Paris Hilton’s Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper’s BAZAAR
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Paris Hilton’s Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper’s BAZAAR

(upbeat music) – It’s time to go to
bed with me, that’s hot. (upbeat music) So this is my skincare routine and it’s between 10 to 12 steps. I’ve been taking care of
my skin and obsessed with skincare ever since I was seven years old. My mom taught me everything I know. So after I put my hair
back I use my cleanser, which is the Paris Hilton ProD.N.A Dual Action Cleansing Gel. This is my favorite cleanser,
I love the consistency and it has glitter in it, well not glitter, it’s actually diamond dust and caviar. It’s always good to massage
the product into your skin. Always feels great after
a long day of shooting just to get all your makeup
off and this cleanser just works so well you don’t
even have to use that much. (running water) So I always like using just
a towel and wiping everything off and then I take my little
cotton swab and just make sure I get all the of the makeup off. So my next step is my
eye cream and this is another one of my products. I love this eye cream ’cause
it immediately de-puffs. I always rub it just around my eyes. It’s good just to get
around your whole eye area, going in this motion and
what I love about this is I wanted to develop
something that was basically just makes it look like
a photoshopped look, so anytime you are going
out a night or going to bed at night it gives you that vibe. And then I have this, which is by Foreo. And it really just gets the product in. So it’s good to always do this for lymphatic drainage and then
you pull it down the side of your face and then down your neck. (buzzing) So I do this every morning and
every night before bed and it just really gets the product
in as much as possible. My next step is Dr. Barbara
Strum Anti-Pollution Drops. I love these, Barbara
is one of my friends. So I only used to use my skincare
line but her skincare line is amazing as well so I love using this. And the pollution drops are great, especially in Los Angeles
with all the pollution, it’s important just to
make sure that your skin stays perfect and pollution-free. My next step is Oxygen Serum
by Nice Skin Beverly Hills. It was actually made by
my facialist, Angela Nice, who I’ve been going to
for the past 15 years. I really owe it to her just for doing oxygen facials and red
light therapy and you know, being able to be natural ’cause I think that’s really important. As a little girl from like
seven to being a teenager before I saw a facialist
all I really new about were eye creams and
serums and neck creams and face creams and everything
like that but then after seeing my facialist I became like the scientist, I learned even more about
red lights and micro current technology and I bought
this whole nutro system which is amazing with wands and just basically has electric currents that build collagen and keep
your skin just looking lit. This is another one of my products, this is actually my secret weapon. It’s the ProD.N.A Advanced Recovery Serum. I worked with scientists to
create this product and it’s from microalgae from the
sea and I love the packaging because it keeps it again,
airtight and this is literally like the fountain of youth. So I just rub it in. So what’s amazing about this
formula is that it repairs your DNA cells and it also
illuminates your skin, it makes it youthful, it
tightens it, and basically just makes your skin glow. The next step is another
product by Angela Nice. It is the Firming Neck Cream, which I love using with my cream as well. So I put this one on first,
so all over the neck. It’s important to actually
go behind your neck as well, which is a tip that I learned just from having facials and being
on set all the time. So it’s important to not
only take care of the face, your neck, and your chest. So it’s another good beauty tip. After the neck cream I use my Paris Hilton Face & Decolletage Cream. And what I love about this as well is that it is airtight sealed so it keeps the product and all the ingredients in there. And you put that on top of the next cream, chest, neck, and all of the face. I love this moisturizer, just
the scent of it is amazing. It’s really moisturizing,
it’s quick-absorbing. Basically this feels very clean and fresh. So my next step is this mask. (upbeat music) I love this because I use
it every night before bed. I love red light therapy, it really works, it helps build your
collagen and it’s amazing, this product I just got it
when I was Harrods in London and I’ve been using it every night since. And then I have this big boy. (banging) Which obviously I can’t travel with. (giggles) so when I was talking about
how I’m a scientist and I have all these different gadgets,
this is an amazing one. You’re usually supposed
to wear little eye covers because it’s such a strong light but this light is like the real one. I love having this as part
of my skincare routine because it really just makes all the products go into your skin. I’ve had this for four
years now and I love it, I really see a huge difference. This is the type that
you would have at like a professional facialist office
and that’s where I found it. I said I need one for my house. So this is another step that I use when I feel like my lips need
moisturizing and it’s called TOGOSPA, Coconut Lips,
AKA the kisser fixer. (upbeat music) This you’re supposed to use
for like 15 to 20 minutes so I usually wear that
even under the mask. So just depending on, I have
ones for your eyes and for the neck and for the face so sometimes I’ll put on the full face mask
but today the lip one is something that I need
’cause it’s really hot outside. While I was developing my skincare line I have to do a lot of research. So I basically learned everything there is to know about skincare. So I’ve adopted some really amazing habits of always using serums,
always using eye cream, it’s so important to always
keep your skin hydrated and if I was stuck on a deserted island, these are the two products
that I could not live without. So the next step is my Unicorn
Mist, which is rosewater. I love my Unicorn Mist
because it not only hydrates my skin but it immediately
uplifts my mood and just makes me feel happy and just the
scent is so beautiful, it’s the most beautiful rosewater I’ve ever smelled and I use it all day long. It’s perfect for Coachella,
Burning Man, music festivals. I always take it and then
I’ll just walk through the crowd and start spraying
people or at Burning Man I actually bring a couple
hundred bottles and I’ll pass them out to people
as Playa gifts and people always love this and
then during Burning Man people will start coming
up to me and saying I need that Unicorn Mist,
where is that spray. And then I always run out
because the whole Playa wants it. So this year I think I
need to bring 500 bottles. So that’s my skincare routine. I hope you guys enjoyed it
and learned some new things about skincare and I’m
going to bed, good night.


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