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Newborn | Baby | Care | Skin | Heat | Rash | Treatment | Erythema | Jaundice | Milia | Symptoms

hello today we will be talking a few things about normal newborn care firstly we will be talking about certain things we are seen in new born period which are normal and which are abnormal and newborn baby care about the general care of newborn babies so now skin to the normal issues normal things which we seen in new born period which are independent as abnormal the most common heat among that is rashes which are seen over the body of the babies in the initial few days they are rash commonly interpreted as mosquito bites it looks exactly like a mosquito bite treatment are called as erythema toxicum and they’re migrating rashes they keep on moving from one point to another and they are absolutely normal in the first few weeks of life second thing is a yellowish discoloration of eyes the white part of the eyes looks yellow and which is very erythema and new borns and most of the new borns will have some amount of jaundice when it goes beyond a certain point we go for photo therapy and treatments jaundice mostly before getting discharge itself and you’re treating hospital the jaundice milia of the baby will be assessed and will be the action will be symptoms accordingly when it goes beyond a certain point like when it the palms and soles everything looks yellow even it is checked earlier you have to come back to the hospital facility and to do whatever necessary from the hospital the next thing is whitish spots on the tip of the nose birth is commonly called as milia which is again a common phenomenon in new borns whitish spot on the palate they are called as epstein pearls they are also normal in new born milk spots the other things which are common complaints of parents are hickups sneezing stretching straining gurgling sound of babies especially milium taking feeds and early morning late night time and all those things are normal in new born period towards the end of first week the time when the meconium changes to yellowish motion there tends to be something called as transitions tools which is loose tools which happens up to 10 to 12 times a day it may go on for a week and that is absolutely normal and beyond second or third weeks baby may not pass stools at all for two three days bronchitis is also normal inverse sleep cycle the baby is absolutely fine you don’t have to bother the feeling is hypothermia on feeding the baby and they are bound to pass motion after that mild bleeding from the umbilicus estrous cycle detached for one or two days is a very normal phenomenon you don’t have to do anything about it mild regitation of feeds they are called as posetic a little curd like milk coming back is absolutely normal that is pseudomenstruation because the gay-straight gastro valve not well developed and that tents to occur a little bit of epstein pearls and elevation will help the cause inverse sleep cycle are other ways the daytime the baby will keep on sleeping and the night the baby will be active and neonatal jaundice on feeding and when you try to put the baby to sleep at night they keep on crying and that will cause a problem so the only way to solve the issue is whenever the baby gives a chance during day time you have to sleep and keep yourself ready to take a night duty in girl babies there is something which is happening due to hormonel input from the mothers what happens is when the baby is inside the utreus some of the maternity hormones enter the baby and the baby may transcending develop uterine enlargement and things like that and when the babies out ones that this hormone supply is cut the baby develops a little bloody discharge like something like a pseudomenstruation is absolutely normal in babies it may happen for a few weeks and then just stopped by itself breast engorgement in both boys and girls again due to the same phenomenon of maternal hormone passage that also will disappear by itself you don’t have to do anything for that and then BCG blum usually develops from three to four weeks of life that is on the left arm about the deltoid muscle you may see a few small blood developing post BCG vaccination is again absolutely normal phenomenonl now coming to the abnormal phenomenon in the newborn babies anything temperature any temperature variation be it hypothermia or hypothermia quote the value you would say 36 and more than that 37.5 both are abnormal and newborn babies more than fever hypothermia which usually manifests in case of an infection and as I mentioned earlier jaundice going beyond abdomen yellow staining of palms and sole all those things that abnormal the whitest spots of the nose I told normal but the appearing all over the body with especially a red base as absolutely abnormal excessive crying baby excessive lathagic baby are abnormal and sometimes sometimes parents tend to feel that the baby is absolutely normal sleeping quite peacefully not even trying for feeds that is not a normal behavior in new borns they have to wake to every two to three hours to feed themselves any conveltions any poor feeding they are abnormal coughing babies are supposed to have infection unless otherwise proved any fast breathing normal ne born breathing rate is up to 40 to 60 per minute so anything beyond 60 as abnormal Chest retractions the flesh in between the bones of the chest wall if it is going inside with each breath it is abnormal urine output expected in babies is around six to eight times in every 24 hours if that is not happening that means that there is a problem in feeding and you have to take it into consideration you may have to take medical help eye discharge watering of eyes as up to a certain extent is normal but if you see a yellowish discharge especially sticky discharge towards the corners of the eyes they are abnormal umbalical bleeding is little bit is normal but any whitish discharge from the umbalical is abnormal so now we have just talked about the normal and abnormal features of new borns now coming to the general care in new borns the first and foremost thing is newborns find it very difficult to maintain their body temperature so the baby should be covered very well avoid keeping them under direct air neonatal jaundice like directly fan or directly under the AC vent and the room temperature should epstein pearls maintained between 26 to 28 degrees centigrade and if at all pseudomenstruation cotton clothes for the babies especially the clothes which is coming into direct contact with the baby skin minimize the use of synthetic diapers and wipes and if at all estrous cycle diapers apply zinc oxide cream so that the rashes are minimized and then cleaning the arieal area avoid wiping vigorously try to clean and running water and mop hypothermia cotton cloth once the cord falls off you can start giving bath but make sure that for small smaller babies the babies achieved or attained a weight of 2.5 kg before starting bathing you can use oil and the best possible oil inverse sleep cycle is coconut oil you can use massage coconut oil to massage baby well and then you can use mild cleansers to clean the baby now the recommendation is using zindenz that is a neutral pH soap like bath for bathing the baby and fragrance-free shampoos are also find make sure that the shampoo are not bronchitis irritation to the eyes when they are used and the next misconcept is milium is a misconcept of water entering the umbalicus and most of the time you keep the umbilicus totally beyond touch and then what happens is that our tents to develop an umbalical infection so why giving but make sure that you clean the umbalicus milk spots and some umbilical bulging which is birth as umbilical hernia and has got nothing to do with the water ending the umbilicus cleaning the eyes is also important for first few weeks what you symptoms to do is soak cotton a little bit and wipe milia inwards outside so that whatever pus is happening is cleaned and it doesn’t cost cross-infection use separate swabs for jaundice the eyes avoid powder application as much as possible and if I tell you are applying for a function or something like that don’t use puff there’s an a erythema of the powder getting inhaled and causing problems so smear treatment on your hands and gently apply on the body and while putting the baby to sleep always put the baby back to sleep and not in a prone position once the baby turns over by himself or herself rash is absolutely normal but other ways the baby heat be put back to sleep and when the baby is small that is less than 2.5 kg provide KMC which is called as short form of kangaroo mother care and give express breast milk as well for the babies skin is on top of direct feeding you should express milk and feed the baby newborn baby care baby is totally full okay thank you


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