People Try Acne Healing Stickers

– Peace Out Acne Dots. Here it… Dropped ’em. – They’re stickers that
you put on your pimples. – I found this on Yasamine’s desk. And I know she’s making a video about it, and I want to use one. – After cleansing, apply
a dot, tacky side down, on your blemish. For best results, wear for six hours or simply leave it on overnight. – After 10 years of pubescent pain, it’s time to start something new. (happy music) Kind of feels plasticky. We got one over here, and I’m just gonna put just
a whole trail over here, just in case. – As you can see, I have one little pimple right here. (happy music) – I have a pimple right here. It’s raised and it hurts. I’m in your video now, Yas. – Okay, added a couple. Gonna add the last one, I guess, there. Sure. I mean, whatever, there’s a billion. Six hours or however long I sleep for, and then, take them off and see if it worked. – I’m hoping that by tomorrow morning, it at least doesn’t hurt, and when I get the kind
of pimples that hurt, they hurt for days, and if I could just stick
one of these on my face and know that in the morning, it wouldn’t be painful, that’d be worth the money. (happy music) – I’m very shocked and impressed that the dot has stayed on my face. However, it hurts so much more than it did yesterday. – We are going to see how the
Peace Out Acne Stickers did. All right. The moment of truth. – Ow. Oww. – So, it’s very smooth, and on this, is like a little scab of what my pimple used to be. – I feel like the swelling went down. This one, remember, it was
like kind of ready to pop. This one definitely went down. – It looks literally no different. I’m so disappointed. – Overall, they work pretty good. This was a big pimple, and now it’s got… It hurt went you take
’em off a little bit, obviously they’re sticky, and I would recommend this, and also use them again. They’re not bad. (happy music)

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