People With Acne Scars Try Micro-Rolling
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People With Acne Scars Try Micro-Rolling

– This is what dreams are made of. Hillary Duff was wrong. (playful music) Over the next two weeks
I will be micro-rolling. Micro-rolling is this circular tool with lots of tiny needles on it. It’s good for fine lines or textured skin like pock marks and hyperpigmentation. – I had pretty bad acne in high school up until the end of college. – Acne has always been a problem for me. Almost any picture I see of myself, all I can see is these red marks. – I feel like there’s no
hope for it at this point. If these pock marks go away
that’ll be interesting. – I just feel I can hope this works. – The first step is to wash your face, so I’m gonna go do that. – My face is cleansed. Step 2 after cleanse is apply a serum. – I’m not used to so many accessories. I’m just gonna concentrate
really on these areas here. – Now it’s time to roll. – A bunch of tiny needles on here. I think I’m just gonna try it. – You can definitely feel the needles. – It doesn’t hurt, it feels kinda good. – Once you forget that you’re
punching a million holes into your skin. – I think I’m done in terms
of the areas I want to cover. Now for some more magic serum. – Now I just feel like
I’m doing an art project. – Alright, think I got all the spots. Am I pretty yet? (relaxed music) – I feel very happy and accomplished now that I’ve done it once. I’m really excited to see if
this improves the condition of my skin over the next two weeks. – It seems like it’s gonna be worth it. – I know how insane it sounds and it’s only been like 36 hours, but it looks better to me. It’s probably because I just
really want it to look better. – Serum first. (rock and roll music) – Really gonna concentrate on this part. – Think I’m gonna try my nose this time. What if this really did
clear up my face completely? What a (bleep) game changer. – So at fist I couldn’t tell if the scars actually looked better or if it was just psychosomatic, but I think they’ve actually
gotten a little smoother. My wife Kate seems to think so. – I just said that I thought your face, this side looked smoother. – [Jared] Do you think it looks smoother? (toddler screams) – [Jared] No I guess not. (woman laughs) – The two week challenge is almost done. This side has lightened up quite a lot. I’m gonna micro-roll this morning. Mom, what do you think of the condition of my skin right now? – Your acne scars are
paler, they’re lighter. I noticed that already today. – Alright, so I’ve done two
weeks of micro needling. You can still see the scars and this light is actually
making it look a lot worse, but I think it looks better. – So after seeing the after photos, it actually looks a little
better than I though it did, particularly under makeup
it is way less noticeable. I think that over time it would probably lighten up even more. – [Jared] My wife Kate notices and she likes it, so that works for me. I really feel like it’s
better than before. – I’m glad I micro-rolled and I think I’ll continue micro-rolling at least for a few more weeks to see if it could get even better. – My verdict: thumbs up. (techno music)


  • Jay W

    Acne patches work the best for clearing up pimples. DAMN honestly im glad i bought them. They only work when the piple has a bit of a white head. all u do is put it on at night time then it sucks out the puss the next day.

  • Benjamin Knotts

    The first day, in the first 2 hours the redness under my eye had decreased.
    I think it was because of the increase in blood and oxygen in that short of time.
    I thought I was going crazy.
    Finding a good moisturizer is important

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