Penn State Hershey Dermatology — Skin Cancer Surgery
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Penn State Hershey Dermatology — Skin Cancer Surgery

[ Silence ]>>Dr. Bryan Anderson: Hello. We are here
at the Penn State University College of Medicine – Milton S. Hershey Medical Center Cancer
Institute. My name is Bryan Anderson, and I am here to talk to you about the Cancer
Center’s multi-disciplinary skin oncology clinic. The Cancer Center has been home to
this clinic since 2009. This multi-disciplinary skin oncology clinic is the only comprehensive
skin and soft-tissue oncology clinic in central Pennsylvania. Our group is composed of a surgical
and medical oncologist, neurosurgeon, dermatologist, plastic surgeon, and head and neck surgeon.
We all work in unison to provide the best care for our patients. The multi-disciplinary
skin oncology clinic predominantly sees patients diagnosed with melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma,
basal cell carcinoma, and Merkel cell carcinoma as well as soft-tissue sarcomas including
leiomyosarcomas, liposarcoma, and osteosarcoma. There are a variety of other rare tumors which
we also see. We strive to provide a center where all of our patients’ care can be coordinated
under one roof. The Cancer Center also has a myriad of basic science research ongoing
in a state-of-the-art facility. Our goal is to provide our patients with a team of physicians
who work together in one location to effectively and efficiently treat patients with various
skin and soft-tissue tumors. I want to thank you for your time.

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