah, wearing
a lot of makeup, but causing both of these? You know, we want something
that might cause herpes
and acne. Makeup would cause acne.
So when Link’s having a herpe– Makeup can if you leave it on
for too long and not
wash it off. So when Link is having
a herpes breakout, it’s because he’s menstruating. That makes so much sense now. It explains a lot
of other things, too. Okay, uh… Go big or go home. And you can’t go home, so… I’m going to go neck.
I’m going neck. Oh, these are painful
to pop, too. It’s like the jugular might
start boofing out on you. ( grunts )
Oh, it’s coming
from the bottom. Oh, gosh! Look– why?
Look. ( groans ) Sweet and sour? Stevie:
It’s hot sauce. Oh. It’s not bad. It’s not bad. It makes it okay
once he knows what it is. It ended up being not
as traumatic as we thought. Congratulations, Link.
You won 3-2. We all know that there are
no winners today. Don’t feel too proud
of yourself. – Thank you, Dr. Lee.
– Oh, you’re very welcome. And stick around because you’re
gonna want to see us try a hot new facial trend, a grandma facial. Link:Get a whiff of this.Our brand new fragrance,
Mythical No. 9,
is available online
at mythical.store,
for guys and gals.


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