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Olivia Culpo’s Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper’s BAZAAR

(bell dings) (upbeat music) – Let’s get unready. (upbeat music) Okay so, I start out my nighttime routine with one of my favorite products. This is Neutrogena Cleansing Towelettes. You can wash your face and then use these wipes and you’ll be surprised how much more stuff you’ll see come off. And it also hydrates
the skin, which I love. If I ever need a little extra love for my eye makeup, I use a wipe. I dip it in the coconut
oil and it works so well to get any stubborn mascara
or anything on your eyes that you’re just really trying to get off. See? Next step is I use Dr.
Barbara Sturm Enzyme Cleanser, which is my favorite. It really exfoliates the skin
through natural fruit enzymes. You just add a little bit of water and then you rub in between your palms and it turns into a little
bit of a clay texture. And Dr. Barbara Sturm
recommended this for me because I was getting these breakouts on, it’s so funny, just on
one side of my cheek. I told her that I was using all
of these products with beads and I was trying to
exfoliate every single day and she recommended this product because she noticed that I
was actually over-exfoliating. So be careful for that. It’s really fun too, honestly. And it’s lightweight because it’s powder. Okay next. I just rinse all of this off without getting my hair wet. Okay, take two. I’m going to just put
my hair back really fast because it’s definitely about to get wet. And see, there’s more makeup. So that’s why I use the wipes and do this because I want to just
make sure that I always get everything off, especially before bed. My next step is going to be these Brightening Peel Pads by Sanitas. And other times these Dr.
Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peels, which I also really love,
but these are two steps. And since I’m just doing
this kind of quick and easy, I’m gonna use the Sanitas really fast. And this is a brightening
peel pad with glycolic acid. Just helps get rid of all the dead skin and really, really
helps brighten the skin. It’s like a form of exfoliation. And it definitely helps for me when I’ve been traveling
or when I’m breaking out. I can immediately tell the difference. The next step after this, I’m going to use a very hydrating balm mask. And you leave this on for 15 minutes. Put it all over the skin. It’s extremely hydrating. In addition to this skin design mask, I use the Lamer Renewal
Oil, it’s so hydrating. And I find that usually
when I’m breaking out, contrary to belief, it’s not
because my skin is super oily, it’s actually because my
skin is really dehydrated so my pores are acting and
they’re not cooperating with life and airplanes and lack of sleep. I put on the oil and then I have this Nurse Jamie Massage Wand. So this is amethyst. I rub the balm and the oil into my skin. But this feels so good. It’s literally like a
massage on your face. I do it while I’m watching TV. So I’ll put on a mask with the oil and I’ll just watch my shows. And it’s also helping get
all of the product in. So it’s a win-win. Next step is my eye cream,
which is by Dr. Barbara Sturm. It’s just really lightweight. It’s like the texture of
whipped cream, kind of, which is really nice for an eye cream because sometimes I feel like
if it’s too thick or heavy it won’t really go into the skin. But this I can immediately
feel a difference in. And I put it all over my eye. Next step is the Eminence Age
Corrective Hydrating Mist. I just kind of use this on top of the mask to seal everything in and it just feels so
hydrating and scrumptious. Love it! Finally, the last thing
that I do is for my body. And this is a Mimi Luzon Body Serum, which rare, you don’t hear a lot about body serums, mostly body lotion. But it’s about time that somebody starts creating serums for your body because you put so many
serums and peels on our face, we should probably start
considering that on our body too. Especially if you’re like me and you get so dry when you travel. I use this all over my body. I love it because it absorbs so well. It kind of has the texture of an oil, but it absorbs into the skin. Sometimes when I wear oil I feel like I can feel it on my sheets when
I’m in bed and I hate that. This kind of feels more like a true serum and it definitely penetrates the skin, it isn’t sitting on you and feeling dirty. That’s my final step. Now I’m going to go to bed. I hope you guys all learned something and you enjoyed by nighttime routine. (upbeat music)


  • Knn 702

    Can't she just put her hair up? This routine is so messed up 😩. Oil is not for oily dehydrated skin and who would use a mist to seal the moisture in after applying oil???

  • özgün sönmez

    @Harper'BAZAAR please read your comment sections and know that we don't want to watch bad-poor-wrong information from famous people! We know better than them already and we don't want to see these kind of videos cause it effects some young people's ideas! Please consider our comments and change your guests with less famous but more wise people about skincare or makeup . Thank you <3

  • Sonja R

    It is so very important to be extremely gentle around the eyes, so that years down the road, the eye skin won’t be all crepey. Also, if I am going to take this video seriously at all, put your hair up. She just looks rather foolish not getting it out of the way. The most serious, honest, down to earth skin care routine I have seen was Cindy Crawford’s. She wasn’t acting like one of the world’s top models. It was like she was talking to a girlfriend. I was very impressed, no airs about her at all.

  • livewellalways

    Please, please do Quincy Brown! His skin is amazing and he’s just so fine. He is the definition of suave, swag, cool, sexy, and all of those other words. Honestly I just want to see more of him to drool over lol. Imma go drink some water now 😂

  • Lily Smith

    that thing she said about her pores not cooperating with life cause they were dehydrated.. I feel like I didn’t really understand what she was trying to say

  • Anna

    Olivia is gorgeous and has beautiful skin but she’s probably the last person im going to take skincare advice from. If you watch her stories on Instagram she’s constantly getting facials and treatments.

  • Michelle Belle

    For everyone arguing about makeup wipes, I’ve tried double cleansing. At the end try wiping your face and SEE how much makeup is still left in your pores. Nothing else takes everything off. It is better to rub your skin than to leave any makeup sitting in your pores left over overnight. Also, super heavy oil based cleansers leave the oil like a barrier or layer in your skin preventing your serums and creams from absorbing into your pores as much. I love wipes. Always have. Makeup clings to them so easily. I use multiples. I still use a liquid cleanser in addition. I know they are polluting the environment but they’re one of the only single use things I use and I’m vegan so I’m making a huge difference as an individual that is really influential to the climate and whole planet conservation. Stop shaming others. Do y’all use tampons? Straws? Let me have these!!!

  • pati pat

    she def won gene lottery, beautiful woman. But the way she applies products, beside some basic mistakes like using olis for dehydrated skin, is strange to me… she pulls her skin and is generally quite harsh…

  • Thevioletdreams

    Who is her facialist because her skin actually flawless and it certainly has nothing to do with this routine😂

  • Lulu R

    After reading Danny Amendola instagram rant on Olivia I completely see her in a different light. She seems lovely but what he said about her caring more about fame than anything makes me think lower of her. She’s a beauty but clearly that doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have a secure sense of self.

  • Night Cat

    🌹USA & European skincare is expensive door decent ingredients or it's cheap but diluted with alcohol. Korean skincare changed my skin. Mediheal sheetmasking, CosRx, Neogen Essence, Missha ampoule. Koreans know what's up ❤️

  • TheWebkinzbrowndog

    Loved the video but three things that irked the shit out of me:
    1. The fact she did all her skincare routine while having that diamond ring on. That's not good for the ring the products can get stuck in between the rings crevasses and can harm the hardware and the diamonds, let alone make the diamonds greasy and unpolished. Another thing is how unhygienic it is, the bacteria stuck in between the ring the dirt and grime surfacing the ring that was gathered throughout the day and wear can get onto your face and cause breakouts as well as cause your faces PH to be unbalanced.

    2. TIE YOUR FUCKING HAIR. Either braid it before bed which will keep it from getting tangled throughout the night and keep it from breaking due to the friction caused from your pillow and its contact. Not only that but having your hair touch your face can make it oily and can also be unhygienic for your skin.

    3. THAT IS NOT THE WAY YOU SHOULD USE A FACE ROLLER OR ANYTHING TO MASSAGE YOUR FACE. To use it properly you should ONLY roll it in the direction away from your face rolling it around free range like that literally does nothing to your face but makes it lose its elasticity and WILL make it sag. ALSO sterilize it every time before you use it please. Extra tip: when you massage your neck always go anti gravity so massage upwards don't pull your skin down with time that will only make you have a turkey neck.


  • Nina Xo

    I've eliminated wipes from my skincare routine for 2 years now and I can never use it again. The best way to remove my make-up is using cleansing oil. Oil just removes everything. After that, I'll go into my facial wash. There won't be any traces of make-up left after that. Not a single trace.

    And btw, idk, I feel like she still has some make-up left on her face. I get anxious thinking about it.

  • Mariposa

    Unbelievable that she is only 27 years old. She looks way older. I thought she was 32 years old or something…

  • love myself19

    The haters really should stop their professional advice for her i believe that her skin is smootest amongst u all and even though she use a freakin makeup wipe or anything is just not ir business lmao she dont fckin care bout ur stupid opinion ok

  • Will Chin

    can she just takes off her ring first….we get it , it's a diamond ring, woo hoo….but seriously girl……….

  • Toniiiee P

    She uses so much products. I just use Micellar water to wipe off my makeup and Thayer’s witch hazel toner and thats it!

  • L Basurto

    Why did she rub her face with the towel instead of patting ur face that's why UR SKIN CARE DOESN'T WORK also make-up wipes are bad

  • Little Debbie 3194

    Why do y’all care so much so what if she’s rich doesn’t mean they can’t buy things that are cheap too let her do what she wants and stop telling her she’s doing things wrong if she likes the outcome let her do it
    Millions of people leave the faucet on and use makeup wipes commenting about it hurting the environment isn’t gonna change anything
    And stop complaining about her not putting her hair up she doesn’t have to if she wants to leave it down she can and if they don’t put their hair up it doesn’t mean they’re insecure that’s what a lot of people are saying it’s stupid
    it means nothing just that she prefers it down

  • lostbeyondpluto

    why did she untie her hair after tying it up, though??? WHY??!! also, is that her natural bone structure? I've never seen anyone with such severe edges! kinda makes her look a bit older than her actual 27 years.

  • Nicole Ryan

    Her ex says she loves freaky Sex haha..
    Loose lips revealing all her personal business…lol
    Her skincare routine is okay…

  • teara deford

    It’s funny you guys are criticizing her skin care regimen and “cringing” at her methods but look at her look at the results!!! It obviously works her!!! You critics are hilarious 😂She knows what she’s doing and what’s with the makeup remover wipes snobbery! She doesn’t clean her face with them she said she wipes excess residue!!! When your skin looks like hers then you do a skin care tutorial

  • Simply Shernade

    I swear all the people who do skincare routines on this channel don't actually have a clue about skincare and what's up with leaving your hair open??

  • Simply Shernade

    Bitch the only think I learnt is that you don't know what you're doing and using the wrong things for dehydrated skin the wrong way…

  • Marie L

    All these nighttime routines are crazy..they all use similar products which is bs..it must be that they are being paid alot of shit to do these lol, I use Neutrogena Pore Cleanser to wash my face then Neutrogena nightime anti wrinkle cream & a little Nivea Q10 after & that's it..way too much crap being put on their faces in these vids

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