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    Foundation Routine For Different Skin Types – Foundation for Oily or Dry Skin

    Hey girls, okay today I’m gonna be giving you all of my best tips and tricks for foundation slash concealer. And these are specifically tips based on your skin type or skin concern so I’m going to show you a couple of things you can do if your skin is really dry, or some things you can do if your skin is oily or if you’ve got discoloration or texture on the skin or your pores are really bad stuff like that. I’m gonna give you some tips for minimizing all of that. And just a quick disclaimer in this video I’m gonna be doing all of these things –…

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    Tissues, Part 4 – Types of Connective Tissues: Crash Course A&P #5

    Technically, we’re all just meat. Yeah, you could say that what makes us human is our emotions, or thoughts, or memories, but physically, we’re not all that different from this. We’re used to thinking of meat as the muscle tissue that people cook and eat — but the fact is, you could eat that stuff raw. A chicken breast or a steak or a pork chop is tender enough that it doesn’t need cooking. What does need cooking is all of the connective tissue that’s in and around the muscle, and gets in the way of our meal. So one of the main reasons humans began to roast, and boil,…

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    7 Skincare Must-Haves Beauty Editors Swear By | Sh*t We Stole From the Beauty Closet💄| Cosmo

    because I’m such a good sport from the beauty closet I’m Lauren Balsamo I’m a Ama Kwarteng and I’m Chloe Metzger you got a ton of products hair makeup nails skin and what we do on this show is just talking about the good stuff that you should be trying putting on your face putting in your hair and we want you guys to be as obsessed with it as we are getting to guys what did you see y’all go first okay it’s the Revlon Photoready stick concealer and sit on my hand I get a lot of text messages that are like I never think my makeup like…

  • CapriClear Dry Skin Moisturizer
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    CapriClear Dry Skin Moisturizer

    “Capriclear Natural Soothing Oil” Hi my name is Therese Harris, I’ve been using Capriclear for 3 maybe 4 years. I’m just delighted to tell you the product is phenomenal. I absolutely swear by it. I actually started using it for my husband about 3 years ago. Prior to that he was having a major problem with leg ulcers. I had taken him to an internist, two pediatrists, um a vascular surgeon and actually became so proficient in wound care that it was more than I ever thought I would need to know or need to do. And out of desperation, I mean he was in una boots all the time.…

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    DermTV – Does Thyme Treat Acne [DermTV.com Epi #407]

    Should you believe the headline, “Thyme kills acne bacteria?” Today I’ll tell you how to read between the lines! And stay tuned until the end of this episode for the question of the day; if you answer it correctly, you’ll have a chance to win a free skincare product! Hello, I’m Dr. Neal Schultz. [pause] And welcome to DermTV. Last week, Scientific American published an article titled, “Thyme Kills Acne Bacteria.” The title is an accurate statement based on the results of the study discussed in the article. But if you just read the title, it’s very easy to infer, especially if you have acne, that thyme can treat acne…

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    5 At-Home Cleanup Steps To Achieve Glowing Skin | Secrets To Healthy Skin Using Milk

    Our skin at any age and in any weather requires the utmost care to prevent and cure different skin problems. Although going for facials or regular clean ups can be a bit heavy on the pocket, you can try these things out in the comfort of our own home and bring a healthy glow to your skin. If you’re someone who doesn’t want to go through all the trouble and still longs for that healthy glowing skin, then choose products that give you the best results without having to do much! To begin your cleanse, take a cotton pad soaked in makeup remover and remove all makeup, dirt and sweat…

  • EASY Nail Art Designs WITHOUT TOOLS! At home for Girls | Easy NO Tool Nail Art Designs!
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    EASY Nail Art Designs WITHOUT TOOLS! At home for Girls | Easy NO Tool Nail Art Designs!

    In this video I’m going to show you five easy nail art designs without tools. Let’s dive right in. Hey guys it’s Clarice, welcome back to my channel. And you know what to do, start out with a base coat and this is my UNT peel-off base coat, I really like this one. By the way, if you’re interested in what I do to take care of my nails, you can click on the video in the upper right hand corner of your screen. But. moving on to the first design, we will need a metallic silver polish. If you don’t have something exactly like this, that’s okay you can…

  • Chunky Glitter Nail Using Topit’s – Easy Step by Step Nail Art Tutorial
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    Chunky Glitter Nail Using Topit’s – Easy Step by Step Nail Art Tutorial

    Hi everybody, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, we are going to do a full gorgeous glittered nail using the dual forms. So, this nail has already been prepped, we’ve removed the surface shine and we’ve done cuticle work already. Gonna wipe over the nail with gel residue wipe off solution. What I’m gonna do first of all is put a tip on. There are two different ways you can do the dual forms. You can use it without a tip or you can use it with a tip. We have many videos of this, it’s your choice. I prefer it with a tip, if I’m honest.…