Patient Testimonial – Micro Laser Peel 1 – A E Skin – Encino, CA – 818-835-1833
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Patient Testimonial – Micro Laser Peel 1 – A E Skin – Encino, CA – 818-835-1833

Hi my name is Makeda. And I have to tell you guys that I have on minimal makeup. I would not have been able to do this even like a month ago, two months ago. When I started coming to Dr. Alex my skin was like uneven. I had marks, you know. All over the place. And I always felt like I had to use coverup. Literally, like after the first peel, the second peel, I could see such a big difference. And people started telling me, they’re like, “Makeda what are you doing? Oh my goodness. Your skin is glowing.” And to be honest, I would not have wanted to go out without makeup. Because I would have been embarrassed. But now, I literally feel like I can even go to my son’s school, pick him up and be without makeup. So, it’s like I finally I feel like I can be freer. Because I feel more confident in my skin. And then the products. Oh my goodness. Let me just tell everybody. Those products, you need to get like every single one of them. Because I use the lightener, I use the
moisturizer. I use the tightening serum. I use the one that goes under the eyes. To just give you that tight feel. Those products are like butter. I’ve never seen anything on the market like that. So, I am so grateful to Dr. Alex, to the staff. Everyone is amazing. So sweet. Like every time you come here, you feel like you’re the queen. You get be in your own little massage chair. It’s amazing. And the confidence that I feel. Like I could never … like it’s priceless. So thank you so much Dr. Alex and your staff. Thank you so much.

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